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The truth about smoking: how “draw“ appetizing products?

Since ancient times to keep for a long time fish and meat, people were engaged in smoking. And those people who knew technology of smoking were special people and held a privileged position in society.

But with development scientifically - technical revolution, including thanks to the Internet, these technologies became known to all, and today practically each person can use them.

That such smoking?

All process consists of two main stages. The first stage - preparation of products for smoking. The second stage - process of smoking. Besides two types - or hot (with a temperature from 80 to 110 °C), or cold (with a temperature from 20 to 40 °C).

Preparation of production at the first stage is a washing and a prosalivaniye, with possible heat treatment for meat (so-called production “In / To“, it is boiled - smoked).

How there is the following stage, directly smoking? The koptilny camera in which mount the prepared product is used. There make up for a smoke when burning wood sawdust within 12-20 hours.

Naturally, this process is acceptable at large volumes of smoking of fish or meat and is inefficient at the small volumes.

The main lack of such processing is the duration of passive saturation of a product of smoking by a smoke.

Modern ways of smoking

appeared technologies which allow to reduce smoking time Recently, - for example, so-called pseudo-smoking . How it occurs? As a matter of fact, this coloring of a product various chemical dyes with addition of flavoring fragrances of a smoke.

The first stage is carried out to similarly classical way, and at the second stage the product is processed “a liquid smoke“ that, naturally, has no relation to the real natural smoking.

For acceleration of natural smoking with development of electronics the way of electrosmoking gained distribution also . Its principle is that for reduction of time of smoking pass from smoking, passive to an active way. It is rather difficult, but at the fulfilled technology such way allows to receive volume smoking of products a usual smoke with considerable reduction of time of smoking.

Volume smoking (processing not only surfaces, but also pulp volume) improves tastes as increases depth of penetration of a smoke into production. And the electrostatic field induced at a smoking product kills putrefactive bacteria and fungal forms (a mold etc.) .

The physical essence of electrostatic smoking is simple for understanding even to the nonspecialist. For receiving active smoking on a product give high positive potential from 10 to 20 kilovolts from a low current component, as it forces a smoke “to be soaked up“ forcibly as if by a smoking product, and time of penetration of a smoke speaks about product prokopchennost degree.

Having found optimum characteristics on current and tension, it is possible to receive an ideal product of smoking for small volumes, that is for house preparation.

Buying smoked products appetizing by sight, think what whether in the way they are processed and useful to your health.