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How to diversify the menu without excess expenses? We prepare with forcemeat

Having got the beloved husband and staying at home with two remarkable kids, I very quickly came to a conclusion that our menu has to be various.

In - the first, will not be pleasant to any man if every day to feed him same, in - the second, most bothers to prepare the same dishes daily too. In our life and it is so full of monotony which cannot be avoided, and there is a wish to have a rest from it. At least in kitchen where it is not so difficult to make it.

Full of enthusiasm, I plunged into studying of different recipe-books where the huge number of any interesting dishes was presented. But almost such ingredients which not so - that were simple to be found in the nearest shop were mentioned in each recipe, and to go behind products somewhere far I had no opportunity.

Then I just looked what products are most often combined with each other, and began to experiment a little. Also it turned out that it is possible to achieve a variety and without use of some unusual and expensive components.

Here for example: what can be prepared from forcemeat and macaroni?

Macaroni with cutlets

Well, it is absolutely simple. It is possible even to explain nothing. Will be able to boil macaroni and to fry cutlets, probably, each hostess. Macaroni for this purpose will approach any, their form has no value.

Macaroni on - naval

I Think that all of us know this dish. It does not demand either special efforts, or time expenses. You fry forcemeat with vegetables, you mix with already cooked macaroni and you extinguish all this a little. For this dish it is more convenient to use horns into which forcemeat can be hammered, or filched.

of Spaghetti with sauce a bolognese

From the name is already clear that here spaghetti are necessary.

Preparation of sauce will require forcemeat, onions, carrots, paprika and tomato paste. It is possible to add some garlic or mushrooms.

The fried vegetables mix up with forcemeat, 5 - 7 more minutes are fried, then tomato paste is added, and all this is extinguished minutes 20 - 25. In order that sauce was better absorbed in macaroni, they do not need to be washed out.

Baked pudding in Italian

In the greased form for roasting give all the best crude macaroni, the layer of the fried forcemeat from above gives all the best, all this is filled in with water with seasonings, from above falls down grated cheese and is baked in an oven of minutes 30 - 40. The less there will be by the sizes macaroni, the baked pudding which better turned out will hold a form. For 4 portions are necessary: 1 pack of macaroni, 300 - 350 of forcemeat, 800 ml of water and 150 - 200 of cheese.

With forcemeat it is possible to prepare not only macaroni.

It is possible to make the same cutlets which are well combined both with buckwheat, and with boiled potato, both with fried, and with mashed potatoes.

Excellent baked pudding can be prepared from forcemeat with potatoes. in Italian it differs From baked pudding in the fact that forcemeat should not be fried: both potatoes and forcemeat can be spread in several layers, and all this is filled not in 800 ml of water, but 400 ml of milk.

Having added rice to forcemeat, it is possible to prepare remarkable hedgehogs . There are several options of their preparation. I will describe the most favourite.

To wet for 10 minutes 1,5 glasses of rice in hot water. To mix polished carrots and small cut onions with forcemeat, to add there rice, to salt, pepper and to mix properly. To mix 3 - 4 tablespoons of sour cream from 400 ml of cold water and seasonings to taste. It is possible to use tomato paste instead of sour cream. To lay out hedgehogs on the greased frying pan with a high side and to fill in them with the received sauce. To extinguish it 45 - 50 minutes under a cover.

As you can see, with forcemeat it is possible to prepare a set of the most various dishes. It is possible to replace ground beef on house or on chicken, and then these dishes will become even more.

And if to approach process of cooking with the imagination, then it will be very easy to diversify the menu of the family. Remember that even if you slightly change a set of ingredients in some dish, already habitual for you, something will turn out already a little another.

So safely arm with imagination and go to kitchen to submit boundless culinary open spaces!