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About a gregarious instinct: as far as in herd you?

On light are known three main human instincts: the self-preservation instinct, an instinct of reproduction and an instinct to be as the majority. Actually, the quantity of instincts at the homo sapiens are slightly more, but all of them are derivatives from the first three. However, and the first, main instinct - a self-preservation instinct, extends also to two others, and they could and be limited to one. It - imperative and comprehensive, also includes also ineradicable aspiration to a reproduction, both constant thirst of self-saturation, and quickly ovladevayemy art of a mimicry in the world similar. Passionate desire of the majority to stand out from the crowd which at first sight can seem paradoxical concerning an instinct to be as everything, it is necessary not to be allocated, nevertheless, almost always within the established morals and ethics, as the person public it is felt at the level of subconsciousness and therefore counter with an instinct to be as everything, does not go.

For example, all know that the concept “Homeland“ - sacred, patriotic, “correct“. And therefore any eager to stand out somehow from the crowd will move in the direction established for it and for it, developing concept of sanctity and the love for the country. Questions of that, as such sacred and it seems the absolute concept can have some other the aspects including far from sanctity and correctness, can be set, but for the same self-preservation, desire to be as everything, will hardly be sounded ever. Such movement in the set direction guarantees successful advance forward: material well-being, glory, rest and long life.

The acquired imperative to be as everything, “the gregarious instinct“, in different degree of frequency and intensity, allocated all of us. One obediently follow the obvious majority already because this majority - not very well what status of sanctity and correctness it at that moment carries. Others follow the bigger minority on number, is frequent on the beliefs and delusions. The third adjoin obvious minority, for ideological, ethical and personal reasons, but also they, the most basic and brave, also do not wish to remain alone. Let even alone obvious correctness, in the best traditions of reason.

Perhaps, the most striking recent example of “a gregarious instinct“ nazi Germany 30 - x years when the vast majority, tens of millions of Germans among whom there was a large number of people educated and fairly clever followed the mad majority is. As it could occur (some refer to mass hypnosis, others on the evil genius of Hitler), it is easy to understand. Without pressing in the historian - political mechanisms of an obolvanivaniye and coercion of a people at large, it is possible to tell the following: people did not wish to endanger themselves dissidenstvo, and obediently, or not really, adjoined the majority guaranteeing life and work.

“The gregarious instinct“ is observed everywhere, in ordinary life, and not in so catastrophic proportions, as in Germany 30 - x years. Especially well it is swept up at work where the chief, the boss, the owner represents the power - the majority in minority, but nevertheless his subordinates the minority in the majority is “a holder of all equity stake“, and. The chief orders music, that which to him to liking, and we under it dance. At work everything with obviously expressed “gregarious instinct“ - clearly. They do not contradict the administration, in everything agree with it, often frankly fawn and fawn. Even when the policy, or sometimes simply petty tyranny of one person, is contrary to their opinion, vision of a situation, the principles. Other opinions are voiced, to argue the point of view not to be afraid, but in open confrontation, even at all the correctness, never enter. Such trim the sails to the wind, and the most critical minute curtail the activity, having earned by themselves authority. That is, and they, with some reluctance and not without fight, on a step behind trudge behind the obedient, never questioning majority. The third, rare as black sheep, have courage and the nerve to argue and prove, despite of ranks and ranks. Sometimes their opinions are not better than opinions standard at all. But sometimes they see and understand much more and further, not to be afraid to declare publicly and directly what, in their opinion is true and that they are not present have all makings of talent and self-sacrifice. Sometimes their initiatives find application, to the general benefit. But more often they are dismissed, declare mentally ill people, put in prisons. And if they are not the finished fools, from the point of view of standard, then also they imitate.

Examples of stateliness can be observed also on social networks where flabby persons, every time having corrected the opinions under the prevailing point of view, being afraid of virtual flogging, obediently follow often the low-responsible majority. Examples of mass madness, in scales of one website or a forum, are well noticeable. Having chosen the “correct“ point of view of those who are most authoritative, it is less often eloquent, is closer to public opinion in real, such “lamb“ resignedly adjoins the general herd and is frequent together with the majority of five - ten people attacks on the dissident, hysterical repeating what already to it was told not once.

Other willingly play nonconformists and the individualist in the virtual, and in usual life differ in nothing from those who march in step amicably with all. These are not so silly, and well know that it is possible and that it is impossible. Also risk only when are firmly sure that they will not be caught.

Anyway, but the instinct of stateliness is inherent in all of us. To have the opinion, other than the majority, and to defend it even in the virtual, not everyone ventures. One simply do not have it as over the years the developed habit, at best, simply to choose that which is closer and more clear from two foreign opinions becomes the second nature. Others have the opinion. But they are not proud of it, behave modestly. Our way, cleverly. Reserve it till the best times. And meanwhile, at some distance, carefully follow crowd. The third - real fools. For all occasions have the opinion - and not it is frequent as at all, - often declare it, from the majority otmezhovyvatsya. And that is unpleasant for the obedient majority, in their words and poses vaguely slips something clever. But, to our happiness, among us there is not a lot of fools.