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The modern witch - the myth or reality?

we usually face witches on pages of children`s fairy tales and a fantasy, they strongly located in ancient legends and legends, frighten us in mystical stories and horrors. At the word the witch we represent the ancient humpbacked old woman with gray-haired tousle and a hooked nose living in the same ancient log hut veiled by bunches of dried herbs and frog legs with the obligatory black cat looking at us from the twilight the burning eyes. Also we will burst out laughing if we are told that the modest nice girl living in the neighbourhood with us also is the most real witch.

The word the witch lost the initial sense in the modern world long ago. Once so called the people knowing, seeing what is hidden from others. The knowing mother, or the witch, in the pre-Christian world was dear member of society, consulted on her, to her words listened, without her did not make any important decision, whether it be the beginning of sowing or harvesting, creation of a new family or a campaign to far lands.

With introduction of Christianity the attitude towards witches changed. Clergymen saw in the knowing people of dangerous competitors and made everything to blacken witchcraft. Witches were convicted of sorcery, accused them of epidemic, a drought, a crop failure, a murrain. Across all Europe the inquisition fires burning dissidents flared. Gradually the witch turned in the negative character of legends and fairy tales, and witches preferred to call themselves healers or healers.

Witches seldom are born in large families, and, as a rule, it is families with impurity of various blood. Gift is descended, but that he woke up, future witch has to pass an initiation ceremony. In the modern world this ceremony is almost lost, and initiation can happen spontaneously, sometimes in the form of sudden tragic events. In it there is nothing surprising, witches attract to themselves powers of darkness, and future witch cannot avoid troubles. But even then force dozing in it wakes up not at once. Often will pass many years spent for fruitless attempts to find the place in life before the witch understands the essence.

The witch cannot be distinguished on appearance, she is not highlighted with either a hair color, or special beauty, only eyes it can change the color, and in different photos it always looks differently. It does not differ and behavior, in any company the witch easily becomes the, but at the same time it is always infinitely lonely. Even in the bosom of the family, among the family the witch always costs independently.

The witch is often confused to the woman practicing magic. But it is absolutely different concepts. The witch is not engaged in sorcery if she is not compelled to it by circumstances, does not interpose in the matter of ordinary people. From the others it is distinguished by deep internal harmony with world around, feeling of balance between an opportunity and realization, possession of real personal force, but not use of others weaknesses. The true essence of all phenomena and events in the world is opened for her, some of witches see the future, know the reason and date of own death.

The witch is not omnipotent. It is deprived of many pleasures inherent in our world. It cannot go against laws of the nature, against rules of justice. Sometimes creating the evil, she always knows that it will be followed by punishment. It is not attracted by material benefits, she does not test pleasure from moneymaking. She is not able to lie, the lie selects the only wealth which she owns - to her Sil.

Do not believe in witches, deny them. And at the same time are afraid of witches. But they bear nobody the malice. Each person for them - part of the universe, creation of the nature with which they feel a whole. It is possible to deny witches, as well as all supernatural and unknown in our world, and it is possible to recognize that the world in which we live is much more various and more difficult, than we got used to consider.