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How to make the chicken stuffed with giblets? The practician of the plastic surgeon of

U of those who once wanted to become a doctor - the surgeon or, as a last resort, the pathologist, but moved in business behind long ruble or in bathroom equipment (behind it), there is a simple and available opportunity to embody the long dream in reality.

In the light of this dream we need now “patient“ (for the unfortunate surgeon) who not very live (it is more for the unfortunate pathologist). Someone will tell that he is not necessary about it in culinary article. However we not everyone so vegetarians to refuse meat!

For preparation of the chicken stuffed with giblets we will need chicken and her giblets. Very logically sounds. The recipe is given to in man`s sequence actions. But also to hostesses we will not avoid the recommendation.

So, put before yourself a carcass of chicken. Undermine a knife. If you are a woman, are not able to do it, then drive from a sofa of the husband and stretch it a blade with a grinding stone. Make the mysterious person. Tell that you need the steel sting perfected to horror. Concretize: almost surgical scalpel is necessary. Because opening will be made. So far - not the husband. Here if he refuses to buy a mink fur coat again, then … But we will return to our dish.

Having received a scalpel - a knife, bring it over a carcass of chicken. Accurately. Skillfully following an anatomic structure of a body of a bird, make a small cut at a backbone. Further the scalpel (ground by a kitchen knife) you rassekit skin of bird`s “patient“ along all back and humanely as if turn a carcass inside out. That is skin “patient“ calm for a long time. Accurately be active a scalpel - a knife, separating skin from meat. The main thing - not to injure a skin of a bird! Also sentence as the sadist: “I from you a skin - that will lower! “ The rage will add savors to future dish.

After office of skin the perfected scalpel - the knife separates meat from bones - without remainder. You have to have naked bones, similar to a skeleton of an ancient mammoth or dinosaur. Bones yes edges. We throw out bones. Meat will go to future forcemeat . Now as pathologists we will pass to internal contents. Now giblets - heart, a liver, stomachs - are always on sale separately.

And here in Soviet period parents home brought us not gutted chickens with blue muzzles. This food differed in a poor look, but its taste after preparation was absolutely unusual! Now antibiotics all entirely yes chemistry of compound feeds, and let out a bird earlier on a grass that she there under the sun pecked sunflower seeds and grew.

But - that was long ago. And now just buy chicken giblets in mix heart + a liver + stomachs . Or buy everything separately gram on 200 each names.

Cut off from a piece of beef a makhonky piece, pure, without veins and films, grams on the 150th to weight, and boil it slightly. Do not pour out broth till! Beef of minutes 20 will boil, take out. Cut off a top crust from a white hlebushk, lower it in milk. Wring out, you think. Then everything that at us turned out (chicken meat, giblets, the boiled beef piece soaked in milk bread), put in the portions in the meat grinder. Our purpose - to receive forcemeat .

Prepare! You should work as the plastic surgeon soon, so to speak.

But it is necessary to be prepared for responsible operation. To wash hands, to get 1 egg. Salt. Pepper. To scoop about a ladle to broth from - under beef (it is possible to add for taste a cube there), and all this is egg, salt, pepper, broth - to mix with forcemeat. The so-called stuffing will turn out. It will also fill our future client - the chicken stuffed with giblets.

They say that the plastic surgery soon will become a shirokodostupny method of improvement of the appearance. Already now in some countries of the West practices to give on any anniversary the certificate on plastic surgery. For example, the girl eighteen years, and her not to liking a shape of her nose approach. Speaks, to a beak of a woodpecker it is similar. I do not want, speaks, the car as a gift, and I wish a new nose! Please! The advanced ancestors go on the website of clinic of plastic surgery and put in the section of sales “a new nose“ in a basket. Further - a trick. The appointment with the doctor is made. The operation price etc. makes a reservation. So it is very useful to be trained in plastic surgery.

And for this purpose we in our case take all turned-out forcemeat and we begin to fill skin of chicken, creating a cosmetic masterpiece. We fill a carcass new contents. We make cunning manipulations everything through the same section on a back. Something very bearing a faint resemblance will turn out to initial chicken, but nevertheless work volume.

And here we take in hand a needle with a thread and as we real surgeons, sew up with the place of surgery . Let the spouse or your girlfriend assist you as the nurse. The main thing - that throughout all operation “nurse“ kept full silence! That, I will agree, it is almost impossible. But you from the very beginning put the end over “and“: cooks - the surgeon not to distract! And that not that it is necessary, will cut and not there will sew up!

So, you filled our birdie forcemeat, sewed up, gave the form. Now puncture it several places that juice could follow from forcemeat on the pallet, and place “patient“ in previously warmed oven. Everything is almost made! You can safely go on a sofa and watch with beer football .

“Nurse“ (wife / girlfriend) can entrust only one. Let sits before an oven and when the boiling fat follows on the pallet, a spoon with the long handle scoops fragrant liquid and waters a carcass from above. Time in ten minutes is enough, but - it is necessary to irrigate a little body of “patient“ plentifully. It is necessary to fry about an hour, and it is better - for about one hour twenty, on moderate fire.

When the dish will be ready, we get down from a sofa, we finish drinking beer, we go on kitchen, we remove “nurse“ away, we take out a ready dish and we put in a pan. We take a plate of smaller diameter, than a pan on the lower internal edge. We put a plate the food party on a carcass. From above we put a baklazhka with water in one and a half liters or other freight. We wait when the bird stuffed with giblets rests in bed.

And only then is cut for portions . Someone will want to warm up a dish in a microwave or an oven, someone will prefer cold, what is even more tasty, as personally it seems to me.

I congratulate! Operation took place successfully! Now you are almost plastic surgeon.