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As it is easier to survive


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - the humour

As is easier to survive will adapt to live silly clever a sort promotes people helps to conduct to arrive a modern civilization of the reason survivability methods selection a hard time a way what

pv Difficult to survive to the immoral person on.

p is good for a survival - if the person is the life of the party.

pv you Want to survive, fill not pockets and fists - and improve soul.

pv to the Person will expediently be inclined to those life forms, - on which his ancestors survived.

to the Father of a survival - mind, mother - force.

pv Work and thrift - the base of a survival.

pv to the Survival are promoted - patience and will.

vp the Survival - is in many respects obliged to self-control.

pz In hard times survive beautiful, clever, strong, resourceful, good people.

z Is people at whom one of functions of an instinct of self-preservation is the requirement to deceive similar. In last times it gave a positive effect why reached up to now. In modern life the lie became more recognizable, having ceased to give to liars due effect, having made them derelicts of society.

pv Pledge of a survival - optimism, positive outlook.

d to the Survival is promoted by a practicality.

and Independence - survivability grazes.

d is easier to survive to the person careful.

d Vera and hope - companions of a survival.

and is easier to survive to they be whom love.

d is difficult to survive to they are who does not appreciate the life.

kp If is correct to adjust itself - everything in life can be arranged.

pv helps to Live - love to people and the world.

of C Be near wise - he will specify a way.

of the personal computer Lost courage - half was gone.

pz Studied life, psychology of people, himself and the majority of widespread options of the existing problems - is easier to survive.

p the Person looks for protection, and it in him. pzv to the good rather poor person nobody bears

the malice and furthermore death.

p Knowledge - the best bodyguard. p Animals do not trust

even to the owner, it is expedient to person to follow an example of them.

and Strong people, surviving from generation to generation on force, lose intelligence, appeal, cunning …

z Persons of no character survive, as a rule, on mind, cunning, a practicality, appeal, sexuality …

z Men survive on force, mind and a practicality, the woman more - cunnings, appeal and sexuality. z the Nature wipes out

clever because they badly breed, a modern civilization silly - they in it do not survive.

z Clever do not disappear at the expense of foggy youth, understanding that children are necessary in them the main meaning of life and their best preservation.

d Silly in a modern civilization supports the state, charity them relatives take on contents.

and The easiest to drive in a modern civilization out of silly people - the young beauty.

d Clever survive in a modern civilization on intelligence, ability to create itself good living conditions.

and Clever prolong to themselves life due to studying of the organism, ability to it to listen also the correct selection of conditions for it and waste products.

z Silly in a modern civilization survive on support of the nature, instincts.

and At silly is usually best of all health.

and Clever do a bigger reserve for maintenance of the descendants.

and Clever will easier keep from addictions through awareness of their malignancy and poor health to that a hindrance.

z In families where the husband is capable to create wellbeing, and the wife has good health - children for rescue of a sort are born more.

d Clever perish less often.

and Silly survive on household workmanship.

and Silly usually stronger and is more hardy.

and At silly people in protection against clever was developed the behavior determined by

which rescues them from fuller enslavement.

and Clever and silly survive on each other.

from If were only clever or only silly people - the mankind could disappear.

z Clever silly are necessary that, exploiting them, to be enriched and

to carry out the conceived plans.

z Silly clever give work, so, an opportunity to survive.

z Many clever live due to operation and deception silly,

many silly - because they are agreed to exploit.

and Clever that will not be wounded about silly from them are isolated, like pity, put on them a cross.

and Moral support for silly the fact that they consider themselves clever is. and Uma without activity - to achieve nothing

, and nonsenses - and not to survive at all.

and In a survival of the person the large role is played by useful necessary information of mass media.

to difficult to live - when nearby survive.

and Sometimes it is necessary only to survive one to cease to react, sympathize, help - to die actually.

pv to survive the person on the one hand has to be benevolent and friendly - with another not to allow to offend itself.

z Aggression, obstinacy and rebelliousness help silly to avoid total enslavement by clever and to survive.

and Nonsenses will difficult live and it often goes on humiliation, disgrace, cruelty …

and Nonsense - is unaccomodating, wisdom - around itself will try on all.

and Nonsense to survive - is forced to serve money constantly.

and Silly is required to survive much more means - than clever.

p Some fools pass through themselves more money, than rich men.

and Mind first of all is necessary not so much - to survive how many that - it is correct to organize the life and to reduce sufferings.

and Only in dangerous times mind is necessary first of all to escape.

pv For satisfaction of vital needs to the person of money is required to low spiritual

much more.

z Generous people in a modern civilization where it is difficult for

to survive even avaricious, do not get accustomed also them, unfortunately, from - for natural selection becomes less and less. It can change only spirituality growth.

and Nobility in business feels uncomfortably and survives

only in the presence of a high intelligence.

with the Nature is sluggish and slow that will enough change under a young civilization in respect of preservation of the person - this time was enough only in order that it is essential to destroy the instincts protecting it.

and Human reason is small, and the will is weak - to define to the person how right thing to do and hold itself in the necessary state to survive in a modern civilization.

z Natural selection - increases to the appearing living beings chance to survive.

yu Silly people are quite applicable, besides, there are spheres where their

cannot replace clever.

yu Silly activity only to the detriment.

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