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Disembarkation in the gulf of Pigs. How it was? 2011 we celebrate

B not only 50 - the anniversary of the first flight of the person in space. There is also one more, not less historical event which not everyone remembers...

The Cuban revolution about which Fidel Castro so long spoke came true in 1953, and civil war in Russia, continued the whole 6 years almost according to the same scenario, as. It is natural that the USA the first in the Western hemisphere socialist revolution had not on temper. However, it is not excluded that opposition of the western and socialist models which we observe in the same Libya to this day is lime...

On April 15, 1961 planes with the Cuban identification marks and the American pilots at steering wheels bombed three airports of Cuba. 7 revolutionaries died. On April 16, at a funeral ceremony, Fidel Castro said, as well as it is necessary, the ardent speech, having called perfect by him and his colleagues revolution socialist. Ship will sail the way you name it, as still the captain Vrungel used to say...

On the same day disembarkation of a “counterrevolutionary“ landing in Playa - Chiron (the settlement in a bay of Kochinos on the southern coast of Cuba) for the purpose of overthrow of the government of F. Castro followed.

On April 17, 1961 Americans landed the main forces of perfectly completed “crew of 2506“ into which entered 4 infantry, tank and vozdushno - landing battalions, a division of heavy artillery and special forces - only about 1500 people. The lion`s share of crew consisted of mercenaries - the Cuban emigrants.

At the same time disembarkation began also in 33 kilometers on North - the West from Playa - Chiron, around Playa - Larga. Invasion was carried out under cover of the ships and aircraft of the USA. Fidel Castro, such young, together with fighters of national militia and parts of Insurgent army gave to interventionists the last and decisive battle. From all “fighters of counterrevolution“ who managed to land on the bank of a bay of Kochinos 1173 appeared in captivity, the others were destroyed.

On April 19 “the crew of 2506“ was completely broken. Then long negotiations on destiny of captives who were wanted to be exchanged at first for heavy construction equipment began, but something did not grow together. As a result the food and medicines for the sum of 53 million dollars was delivered to Cuba.

Since then Cuba “finally chose a socialist way of development“. “Fight in Playa - Chiron, - dear companion Fidel emphasized once, - prevented to turn history of our country back, by former times, and rescued revolution“.

The battles which came to the end with a victory of revolutionaries became history as disembarkation in the gulf of Pigs (isp. Bah í de Cochinos).

In 2001 Fidel Castro declared that “after a victory of Revolution in 1959 any event was not such bright in destiny of the Cuban people as battle in Playa - Chiron“.

Castro cool treated reorganization policy in the USSR and even forbade distribution in Cuba of a number of the Soviet editions. But at the same time it supported the main opponent Mikhail Gorbachev - Boris Yeltsin. On Yeltsin`s memoirs, Castro stated him sympathy and in the years of disgrace, and later, after his coming to power, despite obvious anti-socialist nature of reforms in Russia.

With collapse of the USSR Cuba lost a half of volume of the GDP then experts began to predict fast falling of the government of Castro. However by 1994 the situation was stabilized, and the economic condition of the country is at the moment estimated by the international organizations as quite satisfactory.