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Choice and purchase of a dog.

Many people love dogs. Dogs perfectly reduce stress, take away your pain and lighten mood. But if you wanted to buy a dog, it is necessary to hold thought in the head: “The dog - the living being, and me laziness to walk her, to feed, play with it. And if treat me also? No, so I do not want to live. And than the dog is worse than me? Anything!“ And to go to walk / feed / play with a dog even if in the morning she woke up at five in the morning.

Table: vital space, gavkuchest:

Breed the Big house the Small apartment Tendency to bark

Room Yes Changeable

Sports Da Pri uslovii of regular trainings Changeable

Fighting Da Pri uslovii regular trainings Average

Da Pri uslovii`s Terriers of regular trainings

Drivers Yes are not recommended High

Shepherds Da Pri uslovii of regular trainings

Rescuers Da Pri uslovii of regular trainings

Security Da Pri uslovii of regular trainings

Sentry Da Pri uslovii of regular trainings

Riding Yes Average

Large hunting Da Pri uslovii regular trainings Low

of Sentchaunda Da Pri uslovii of regular trainings High

Setters Yes are not recommended it is not recommended Average

of Saitchaunda Da Pri uslovii of regular trainings Low

Da Pri uslovii`s Spaniels of regular trainings

Retrievers Yes it is not recommended Average

Pointers Yes it is not recommended High

If You are in a difficult financial position, choose the breeds which are not demanding special leaving. Also choose a dog who will be positive to your family. You have children? Then it is necessary to choose quiet breed of a dog who will suffer when children drag it for a tail, you pull ears, etc.

the pensioner? Then you can devote to a puppy / an adult dog all the time. Choose a dog with whom you have common interests.

You hunter? Then most of all will suit you:

1. Retriever. This breed was removed for search of the hit natatorial game.

2. Spaniel. Spaniels were brought to look for and lift a game.

3. Setters. Setters are brought to look for and lift a feathery game.

4. Saytkhaunda. During hunting these animals rely on the sight.

5. Sentkhaunda. Sentkhaunda track down a game on a smell.

Ideally people take a puppy of three months. At this age at a puppy character was not built up yet, but he can already live without the parents.

You chose a dog. Problem first: nickname.

You, of course, do not want that the tiny dog was called “Thunder-storm“, “Lightning“, “Monster“, “Fright“. You want that he was called “by the size“, but sometimes it is not correct. Your dog can grow!

Problem second: collar and lead.


The lead, as a rule, has to be long. The best leads, it:

1. Lead roulette. With such lead and a dog it will be much more convenient to you to walk.

2. Long lead. This lead is convenient, it “we do not gnaw through“ and on its end a loop for a hand.

Still there are special, training leads, but there is too much them.


1. The most important collar. This collar - the main. On walks it is used. Your dog has to carry it round the clock. Best of all to a collar to have a label. On a label surely there has to be number of your phone. For example: “Help me to get home: (number)!“ Do not specify the address on a label at all!!!

2. For training of the teams “sit, lie, serve, nearby“ on the street the short training collar is necessary. It: one loop inside, and the second - outside. There is “rope“ but only then “hook“ further.

Never put on a collar a puppy more young than sixteen weeks. It can lead to a trauma!!!