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First genocide of the 20th century and day of wonderful Revival of the Lord. Whether simple coincidence?

For a start - historical information.

Genocide of Armenians - the genocide organized and which is carried out in 1915, lasted till 1923 in the territory controlled by the authorities of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey with application of physical destruction and deportation including movement of the population in the conditions leading to inevitable death. The term genocide was created including for the description of destruction of the Armenian population in Ottoman Turkey. Destruction more than 1 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire often is considered the first genocide of the 20th century. Along with the Holocaust is one of two most studied acts of genocide in the history.

The main part of the Armenian diaspora was formed as a result of genocide of Armenians.

Dear reader, will tell probably that all this in the past and not “it is necessary to reopen old sores“?

And here answer!

Due to the coincidence in 2011 of a holiday of the Easter Sunday and Day of memory of the victims (2 on April 4 ) Genocide of Armenians secretaries general of the World Council of Churches and Conference of the European Churches - doctor Olaf Tveyt and doctor Viorel Ionita, expressing the support to the Armenian Apostolic Church, on April 13 made the joint statement, having called all Churches - members of these organizations in the easter messages to remember 1. 5 million innocent victims of Great slaughter of Armenians:

The joint statement on the occasion of Day of memory of Genocide of Armenians

“ Easter - day of wonderful Revival of the Lord our Jesus Christ, this year will be celebrated on April 24 that coincided with Day of memory of Genocide of Armenians. Since 1915, for the first time on April 24 according to a calendar of the Armenian church coincided with Easter. Truly, this coincidence to sense, as existence of the Armenian nation and the people - a special symbol of force of Revival in a frail world. This year Christians of the whole world in the same day celebrate Easter, and it for all of us has to become a historical opportunity to pay a tribute of respect to memory of the innocent victims of Genocide of Armenians.

As the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Armenian people celebrate 96 - uyu anniversary of Genocide of Armenians, the World Council of Churches and Conference of the European Churches call all Churches - members of these organizations in the prayers and easter messages of 2011 to remember 1. 5 million victims of Genocide of Armenians.

The world Council of Churches brought up a question of need of recognition of Genocide of Armenians. In 1984. The world Council of Churches published the document under the name “Armenia: the proceeding tragedy“ which promoted recognition of history of the Armenian people and the endured tragedy.

The commission of Churches on international issues brought up a question of Genocide of Armenians in UN Committee on human rights, being guided by its revised and updated report on the prevention of a crime of genocide and a question of compensation. As it was noted at a meeting of the Central committee of VSTs in 2005, VSTs is sure that “the way leading from the Christian point of view to justice and solidarity demands recognition of the committed crime as an incontestable condition for healing of memoirs and a possibility of forgiveness. To forgive - means not to forget, and to look back for the purpose of respect of justice, human rights and restoration of the relations between criminals and victims“ .

April 15, 2005. the presidium of the European Churches and the World Council of Churches made a joint public statement, having invited all churches “on April 24 to declare the Remembrance day of Genocide of Armenians and to think of further appropriate steps for correction 90 - oh anniversaries of Genocide of Armenians“ . Presidium of KETs further urged the government of Turkey to begin process on reconciliation of the Armenian and Turkish people in which understanding of fault and declaration of truth have to be the integral components>>.

This year in the spirit of Easter we call all our believers in Jesus Christ of brothers and sisters to join the Armenian people, praying for Armenians and other victims of genocide.

Let`s remember that Christ told: “I esm revival and life; believing in Me if dies, then will recover. And everyone, living and believing in Me, will not die for ever“ (The gospel of Ioann, 11:25).