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What our children or whether It is worth killing all mice in a mink play?

Are difficult to find for the child a kind toy or the book today! You approach a book shelf - and you see the Kids on a Farm edition - about farm animals. There is no wish to buy also blood-thirsty tales, books of “Cheerful circus“ and “Menagerie“. If I made a rating of cruel literature, then on the first place would put the book “Kids. Touch me“ where the animals decorated with tactile circles are represented. On the photo of chicken the real chicken feathers are pasted.

In any case, book it is simply terrible to come into some. The House of Books loved by Muscovites on the New Arbat in the spring of 2007 got hold of a strange interior for department of the children`s book. Effigies of a boar, a raccoon and a fox, the drawn birds, the grinned bear put on hinder legs...

Corpses of animals are urged to represent “intricately“ scenes from children`s fairy tales: the dead squirrel “sits“ in a cage with gold nutlets, the fox “talks“ to a crow - the owner of cheese, etc. Probably, it seemed to someone (and still it seems) amusing.

And what toy stores? Offer parents the games “Fishing“, “Kill All Mice in a Mink, Getting Them the Hammer on the Head“, “Cheerful Safari“, the Farm set, a set for hunting for a crocodile - with lighting and sound effects, children`s bowling of “Animal“, a horse - a rocking chair, tanks, fighters, the creeping submachine gunner, toy guns, onions, arrows, a helmet and a sword...

We in the house have no military toys, and we do not buy to the kid militia machines. But we have an excellent musorouborshchik with offices for sorting of paper and glass, ambulance, a concrete mixer, fire trucks, excavators... But there are no tanks. There are screw-drivers and hammers... But there are no guns. And every time in shops we are surprised cruelty of manufacturers of toys.

Entertainment centers for children offer not less immoral attractions. Two-year-old children are offered to be imprisoned on a horse - a rocking chair, a pig - a rocking chair, the fighter and the warship, the police motorcycle. Children whose parents do not reflect that for a stereotype is acquired by their child are bought by zhetonchik, and we run on entertainment center in search of a neutral swing - the car or a rocking chair in the form of the yellow submarine.

Children are more senior put in tolerance to violence fully. In the Moscow entertainment centers we met children, with pleasure of the killing various beings - pirates, animal (again “A cheerful safari“), ghosts, spiders (for a prize of spiders it was necessary to press), crabs (“Panic at crabs“ - get on a crab the big hammer), small fishes (kill a small fish with a fist). Met the children shooting at people from the various weapon (the victim varied - the criminal, national exchanges, the primitive person and in such spirit).

And already, of course, everyone saw children in the ball pool protected with a grid where children shot already each other from pipes balls.

Even playing the pseudo-positive games “Extinguish the Fire“ (I do not know how at you, and the fire of positive associations does not cause in me) or “Throw to small fishes in a mouth a ball“ (at least not fishing, and on that thanks), essentially nonviolent we did not find game, riding not a horse, and a lifeless chair, to be among the run wild teenagers squealing from delight at hit in theoretically live target - is harmful. Guarantees a dehumanization. I am silent about behavior of adults, “torturing force“. Just I am silent. It was terrible that these beasts are near my child.

I somehow came into computer club near the house and saw how four six-year-old children hanging in club infinitely kill each other in Counter - Strike, communicating exclusively a mat.

And what if to think of that in whom these kids playing death will grow up?!

Young people to whom now 15 - 20 years which were brought up without mad military toys are proud of the fact that they are fascists march on all Russian cities, cut passersby knives. Even if they are so hardened, what will be with game animals in 10 years. In general concerns someone that society is expected by a wave of cruelty in comparison with which our days will seem calm in a bog?

Well. There are brainless manufacturers of toys not capable to realize modern times (why to make the game “Do Not Allow Monkeys to Reach a Coco“, make an attraction “Help monkeys to get a coco“!) . There is a small group of the leading thieves which on the people to spit which should sell more favourably pieces of the country and herd of people each other.

But to us - that, to parents of children, children for whom there is this world, really to us so to spit on escalation of cruelty, a violence inoculation, a habit to kill? In what world there will live our children? All our children?