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Evgeny Ivanov. What are we obliged to the collector of “nifties“ by?

at the beginning of the last century in the Top malls of Moscow (nowadays it is GUM) when there was a brisk trade in different goods, it was possible to hear different jokes and to become any witness of eccentricities. Sellers, “tightening“ buyers in the shop, sported before each other conversation art.

One shouted: “We have all without deception, material all flawless …“ Another “invited“, interrupting the neighbor, cried out: “Shoe-polish, lipstick and spirits “Lilac“ - directly from a garden“ .

Sellers knew each and all all the buyers, and therefore did not hesitate on jokes, teasers and nicknames. But once you only appeared in “ranks“ to the man of means, right there chatterers as if having agreed, is louder than usual began to praise highly the goods.

From everywhere rushed: “A coat whether it is necessary on fur eider …“, “Come also recommend to acquaintances“, “Bought, so do not detain the others!“ etc.

In each district, Wednesday, a profession peculiar only to them. “Dictionary“ of the simple people was bright, colourful and well-aimed. The writer, the specialist in folklore and the ethnographer Evgeny Ivanov (1884-1967) for many years collected “sharp“ words and expressions of citizens - beggars, dealers, buffoons, employees, officials etc. Evgeny Platonovich was born

in Nizhny Novgorod, in a family of the notary. Having ended a gymnasium, Evgeny decided to go in the footsteps of the father. But life of the small employee did not suit it. It was boring and uninteresting. Rescued reading books. Evgeny liked to read since the childhood. And still he thought out different sketches and with success played them before relatives and friends. Began to write stories which were naive and expressionless, but parents approved hobby of the son. “The direction to my young feather, - Ivanov remembered later, - Apollinariya Suslova who was a cousin of my mother gave“.

In 1910 Ivanov` family moved to Moscow where life raged. Those years revolutionary trends were felt in everything. 26 - summer Ivanov sought to be in time everything and everywhere to keep up. He visited theaters, poetic evenings and literary salons, met the famous writers and poets. And wrote with evenings comedies and dramas, verses and critiques on new theatrical performances. Having undertaken the edition of the Theatre in Caricatures magazine, Evgeny made the program of updating of theater, urging directors to become realists and to reflect the real life.

Energy as Ivanov`s contemporaries wrote, burst forth at him. It “collected“ several years an album in which actors, artists and writers left the autographs. As a rule, all of them, except the autograph, entered the jokes, wishes, verses and sayings in an album. “To decorate“ an album, Ivanov placed on his free pages culinary recipes, labels from bottles, pins and buttons, feathers from ladies` hats, Christmas-tree decorations that visually characterizes household life of that time.

Ivanov began to write to a hard time. It was the time of rapid development in literature of different currents. Here what he wrote about it: “… Arts of various grades - that word without feeling, feeling without words …“ But the play and Evgeny Platonovich “Waltz“, “Gold“, “Dreams“, “Pictures of mobilization“, as well as stories propagate, are subject to various literary influences.

The writer was always searching. It constantly opened for itself(himself) all new kinds of activity. With not smaller hobby Ivanov created film scripts, acted in at film. For several years at the Russian labor union of actors of a scene and the arena it directed representations under the name “Balaganchik of Arts“. Unexpectedly for others, but not for himself, Evgeny Platonovich entered the Moscow institute of archeology. Studying of the Russian old times - one more his passion.

Ivanov was one of initiators of creation scientifically - ethnographic theater in Moscow for which wrote tens of scenarios subsequently. The poet and journalist R. Mendelevich devoted to Evgeny such lines: “… The ethnographer since the childhood laborious, the collector sharp he mots, to poets - the brother fussy, to actors - the devoted father …“

Ivanov`s Apartment in the Tverskaya, in the house 28 where he lived more than half a century, represented the museum. Here it was possible to see ancient books, icons, a set of various musical instruments, and also samples of women`s sundresses, kokoshniks, scarfs. Studying national crafts, Evgeny Platonovich, as a rule, made books - the albums telling about this or that type of production. But, unfortunately, in the years of World War II the part of manuscripts of the author about national crafts was lost.

But, perhaps, Ivanov devoted most of all time to collecting material for creation of the book about “word“. He liked to walk round streets of Moscow in free time, to sit in a tavern, to glance on the market, to wander along malls. The writer “listened“, got accustomed, got into conversation with the person interesting him. And right there imperceptibly left short records which called “motley“ in the notebook.

Ivanov was also in book-stores where sellers carried on the slow talk among themselves and with buyers: “You what, you love the book or money more? And you pay …“, “Well and the buyer - money is not present, and a nose on regiments “rummages“, “… Are filled up with dictionaries above brains …“, “Shaved, here and thinks that from it he became cleverer“. the author found

any curious words In the speech of hairdressers, tailors, bathhouse attendants, shoemakers, trade “barkers“. It was attracted by an exact epithet, the bright characteristic of the person, some pun. For example, “Yes I a dusty bag of bits …“, “As without abuse? Abuse how to smoke …“, “… A suit on “obmyzhka“, here also carry it skipping“, “… Squirrels, rabbits, hens and … other songbird“. Work on the book about “word“ which it conducted for many years Evgeny Platonovich finished

in 1932. Of course, the author dreamed of the edition of the book. But time changed. The country of Councils actively mastered new terminology where there was no place to “words“ from the bourgeois past. However and much later disputes among experts around informal conversation did not cease. Many were inclined to consider such speech as material “secondary“.

And only in 1982, in 15 years after Evgeny Ivanov`s death, the writer Alexander Chudakov systematized the manuscript of the author and published the book “Choice Moscow Word“ which did not lose interest for us and today.

It is thought that the name of the jealous collector and keeper of the Russian word Evgeny Ivanov will not be erased from memory of descendants.