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Heckler & Koch G11. What experiment with the bezgilzovy weapon ended with? The German experimental rifle G11 costs

in the same row with the guns “Automatic Pistol“ and “Mauser To - 96“, the MT submachine gun - 38, “the assault gun“ of MT - 44 and other outstanding achievements of the German weapon genius. Not similar on one small arms of the world (in any case, mass), it just outstripped the time. Also outstripped much more!

To the emergence this miracle was obliged to the Ministry of Defence then still of the “bourgeois“ Federal Republic of Germany which formulated in 1970 requirements for competitive replacement of the rifle G3 consisting on arms of the Bundeswehr.

Main requirements:

weight is no more than 4,5 kg;

length is up to 765 mm;

shop on 50 cartridges;

defeat by the first shot of the dot purpose at a distance to 300 m

Well and who came out the winner?

“HK G11 - the complex of the perspective army weapon including an automatic rifle and the original bezgilzovy cartridge used by it which were developed during the long period since 1970 - x for 1990 - e years by the German company Heckler & Koch together with Dynamit Nobel AG“. (Source: Wikipedia)

So, the main counter of a rifle - the bezgilzovy boss. And why it, as a matter of fact, is necessary?

And here why. Give - we will count, dear moles. The cartridge for small arms consists of a bullet, a sleeve, a charge of gunpowder and kapsulya. The heaviest part of the boss - a sleeve. We clean a sleeve, and the quantity of a wearable charge of ammunition increases … Well, 100 cartridges to a standard bundesverovsky automatic rifle (that time) of G3 weigh as much how many 550 to G11. In five and a half times more! Cartridges it is possible to thrust more into shop too not to spend time for a recharge in fight.

And if to consider that the sleeve from the weapon should not be thrown out as far as the design of “trunk“ becomes simpler and facilitated? And now present that the division on the place of fight does not leave any marks in the form of shot sleeves? Well, and such cartridges have to cost cheaper. Theoretically.

The prototype of a new rifle was presented to the commission of military department in 1974, and the ready sample which received the name G11 - in 1983. In 13 years of continuous improvements and tests the main shortcomings of such peculiar weapon - self-ignition of ammunition and small range of firing were liquidated, the design and mechanisms is fulfilled.

Taktiko - technical characteristics of the rifle G11:

Calibre: bezgilzovy boss 4. 7x33 mm;

automatic equipment Type: exhaust, rotary breechring;

Length: 750 mm;

trunk Length: 540 mm;

Weight: 3. 6 kg without cartridges;

Shop: 50 or 45 cartridges.

The most important difference of these small arms from others - of course, the boss. DM 11 of Dynamit Nobel AG firm (Dynamite - Nobel) with a bullet of caliber of 4,73 mm, a charge on the basis of explosive the octarutting and a plastic tip in head part covered with a combustible varnish. During a shot - full utilization of a charge for a bullet throwing. There is no sleeve in this boss at all.

The layout scheme “bulls - fathers“ - the mechanism is located behind the pistol handle with a trigger - “fashionable“ exactly presently. And the rifle was developed more than forty years ago!

The shop with an ammunition is located over a trunk that too is very unusual. Shop - 45 (in early versions 50) cartridges, one and a half shops of the rifle M16 or the Kalashnikov. Automatic equipment works due to energy of the powder gases which are taken away from a trunk, the most widespread option in modern assault rifles.

An original design of the feeder of the boss in a cartridge chamber - vertical giving with turn by 90 degrees. When firing by turns on three shots, return affects the weapon only upon completion of turn. Such design gives an excellent grouping of firing at speed to 2000 shots a minute. The similar mechanism is used in the modern Russian Abakan submachine gun, only there it is much more difficult from - for the mechanism of extraction of a shot sleeve.

Reliability and maintainability which satisfied military. Not only the European, but also American, carrying-out test G11 in 1989. On the basis of this rifle creation of an easy manual machine gun and the submachine gun was planned.

And still … The rifle did not go to a series. Only 1000 pieces for tests - and all were let out. Though “Heckler & Koch“ declared readiness for a mass production of the rifle G11 in the quantities, necessary for modernization of the Bundeswehr.

The reasons of such fiasco - purely financial and political. In - the first, association of the western and east Germany that caused the hardest financial crisis. In - the second, discrepancy of cartridges 4. 7õ33 mm to requirements of NATO for unification of ammunition. Well, all military block will not pass to a new cartridge. Technical execution was just faultless!

And here, perspective development - the rifle G11 - was rejected, and the new competition which the rifle G won is announced. 36 (too, by the way, Heckler & Koch firms, but in it were used standard NATO cartridges 5. 56õ45 mm, same, as in the American assault rifle M16). There was 1990.

It seems as G11 died finally. However at the scheduled competition of rearmament in 2004 developments of use of the bezgilzovy boss were bought by the American military within the Lightweight Small Arms Technologies program (for a perspective easy machine gun of army of the USA). However, further separate experiments business did not go. So far …

Now the rifle G11 “lives“ generally only in computer games.

And it is a pity. It is a pity …