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Traditions of our great ancestors should be protected. Zauri of Abuladze.

of Tradition of our great ancestors should be protected. Zauri of Abuladze. Zauri`s

of Abuladze considers that it is necessary to develop the strategic program which will consider all interests connected with the advantage, customs and richness of culture of all nations and the people of Russia. It is necessary to create such conditions in which each people will be able to be proud of the nationality. Also there will be no Russians as now when each nation feels small, offended, unworthy, oppressed, and, first of all.

Such movements and the directions promote revival and formation of Russia as the power, most authoritative in world, which will be able to return itself the dominating role on the political world scene. That policy which is conducted by the West led by the USA concerning Russia splits up its territory on a national sign that it is not admissible.

Antinational policy in Russia already more than 20 - ti is conducted years orderly and purposefully unknown structures, and so far we do not know what aims they pursue. Possibly, they are thought already over and calculated as many means and forces are spent for antinational policy. Probably, very serious experts developed this plan and want to destroy Russia by means of Russians. It is already realized, and its main weapon is an inflating of ethnic strife in Russia.

the Russian State since ancient times was historically formed of different nationalities. Since the most ancient times up to now the quantity of the nations increased, borders extended, the population became more and more, the large state was created, and to all nationalities in it it was cozy and amicable, even at the time of the Middle Ages. From the very first days formations of the state of Russia in 862 Rurik is the Varangian prince - gave advice to Oleg Veshchem following the prince that it is necessary to rally the different nations in Russia as lands was probably - is invisible. And he then understood that one nation is not able to be fixed on this huge earth. Time will come, and there will be a great number of persons interested to occupy this earth.

the Princess Olga Svyataya (year of board 945 - 966) promoted association of the different people in the territory of Russia much.

Ivan IV Grozny managed to unite all princes of Russia in the 16th century when was venchan on a kingdom as the first autocrat of Vsey of Russia. Even then in the 16th century all princes realized that it is necessary to unite, having recognized as the capital of Moscow. Ivan the Terrible managed to unite all principalities and subsequently finally to win Mongol - Tatars. Peter I made

much for expansion of territories of Russia and “opened a window“ to Europe, proclaimed Russia the Empire and became her first emperor.

at the time of the USSR territories of Russia constantly extended, the country became the powerful state and resisted to all world imperialism.

After reorganization the territory of Russia began to decrease as a result of infinite speculation. There is a decrease in number of the nations and the people. They not just decrease, and die out. The tragedy consists that this tendency promptly develops also within the last 8 - 10 years which can lead to a catastrophic situation. Zauri`s

of Abuladze considers that to patriots, officials and, first of all, deputies, irrespective of their national identity, it is necessary to unite and create the powerful state as it was made by our ancestors! That moment when we have to prove that we it is not worse than our ancestors came, and not for nothing they created this state and that did not go to waste work of great people of the Russian Land.

At various times encroached on the territory of Russia various conquerors and aggressors. Today especially there is a lot of these persons interested. It is visible on their activization at the Russian borders. Posyagateli on richness of our Earth took the root in Russia. They use international persecution to win against Russia.

That is why Zauri Abuladze considers that rapprochement of the nations is very important in order that Russia became the uniform state. Those politicians who consider in a different way have to understand that it is not admissible and will not bring to any results, and will make only temporary success with negative consequences.

Zauri of Abuladze