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What to prepare with avocado? The African kitchen of

On the hot continent the same as in America and in Asia, avocado uses sufficient attention, and a number of dishes is so widespread that in the name they have a tag “on - African“. Which - that them I tried to prepare them, and therefore I can tell.

On - African …

1. Avocado sauce with cheese. we Take 100 g of firm cheese and small we rub. We add 200 - 250 of natural yogurt, 100 g of sour cream, the chopped fennel branch, several drops of the Tabasco sauce, the salt and pepper to taste kneaded by a fork and the pulp of small avocado sprinkled by lemon juice. It was necessary to mix to homogeneous mass, and sauce is ready.

2. Gammon with avocado. This dish represents kulechka or rolls from slices is boiled - smoked gammon with a stuffing (it is checked: brisket approaches at all not less). The stuffing prepares from thinly cut pieces of two tomatoes, the head of onions chopped by small small squares, the crushed peanut (50 g), strips from a half of a kochanchik of sheet salad, the kneaded pulp of 1 large fruit of avocado, 1 - 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. For gas station it is necessary to mix 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise with salt and Cayenne pepper.

3. Avocado and chicken salad. we slice Half a kilo of boiled chicken fillet after cooling thin, we add a segment of two small tangerines without peel, a half of berries of grapes of dark grades without kernels (200 g), a plate of the pulp of 2 small avocados sprinkled by lemon juice and cut on noodles of several lettuce leaves. For sauce we mix 100 g of mayonnaise and cream, salt and pepper - to taste. We strew the filled salad with a handful of shredded hazelnuts.

… And now we will get acquainted with national dishes.


avocado Salad on - Algerian. If it is honest, then it is not really clear to me why this recipe is called especially Algerian, in it a combination of products, rather traditional for many countries. But, as they say, from a song of the word you will not throw out …

Pulp of avocado is undressed on small cubes and we water with juice of a half of a lemon, we salt and we pepper to taste, we add a davleny clove - another of garlic, we flavor with vegetable oil, a little crumbled chili pepper, we mix everything - and we receive gas station for smoked or salty fish or chicken in a boiled, fried or smoked look. Mauritius


from avocado. this sauce, extremely popular with mavrikiyets, is obliged by the name, amusing for Russian-language sounding, to French: le rougaille comes from roux d’ail - in a literal translation “red garlic“. And it prepares so. To the pulp of avocado kneaded and sprinkled by lemon juice it is added a small medley from the following ingredients: small head of onions, 1 - 2 garlick cloves, 1 pomidorka and 1 pickled cucumber, bunch of greens, half of apple, 10 olives and pinch of ground ginger. This mix can be given to a table, and it is possible to bring to a uniform consistence still.

of Morocco

Moroccan baked carrots and avocado salad. we Boil entirely and we cool two - three carrots (lump of 300 - 400), we spread on a baking sheet and we pour dressing from olive oil with 1,5 tablespoons of vinegar cut with a pepper of Chile a garlick segment, a thyme, salt, caraway seeds, ground black pepper. Besides, in corners of a form we will arrange two halves of orange and two - a lime.

We bake products in an oven of minutes 20. Having a little cooled a citrus, we squeeze out from them juice and we add the same amount of olive oil, and also 1 h a vinegar spoon. It will be a basis of salad sauce. Now we come back to carrot and we cut it on round or semicircular plates. We add several chopped lettuce leaves, cubes of toasts (or and we fill 2 chunks of the dried white bread, a segment of pulp of two small avocados broken manually it is prepared by a sousny basis, and from above we water with sour cream or natural yogurt (there will be enough 1 - 2 tablespoons), we strew with culinary poppy and sunflower seeds (it is recommended - hempy or linen, but at me were sunflower).

Avocado with apricot sauce. Unlike previous, absolutely simple recipe. Preparation of sauce - minute business if there is a mixer or the blender: we do mashed potatoes of 100 g of dried apricots, 150 g of orange juice, 2. tablespoons of nut oil and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

We slice couple of small avocados thin and we sauce (the truth, I still strew with shredded walnuts though it and is not provided in the recipe).

of the Republic of South Africa

Cold avocado soup. In the blender we mix 300 g of cold low-fat chicken broth, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1/3 Art. of cream or yogurt the pulp cubes from one fruit of avocado crumbled several feathers of green onions and a small bunch of cilantro. Before giving we draw about half an hour in the refrigerator.

* * *

It is not the last culinary excursion to the subject “avocado“ so see you soon in the Australian kitchen!