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In May to marry - all life to toil?

Spring - new morning of the nature … The sun shines brighter, the wind which became warm informs of smells of new life, greens around more and more - the mother - the nature wakes up. For many spring - the best season, and May - the best month of spring.

New morning of the nature is a new morning and human life … Rejoiced in old times to a bright spring holiday - the Red hill (to the first Sunday after Easter), these days arranged shows to grooms and brides. Rejoiced, worried and hoped - as there is a wish to marry successfully and to marry happily!. And the wedding celebrated on this holiday promised newlyweds the happy future.

However, in old times and gloomy warned: “It is impossible in May neither to be born, nor to marry - a century you will toil“. Besides the conformable words “May“ and “drudgery“, there is also an explanation, reasonable for those times, …

It is known that national signs, proverbs and sayings follow us from time immemorial. In those old times there lived our ancestors mainly subsistence economy, and all their tenor of life was inseparably linked with the earth, with Mother Nature. And ceremonies consisted only of signs of that “natural“ life.

For example that the future of a new family was rich and happy, the wedding had to take place thoroughly: slowly, joyfully and at a plentiful table. Trusted - as the wedding was celebrated, and at young people it will be died. Therefore guests needed to have fun, sing and dance, and of course - not to hurry to leave from - for holiday a rich table. All tried tasty and is full, joyfully and cheerfully “to live“ beforehand joint happy life to newlyweds.

And how cheerful yes to celebrate a rich wedding on spring when in country economy - “a sphere drive“? On krapivny Russian cabbage soup, perhaps, to convoke guests? Yes, and who will come if at many supplies on an outcome, and at everyone in the head all most important thoughts - about sowing, about works in the field and a kitchen garden? No, not time of a wedding to play … Not to feasts and round dances: all May - pashas, sow wheat, plant potatoes, and cucumbers with tomatoes.

In the summer too works too much: it is necessary to weed beds yes to water, to prepare hay, behind cattle to look, and harvests went - for the winter to prepare supplies. Again it is impossible. And it was moved long since in Russia that the best wedding time is a late fall, and not so tender spring.

Since then a lot of things changed … But there is still a strong wish to marry successfully and to marry happily! There is a wish that life passed efficiently, with feeling, with arrangement - moderately quietly and measuredly, it is rich and full - almost serenely. There is a wish that our children had the same life - happy. And there is no wish “May to toil at all“.

To live, “as in old times“, it will not turn out any more, and old kind national signs now “do not work“. And new - all angry and sad … How to be? How, having celebrated a wedding in May, all life to be together?. Mainly, in pleasure. What can serve as rather vital moment and in an amicable way optimistic in our very hard time?

Correctly! New signs, proverbs and sayings. Good and kind signs. Clever proverbs. Expressively - well-aimed sayings. There are no those in “existence“?. Or do not exist in the nature at all? It does not matter - think out the!

Let first your sayings and proverbs do not differ in grace and truly national brevity. Let house will giggle over your “folk art“. Over time they will also begin to think out - to good quickly get used.

Begin with the simplest - from purity in your house (anyway - from the most useful): “The more you wash, the becomes purer!“ Well, how?. It is not pleasant?

Then organize clear-out in the house under the motto: “Purity is the not evenly smeared dirt, and absence that!“ All family members and numerous guests, having like genius of your saying, with enthusiasm will begin to try to discover though some dirt in the house for the purpose of its destruction. For certain, in the course of selfless search something “dirty“ in the house some will begin to try the forces in drawing up playful slogans (it is modern, however). The common family causes which are carried out with good mood, as a rule, rally all together, “make related“ even more.

And for you, parents - senior and wise, there is only one rule: do only good and do it with ease. And if all of you together managed to be born in May (but in different years, of course), and the wedding was in May, then know - it is fortunately! There is a sign such … Itself thought up.