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Dneproges: about what the old giant is silent? “ of People told

to Dnieper: - I a wall will lock you! You from top will jump, you will move cars … “ (S. Marshak)

So (or a little differently) history of one of the legendariest in the USSR of huge objects began. It was Dneproges of V. I. Lenin.

It shakes by the titanic power all city visitors of Zaporizhia to this day. For some reason there are associations with Pushkin`s poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila“. You remember an episode with the live head of the epic hero? There pass years, and Dneproges lies across Dnieper, islands Hortitsa are higher, is higher than Dnieper thresholds as this head of the aging athlete.

And all our youth anyway rotated around this remarkable construction.

It is remembered, year so in 74 - 75 - m, including small it is black - the white TV, we often met on the screen prompt - Dneproges`s image spoiled very much with stylization.

When on spring there was a dumping of thawed snow, parents drove us, then still teenagers, to admire a fantastic show. This phenomenon on the beauty cannot be compared to one phenomenon in the world! Thousands, millions of cubic meters of water collapsed from dam height, creating at the same time an unimaginable roar! Snow-white clubs of foam, issinya - green water, clouds of microscopic water dust and over all this is the whole round dance of motley rainbows! It was horrible and from it it is finer! To speak it was useless, all words right there sank in enormous cacophony of sounds.

Annually graduates of the Zaporizhia schools after the last call by all means came to walk to Dneproges`s dam. And then the old giant for a while blossomed white bows, in the flowers, spheres, bright tapes and young fervent smiles. Graduates went from one coast of mighty Borisfen on another by pedestrian part of a dam which deafly shuddered at this time under legs from the passing trolleybuses, it is heavier than cars and cars. And it was so symbolical as though a way in new, adulthood.

And under legs presence of much more powerful force, than all cars combined was felt. Presence of a live, unrestrained being in the superhuman power - the rivers. But us it not a scarecrow. We firmly trusted in durability of the built design. And as! The most powerful reinforced concrete columns - support which we with confidence always called “bulls“ hold Dneproges.

Each bull had the plate with number. Couples in love often appointed meetings at a bull No. 56 or No. 34 …, or at any other number - as it was pleasant to whom.

And one bull was always held in special respect of all population of Zaporizhia. Because to this day costs all honeycombed by fascist bullets. And looking at it, it becomes clear not by hearsay what impact “the old hero“ had to sustain in days of the Great Patriotic War.

Now Dneprogesu threatens danger of other character. The term of operation of a construction comes to an end in 2012. Under a body of a dam there is a geological fault. Will be enough absolutely small earthquake (no more than 2,5 points) that the huge wall of water wiped off the face of the earth all adjacent territories with very serious constructions.

Sleep peacefully, the old giant! We remember you and we love the most genuine love. Because you - not just a symbol of the era. You are a symbol of our light and fervent youth.