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How men resolve unpleasant issues?

If you, Vasily, cannot change circumstance, it is necessary to change the attitude towards them. You, of course, will ask how to make it when it seems that the world around you falls and everything was gone?

Everything is very simple.

For example, you the wife changed. Yes, yes, your Lyusya. Also it is not necessary to rush on me with fists. Same I so, for example. And so, rejoice that it changed you, but not the Homeland. Imagine that she is the American spy. Or German. Or Chinese. Also sells secrets By the way, where it works for you? In a public catering. Means, present that she abroad sells secrets of preparation of our donuts. And all America will refuse the hamburgers soon and will sink down on ours on five rubles fried in, very much I hope for it, sunflower oil.

Presented? Here, already also it became easier for you. Our homeland actually out of danger, and you already cooled down and forgave the half.

Or here the son your Serega brought the two on singing. What you usually do in such cases? A belt on a bum. And it is vain, Vasily. Still any belt did not turn the two into the five. And your offspring got a voice from you, Vas. Means, and this two - yours. Here also beat yourself with the belt the bum. And the child not trozh also rejoice that on mathematics at him the firm three.

We will pass to policy. Here you do not like a course of our President. Well. And now present that you live in the center of Africa, and the ordinary cannibal operates you. The known fact from history. The president Tsentralno - the African republic of Jeanne - Bidel Bokassa ate the citizens. Here you see, Vasily, and our President right there begins to be pleasant to you even more than your Lucie.

A good method, I spoke.

Or here our football players lost to some national team of some islands again. Earlier you after viewing of a match on the TV what did? Rub on hundred and without snack. Then, probably, also smoked in pants on a balcony, scaring away crows and neighbors the residual experiences from a match.

And it is necessary as?

It is necessary to tell for himself. We thus calm rivals before the Olympic Games in Sochi. Let think that we weak and helpless. Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov`s tactics - the founder of the Receding, You Will Win by All Means method.

If in the house disconnected hot water, remember Amundsen`s expedition to the South Pole. To them your problems.

If in the tram stole money, think of a fate of inhabitants Pompeii, and at once it will become easier for you.

If the head hurts in the morning, re-read the chronicle of great French revolution. Especially section on the invention of doctor Gilyoten.

If changed you Lyusya However, I already spoke about it.

Yes, Vasya, everything is normal. About Lyusyu I, of course, it is vain. But about Bokassa, Gilyoten and the Olympic Games in Sochi it is absolutely serious.

Our relation to troubles should be changed urgently. It is much easier to make it, than to cancel these troubles.

What, you will pour out on me a glass of hot tea with a lemon now and will look how I will look for an exit from this problem?

I, Vasily, will just give you a box on the ears. Sometimes simple decisions - the most true.

All, so far, Vasya. I leave, I leave