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What to prepare with avocado? The Australian kitchen of

It is necessary: making a culinary trip to glory of avocado, we visited America, Asia, Africa … In total on “and“. Then we will visit also Australia before going towards European cuisine.

It is for certain known that in the homeland of a kangaroo and duck-bills of avocado appeared in 1840 - m (year remarkable: then the British government ceased to transport to Australia exiled). The highest honor was rendered to vegetable “immigrant“ on the new place: he was put not where - nibud, and in Royal botanical gardens of Sydney. From there also the way of development began the most valuable fruit of all continent, it is necessary to recognize, very successful.

As the Australian cookery is sufficient is motley on presentability in it national cuisines of the world, and dishes with avocado prepare quite often according to initially “imported“ recipes. But is nevertheless and several such dishes that are favourite at local population, and therefore have the status of primordially Australian.

The avocados stuffed. On two fruits will need 400 g of boiled chicken fillet, 100 g of boiled or marinated shrimps and half-banana. The pulp from avocado, on classics of the recipe, needs to be taken round dredging that balls turned out. Having sprinkled them lemon juice, it is necessary to add banana circles and slices of chicken meat. Having mixed products we fill with sauce from 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon of cream, sugar, salt, ground pepper (white and red) - to taste. We place a ready stuffing small baskets from avocado.

Sandwich-type weight. we connect Nut paste (2 tablespoons) to the crushed pulp of 1 fruit of avocado, 1 - 2 wiped tomatoes, the crumbled small onion (personally I pass via the blender). We flavor with 1 - 2 davleny garlic gloves, ground pepper, spices to taste and soy sauce (several drops).

The baked spiny lobster with mousse from avocado. It is, of course, a delicacy. The spiny lobster is appreciated high nutritiousness and excellent taste. We take one - two carcasses (depending on the sizes), we make an incision a paunch (we only make an incision!) slightly opening. We salt also white pepper (or slightly we rub if so it is pleasant more), we grease with butter or mayonnaise, we put in the warmed oven. A sign of readiness is white color of meat after at first it turns pink.

For avokadny mousse with juice of a half of a lemon we do mashed potatoes of pulp of 2 small fruits, we add a little mashed Roquefort cheese cheese (25 g), 1 tablespoon of sour cream, a little red pepper and everything properly we mix in the blender. By the way, such mousse can be also an independent dish (in this case I add still a grated half of a pear).

Avocado with mousse from ham. Pulp of 3 avocados, having kneaded, to return to small baskets from a peel of fruits, to sprinkle lemon juice and to place from above mousse from the crushed ham (150 g) mixed in the mixer or the blender with 5 tablespoons of cream and 1 tablespoon of cognac, 5 drops of the Tabasco sauce and ground white pepper - to taste. When giving we decorate with branches of fennel and polukruzhiya of a lemon or a lime.

Avocado salad with medovo - mustard sauce. “arugula“ we crush One avocado, one green apple and several lettuce leaves, we sprinkle lemon juice, we add 1 h a spoon of shredded nuts and a handful of sesame sunflower seeds. We fill with mix from 100 g of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon of mustard, 1 des. spoons of honey and 1 des. spoons of soy sauce. Having mixed salad, we spread on the serving dish covered with lettuce leaves. We make out firm cheese (grated or in the form of slices), cherry tomatoes, lemon segments, fresh greens.

* * *

There now, perhaps, and all. It was necessary to talk about avocado on the European table, but it already next time.