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Yury Norstein about the friend...

of Memory of Robert Saakyants. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friends and relatives called

it Rob, this powerful sound contained in itself its shape. Huge, beautiful as if descended from a fresco, he could be the hero of ancient Armenian chants. I looked in his face and time disappeared.

having For the first time seen Robert with Lyulya at us at doll studio, was surprised to beauty both (I remember his favourite Dovlatov: “And where they find each other?.“). We did not need to speak, it became in a few minutes clear that we knew each other always. But I then could not present

yet that it it is so mad is fruitful. My imagination never contained made of Times I with some mistrust listened to his stories about its workdays as it is impossible to believe what made Robert is made one hand. The number of action on square centimeter surpassed any imagination. In my opinion, he experienced difficulty only in one - what to refuse. It anywhere never figuryal ability to draw. Made stuns. Its strength of the personality is big. He came to the Armenian animation and turned everything upside down as if winnowed mountain air, and then put into place. He was incredibly clever

, talked impressively, the person showed continuation of thought. Kept back supplemented eyes. Idolized Khitruk as the Orleans Maiden of a dauphin. At the same time in polemic with Khitruk it was ruthless. Loved the Armenian culture, but without conceit and not to the detriment of other cultures. When told how in Azerbaijan shattered hachkara and paved them the road, I do not know what was more in his face - anger concerning wildness or pity to boundless ignorance of authors of this barbarity.

In general the personality differs in breadth of views and attention to thought of the interlocutor. Conducting public political conversations, it was critical in relation to the fellows. Spoke to me: “Yur, you understand, I thought, I will be killed for my words. I sit down in a taxi, and the driver thanks for frankness on TV the day before“. It was fearless that ardency when the belief in the freedom breaks temptations to be pleasant all.

In art it is necessary to be courageous. Without this enzyme hardly you will venture an unknown act. Therefore to watch Saakyants`s movies there was happiness. How it is possible to characterize its work? Perhaps, only this way - serious, mad sense of humour.

He lived under the laws, was free from conventions, but observed those necessary public ethics which are not fastened with any contracts or laws, only a system of soul and continuous knowledge. The family, his Lyulya was the house. Children, then grandsons were the house. It towered among the family, among studio, colleagues - so in drawing of children the main being, the others of the smaller size is noted. Always it seemed to me that his family and people around to it on a belt though Lyulya was a match for it. It towered in the bosom of the family. Nobody noted is indicative his authority. And still invisible lines reached for it. It was the HOUSE. It built the House. And everything entered this concept what his greedy eye stretched to. Whether there will be it game in the abrek rescuing poor lyud from injustice or game in soccer or in animation. One without another did not exist. It was a stone in a dome of the House which it built many decades. It it is indulgent as any well-mannered strong person, smiling, accepted praises. I represented it through many all the time - many years, the noble old man sitting together with Lyulya among the uncountable family of relatives not only by birth but also on spirit. All his colleagues and friends were to it relatives. For certain Robert Saakyants`s award will be in the future founded and the one who is cheerful and fearless who ventured an act who through art entered dialogue with Rob will become her owner. And it, having rolled out the ox-eye, with surprise and a smile will look from a portrait at the impudent person - as he dared? and to rejoice that dared!

My dear Robert, I is grateful to you for friendship, for our talk, intonation, for our meetings, for the fact that you once acquainted me with “The book of grief“ of Grigor Narekatsi and with incredibly radiant person Levon Mkrtchyan, absolutely rare literary critic, the translator who opened to the world a name of Grigor Narekatsi. now I hold

I in hand “The book of grief“ and involuntarily I hear your voice. And I am not abandoned by feeling that you somewhere in the distance sit and work. You always addressed me “Yur“ …

your Yur Norstein.

26. 09. 2009.