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Religious literature does not need to be perceived as the annalistic documents narrating about some events. Books of the Old Testament are written for those who live on these sources of knowledge and build the life as there it is recommended. The myth should and be perceived “mythically“ i.e. to live in it as there lived in the Mysteries Ancient Greeks. Which as Herodotus often reports used services of gadatel (Pify).

Herodotus in the history tells us: “Having arrived to Delphi, lidiyets executed an assignment. And Pifiya as transfer, gave them here what answer: “Predetermined by Rock even god cannot avoid“. The guessing science, is quite difficult subject for studying which difficult gives in to practical application as at the same time it is necessary to remember hundreds of various mathematical calculations and combinations. Therefore all messages Pify translated according to special books.

Such book is also the Bible on which pages throughout centuries attendants of different religions get the knowledge interpreting the events which are taking place in the world. Therefore for obtaining the required information it is not necessary to go to Tibet, to climb on the highest mountain and sitting there in meditation in a pose of a lotus to comprehend secrets of the universe. It is enough to open the Bible and to read it in the clear native language adapted in that social environment in which we are. The bible is a textbook of life, as well as the Koran and the Torah and other religious sources of knowledge.

The keeper of such knowledge at us shows the Patriarch. Ancient Greeks it had Iyerofant, - the senior lifelong priest at Elevsinsky sacraments. The Iyerofant presided over all celebrations of Demetra, devoted in Big and Small mysteries and together with the second Supreme priest - dadukhy, during festivals sang a laudatory song to Demetra and Persefona. In the Roman time Greeks named Iyerofant the Supreme high priest (pon tifex maximus).

The main document of history of the ancient people, for many researchers the Bible which narrates in a chronological order a tide of life on Earth after Creation of the World is. And several generations of researchers which studying materials of religious treatises came to a conclusion that religious doctrines of Christianity are wrong, became outdated, are perverted, are not correctly interpreted.

For receiving necessary knowledge these scientists are ready to rise to heads of religious faiths and “shaking for breasts“ to ask that they told all secrets which contain in religious literature. The bible needs to be comprehended living in it as demand it the Mystery in order that the picture of world around was clear and corresponded to that contents which this book gives.

The author of this article (studying “integrated yoga“), several times talked to the priest about esoterics and ekstrasensorny abilities of the person, having received in reply sympathy and the offer, - to rake over the coals and to read the book of the priest Kiprian of the helping from demons and other evil spirits. Sacrament and belief, main directions of any religion.

I am grateful to all priests who kept the doctrine in that look in which it was created, separately allocating all heresies, for two thousand years. Because any letter, or the comma brought in the doctrine after it was written how the virus will destroy all information which was put in the religious doctrine by his founders.

In many mysteries it is said that the person has to return there from where came. Its trajectory is closed, it makes a circle. They say that the person during the way makes a cycle. The first quarter of the way, the cycle, people enters matter more and more densely. During this period (a quarter of a circle) of a karma is not present as the person makes acts unconsciously (or almost unconsciously) and cannot be responsible for the acts by and large.

1. Generation of patriarchs = 10 people;

2. Generation of patriarchs = 10 people;

3. Generation of patriarchs = 4 persons;

4. 12 knees Israel.

So, is available 4 generations which in the sum furnish to us the clue for reading of the Bible.

The next moment of search, - definition of the most significant event from all set of the key points which are available in the Bible. It, - the victim and everything that is connected with it.

In the history of Christianity was sacrificed to God the living person. This is the daughter of the judge Iyeffaya whom he on an altar sacrificed to God in 2976 from S. M

Verifying similar data on sacrifices and Enoch`s rises, Isaak, Eli, Jesus Christ. We receive several results and we find probable option where in 300 years prior to the victim of the daughter Iyeffaya Bog took in the victim of firstborns of Egypt at Moisey`s outcome. And after the daughter Iyeffaya in 300 years Eli`s prophet was uplifted.

Thus the next time period in 300 years which in combination with the 12th summer cycle gives us required size - 3600 years is defined.

3600 - m year, with destruction of Jerusalem, is finished the first cycle of “algorithm of spirit“ as we called it. And then the new way of the Jewish people to New Jerusalem began.

2) Opposite on the revealed cycle from creation of the world year, - 1800 - y. This time which is brought closer to the birth of the fifth son Sima Ragava also displays a half of the second list of patriarchs. Interest can make a divergence in both parties here symmetry of the second order where two events, polar on the sense, are specularly reflected: A flood, - extermination of all live on the earth; and Abraham`s birth of the primogenitor of the Israeli people. The approximate cycle of these events is equal to 144 years.

And further we define some key events and the dates specified in the Bible:

- the Birth and Enoch`s rise 628 - 993 - 365 years.

- Enoch`s Rise and rise Eli 993 - 3276 = 2283.

- Rise Eli and Jesus Christ`s rise 3276 - 5541=2265 years.

- Enoch`s Rise and Jesus`s rise 993 - 5541=4515 years.

- Rise Eli and the birth of John the Baptist which Jesus Christ named Iliya 3276 - 5507=2231. Here correlation rigid and obvious number which will be shown it 2222. We already have this number in earlier described calculations with patriarchs. It is also a key of “algorithm of spirit“ in calculations of a temporality where R. H. falls on the 5508th year. Oncoming traffic of numerical orders 2222 and 5555 gives the following system construction 1234321.

It is system, the six-pointed cross is a symbol of this system which reflects a structure of s, p, d, f of orbits or 4 levels of the spiritual plan.

So, we have system in three levels with recurrence 3600 - 360 - 36 years. which

B the basic points defining separate cycles from S. M. Can serve:

Birth and Enoch`s rise of 628 - 993=365 years.

Enoch`s Rise and rise Eli 993 - 3276=2283 years.

Rise Eli and Jesus Christ`s rise of 3276 - 5541=2265

Rise Eli and John the Baptist`s birth of 3276 - 5507=2231

the Following step of logical construction for receiving and calculation of information necessary to us will be research of the temporary period since the beginning of the third cycle of patriarchs and formation of the Jewish people as uniform state:

Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaak was born. At the same time it was in way, and left with the father Farrah, after death which continued travel.

to Isaak was 60 years old when he gave birth to the son Jacob. Isaak lived 180 years.

Jacob lived 147 years from them 17 years in Egypt.

Jews lived In Egypt 430 years.

Total: 100+60+147 - 17+430=720 years

Thus since the birth of the patriarch before “birthday of the people“ the time cycle of 720 years is traced.

Above the presented calculations give the grounds for the statement that the Bible is a descriptive symbol of history of the Universe that actually is challenged by nobody. Though our calculations can not coincide with data of other researchers.