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Than Switzerland attracts tourists?

It is known that Switzerland - the highland in Western Europe. Annually she is visited by several million tourists. It is one of the most interesting to foreign citizens of the countries. What is it so attractive by? To look for the answer to this question and just I suggest to have a good time to you right now. We fly to Switzerland!

the Oldest city of Hens

the First Swiss city which hospitably met us after short stay in the airport of Zurich became the oldest city of Hens. It is the small town, approximately in 30 thousand inhabitants, and can be for this reason very cozy; it is completely framed with a chain of mountains.

From many acquaintances living or being abroad I hear frequent reviews of goodwill of foreigners. Swisses, the first acquaintance to whom took place in the town of Hens - not an exception. These are very kind and sympathetic people ready always to come to the rescue, even to the detriment of own plans and desires. All Swisses, young and old, lead a healthy lifestyle and play sports which most popular type that is obvious, is ski. School students after lessons go to a skating rink where spend the leisure-time with advantage for health.

In general, Swisses it is very economical treat the surrounding nature. It is no wonder that they have very strict environmental standards. For this reason they almost do not drive cars, and prefer trains and electric trains which go to within a minute. To move by comfortable trains it appeared very conveniently and quickly especially as they go from early morning to late evening.

Perhaps, we will sweep in the high-speed car, enjoying a beautiful view of mountains, lakes and numerous tunnels. One moment - and we in Zurich!


of One of sights of Zurich is Bankhofshtrasse, it both the downtown, and the first place which becomes known to the arrived tourist, is crossed the majority of transport routes here. On it it is impossible to pass by car - only by tram or on foot. It should be noted quite wide range of shops of Zurich: here it is possible to find as big department stores (Manor, the Globe), and separate little shops of famous brands. The end of Bankhofshtrasse rests against Burkliplats - the area near the lake. For persons interested to swim for a while across Lake of Zurich the ships depart from Burkliplats.

Somewhere in the middle of Bankhofshtrasse other transport hub - Paradeplats (the area of parades) is located. Here it is worth stopping and coming into Spr ü cafe; ngli - a legendary candy store. There it is possible to try Luxemburgerli - the well-known cakes. Gentle, similar to meringue, with a cream stuffing and different tastes: vanilla, chocolate, champagne, nut, amaretto, chestnut, coffee, lemon, strawberry.

In general, all Swiss cuisine is known for the variety. Along with local dishes it is always possible to meet dishes of ethnic cuisine of other countries: Italy, France, Germany.

We will try the well-known Cheese fondue (Fondue cheese) - the cheese melted in the boiling white wine gruyere or emmental. It is given in a ceramic kettle where lower bread on a long fork. To a dish local wine of the same brand which was used for preparation of a fondue is served, as a rule. Let`s try Bernese platter - the fried pieces of beef decorated with green beans or sourcrout. We will be treated with Lurich Leschnetzeltes - thin pieces of veal in sauce which usually move with specially made and baked potato.

Tables in the Swiss cafes - huge, round, wooden. Portions - are a match for tables. Swisses like to drink beer, in each city there is the brewery. Everywhere smells of a fried chestnut as this favourite delicacy of Swisses is fried almost at every turn.

After a nourishing lunch I suggest to glance in a zoo! At once you will be impressed by its huge territory with the conditions as close as possible to natural. Wild animals do not sit in close cages, and imposingly walk. For convenience of visitors there is a scheme of a zoo with images of animals and simple instructions, following which, it is possible to reach the animal interesting you easily. Frequenters of a zoo are school students, especially for them in the territory of a zoo huge screens on which show informative thematic movies, for example, the birth of a little elephant calf settle down. I think, you should not say that all animals are well-groomed and beautiful.

The area “the old city“ which is in each Swiss town will become our following stop. In such areas constructions 14 - go still remained centuries. Swisses - the people economical and accurate. They very much value the history and artifacts therefore so they are preserved. In Zurich there are a lot of churches, belltowers, chapels. There is in the city a bakery 14 - go centuries which still functions, and even the house in which there lived Lenin. Swisses very much want to keep old houses and say that the old city - their biggest sight.

Well in Zurich, but it is already time for us to Geneva!


Geneva - the center of the international diplomacy and the city, the second for the population, in Switzerland. Exactly here offices and a staff - apartments of many international organizations, such as the UN, WHO, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, the Geneva association, and others are concentrated. Passable on city streets, it is necessary to pay attention to a huge monument - the chair with the broken leg established in protest applications antipersonnel min.

Of course, it is worth mentioning also the well-known Lake Geneva Lehman. Its beauty, certainly, amazes, and the Jet d`Eau fountain especially effectively looks that in translation from French is meant by a “water stream“. It is one of the biggest fountains in the world - 500 liters of water a second rise by height of 140 meters with a speed more than 200 km/h.

After crossing of Pont du Mont Bridge - Blanc dividing the river and the lake we get to the small “English garden“ (Jardin Anglais). In it we see hours which dial is accurately made of the fresh flowers growing in the earth. And, as well as all Swiss watch, they show exact time. Several times a year the flower composition is updated according to a season.

After Pont du Mont - Blanc we will walk on Pont des Bergues Bridge near which on a tiny island there is a statue of the famous philosopher Jeanne - Jacques Rousseau, Pradier made by the sculptor in 1834. The island on which Russo liked to walk is the house for ducks, swans and other water birds now.

One more town which requires our attention - Place Neuve - “Novaya Square“. It is the cultural center of Geneva. The area is surrounded by the art museum, the Bolshoi Theatre, Conservatory, and also city park with a monument in honor of the Reformation. And in the center of the area the statue to the general Dyufur towers.

Switzerland - the beautiful country with the most beautiful small streets, ancient architectural constructions reminding illustrations to Andersen`s fairy tales inhabited by the kindest people. Definitely, she deserves attention of tourists.