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Whether to open knees? The fashion and chastity of

Among grandmothers of our great-grandmothers went such saying: “Do not show to the husband above a knee and about everything do not tell“. If to consider when it was told, then the end of a century before last will turn out, then “above a knee“ even for the husband was too.

In the modern world teenagers use other proverb: “Earlier, to see a bottom, it was necessary to take off pants, and now to find pants, it is necessary to move apart a bottom“. Roughly, but quite reflects reality - it is possible to show everything, and not only to the husband.

And the husband “everything“ will see not only at the wife.

Is it necessary to wear long skirts, dresses “in a floor“, covering knees? My opinion is on this matter absolutely subjective, and this I am going to consider object from the point of view of female.

On some researches which are not confirmed with modern science in antecedents I was a man, the shaman and extracted opium for the people in South America or North Africa. But, unfortunately, I remember nothing man`s perception of life therefore article will be female and about women. How the woman feels herself in skirts of different length.

About how men perceive women in skirts of different length, I do not know … or I do not remember, the antecedents were 600 years ago, any would forget.

the Long skirt or a dress to a floor

to feel sexual in a long skirt, is necessary that it was well sewed and gave freedom when walking. At the woman in a long skirt gait changes, fabric should be pushed with knees that automatically gives effect of gait “from a hip“, in a different way it will not turn out - will get confused and will fall down as the baby in diapers.

Long skirts demand a beautiful ankle and the corresponding footwear, the open part of legs will get all attention.

of the Skirt to the middle of caviar

Can look very beautifully or absolutely ugly, everything depends on beauty of legs. Full calves or the sports, pumped-over legs will lose from such length, too graceful ankles will look as chicken pads, and here legs of moderate completeness with good shoes, but not boots, will force to look at themselves with admiration.

the Skirt to a knee

Classical option of such skirts - a skirt - the pencil or a short skirt with a small rasklesheniye below, often adds age in image. Like to wear such skirts the young girls wishing to seem are more adult, and the mature women feeling comfortable at the age. The skirt - a pencil, that is a strict classical business skirt to a knee, defines the top part of a suit. With such skirt any blouses of classical breed and jackets will perfectly look.

The footwear to skirts to a knee, of course, is better to select womanly, shoes - court shoes with a heel of convenient height. If the owner of a skirt of high growth, then she can put on shoes - flats, shoe boots or half boots.

the Skirt to the middle of a knee

the Most difficult length as emphasizes all smallest shortcomings of legs - excessive completeness or leanness of a shin, massive ankles or full knees. But girls with beautiful legs in such skirt look very effectively. As well as the skirt length to a knee, this type of skirts will be well combined with a classical and official style of clothes, footwear and accessories.

So, we start opening - we open knees!

the Skirt above a knee

Can be as strict, business, and thoughtless, flared, with finishing or lace in the bottom of a hem. Opening knees, it is necessary to remember that will surely look at them, and, unfortunately, if legs are crooked (X or a wheel), then all this will be seen, perhaps, will discuss or even to condemn. And if beautiful legs, then discuss and condemn too, but also will admire and envy.

the Skirt to the middle of a hip

Strangely enough, but such length of a skirt if does not hide, then does less noticeable defects of a shape of legs. All attention is the share of the top, open part of legs therefore if, of course, legs not too full, it is possible to wear skirts of this length, without worrying that ankles are insufficiently graceful, calves are pumped over, and knees are angular - very few people will notice it.

To wear skirts of such length to pertinently young girls and that not in any situation. Women of mature age, even with an excellent figure, risk to give the age too short skirt: vascular grid, not too elastic skin on a lap, or even (chur me!) cellulitis, all will notice. Will discuss, but not to condemn, and to regret that it is not necessary for us at all. However, it is possible to hide these defects by means of good dense tights.

The footwear will approach skirts of such length and a certain style any - classical boats, flats, sports shoes, boots of any height and even beach bedroom-slippers (if the hostess of a skirt was going to the beach).

of the Skirt “to a bottom“

to Wear skirts of such length, but not at the same time to look too available and thoughtless, not all girls are able. But there are secrets: for example, modern young Muslims often use skirts of such length in the dress, skillfully combining them with trousers of the corresponding style and color or with jeans. The image turns out sexual and chaste at the same time.

To wear skirts or not what length it is the best of all to carry - it is a minor question. The main thing - to feel beautiful and stylishly dressed. Or stylishly undressed.