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How to cut down a felling?

the Felling - the short and capacious name of a basis of the wooden log house. For production of a felling at construction of the wooden house the wood is necessary. Yes not what ABBA. The wood has to be front. That is to have small sbezhistos and to have good site class. On - simple speaking, the wood has to be harmonous and equal. Not podsochenny. From it should not have taken crude turpentine - pitch for needs of chemical industry.

The wood should not be rotten even partially and possess different bad defects. From mechanical damages to tobacco knots. Not to construct of the bad wood of a good felling.

Yes, the wood is, as a rule, necessary coniferous. Pine, larch, cedar. It is better not to take a fir-tree on a felling. From deciduous breeds it is possible to use an aspen - for production of small baths.

Generally for production of fellings at construction of wooden houses, the pine is used. To the cabin there is a pine from 70 to 120 years. If you take more young - the tree still grows, will twist in a felling. If is more senior - perhaps the tree will already begin to die, that is to decay.

The cedar, or a cedar pine, is used for production of fellings also aged from 70 till 120 years. And here the larch can go to preparation is much more senior. Years so to 200 it is free. But the felling from a larch will be cold. Though very strong. Based on the ratio of the price to quality better than a pine there is no tree. But the choice for you.

The wood after preparation needs to be processed immediately. First of all, to remove bark. Especially at above-zero temperature. Otherwise in it any bugs laying the courses in your future wooden house will be got.

Also at above-zero temperature it is necessary to process various antiseptics wood during production of a felling. Especially end faces. In order to avoid cracking.

The wood turns into a felling art of carpenters. Though now in fashion different machines, the carpenter for the present nobody cancelled. Especially competent carpenter what now, unfortunately, it is not enough.

And schools of carpenters on all Russian space in the afternoon with fire or as fingers on one hand

Carpenters turn the wood into a felling by means of carpenter`s tools, various technologies of the cabin of type Norwegian or Canadian and several strong expressions.

The felling is cut, as a rule, in stages, feet. Cut down one foot, marked, sorted. The top wreath on a bottom was put and further we cut.

Then transported on a site. Yes we watch that it was not soiled during loading and on the way. We give replaceable footwear to loaders or boot covers.

Production of a felling for construction of the wooden house is complete. Further on:

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