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How to treat the Poet and Citizen project?

of Reflection at a black entrance about the Poet and Citizen project

“The poet can not be you“, but is upward obliged to give a signal!

The open letter to the President D. A. Medvedev from the participant of events of 1991, the victim following the results of voucher privatization but who did not change to the ideals.

“Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich!

Recently a little known in general public and considering themselves as actors of a popular genre somebody Bulls and Efremov make, at my civil look, diversion in mass media.

Their project under the loud name “Poet and Citizen“, in fact, derides not only our heads parties and the governments in your person and in the person of the Prime minister - the minister, but also the country in general.

The Dozhd TV channel on which these aired “fighters for justice“, realized later, I hope, signals from above all malignancy of their rhymery. Also refused gr. To Bykov and Efremov on air.

But that right there warmed “Ekho Moskvy“ known for the antinational position. And there is a wish to reflect who was able to afford to use a name of our favourite capital in the name of frankly enemy transfer. Their “Echo“ obviously reflects not those signals which need to be reflected and it is useful.

Now about the main thing. In the, if one may say so, creativity gr. Bulls and Efremov dare to distort classics. Such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Griboyedov.

Not for this purpose our geniuses that rhymers different there from the future (to tell more precisely, without the future) used their brilliant compositions in fight with progressive, but the mode wrote and struggled with imperial satraps.

Here from where general illiteracy of our younger generation undertakes. Instead of reading classics, those hamat from the Internet remade by Bykov and sounded by Efremov (the father playing roles of the advanced turners and taxi drivers would see it!) .

And this ostentatious jeering with Yury Gagarin in one line and from a small letter!

Perhaps and gr. Now to write Bykov and Efremov as bykovefrem?

The castrated poetry of unaccomplished classics finds, unfortunately, mass support in weak minds of our compatriots.

Everything that is forbidden, causes interest in public. Therefore I suggest to start the Poet and Citizen project on all TV channels, starting with the First. Let the public will choke in this pseudo-poetry as already choked in earlier me to the favourite actress Pugacheva with her anniversary and in the actor - the director Mikhalkov with his flasher. Too earlier me darling.

And gr. Bykov and Efremov should - depart everything from classics and to use in the project verses of producers better known now Abrupt and Matviyenko.

For example, it is possible to tell about disintegration of a tandem words of the famous song: “Yellow tulips - separation signs. Krasnaya Polyana - any more not for us. Any more not for us“!

In advance I hope for your support and understanding. And still there is a wish to pay your attention to a distress of some participants of events of August, 1991. You, probably, it is not aware that not all from them in chocolate and on yachts. But it so, to the word.

Not the poet, but citizen Pupkin S. S.“.