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David Ashotovich Sargsyan is the legendary director State scientifically - the research museum of architecture of A. V. Shchusev.

David Ashotovich Sargsyan (on September 23, 1947, Yerevan - on January 7, 2010, Munich) - the Russian physiologist, the film documentary film maker, the art critic, the curator, the director State scientifically - the research museum of architecture of A. V. Shchusev.

Graduated from biological faculty of MSU majoring in “human physiology“. Candidate of Biology, worked more than ten years in the All-Russian scientific center on safety of biologically active agents. Developed a new preparation amiridin , applied to treatment of Alzheimer`s disease.

From the middle of 1980 - x the Mosfilm worked as the second director at studio, the film critic in the newspaper the Russian thought (newspaper) and in the magazine Film scripts (magazine), then - the author and the director of TV programs and documentaries in the company the World Russian Television. Participated in creation more than 20 documentaries.

Since January 1, 2000 worked as the director State scientifically - the research museum of architecture of A. V. Shchusev.

Was one of founders of the Nashchokin`s House gallery, supervised an exhibition “Moscow - Berlin. 1950 − 2000. Architecture“ and the Russian exposition “Two theaters“ on the Venice Biennial.

Proved as the active defender of architectural historical heritage: opposed reorganization of historical places of Moscow, demolition of hotel Moscow, reconstruction dvortsovo - park ensemble Tsaritsyno, constructions Okhta - the center in St. Petersburg, manifestations of Luzhkov`s style in architecture of Moscow.


From the website “David`s Friends“

“There passed year from the date of David Sargsyan`s death, the legendary director of the Museum of architecture in Moscow. We, his friends, would like to hold in remembrance it. To us it is important that everything that he made for architecture and for us did not go to waste.

This website was created that David`s heritage became available to everyone to whom the destiny of the Russian architecture that each of you had an opportunity to come into its office, to get acquainted with his family and his friends, to watch the movie is not indifferent, about it to see video the installation shown on the Biennial in Venice and then in “Ruin“ of the Museum to architecture in Moscow, to get acquainted with the project of creation of the book, work on a monument, and also with all other projects on which we work...

Evgeny Ass, architect, artist and exhibition designer. In 2004 - 2006 - the artistic director of the Russian pavilion on the architecture Biennial in Venice.

Yury Avvakumov, architect, artist, curator. Supervised the David`s Office exhibition in Zenobio`s (Venice) Palace and Moire (Moscow) in 2010.

Yury Grigoryan, architect. The member of the union of the Moscow architects since 1994. Teacher of MARKHA with 2006

Tina Bauermayster: Schmidt & Paetzel Fernsehfilme, project manager, curator, screenwriter and author of transfers (cinema, television, radio).

Alexander Brodsky, architect, artist, professor of the International Academy of architecture. Natalia Dushkina, historian of architecture and town planning, specialist in protection of heritage, theory of preservation. The winner of an award of Alexey Komecha “For a socially significant civic stand in protection and preservation of cultural heritage of Russia“, 2008.

Elena Gonsalez, director of special drafts of the Russia Project magazine, architectural critic. Coordinator of the Second Moscow international Biennial (2008).

Irina Korobyina, the director of GNIMA of A. V. Shchusev, the director of Ts:SA, the full member of the Moscow office of the International Academy of Architecture.

Clementina Cecile, one of founders, together with Kevin O`Flinn and Guy Archer, societies of protection of architecture of MAPS (The Moscow Architecture Preservation Society).

Vladimir Paperny, designer, culturologist, historian of architecture, columnist of the Snob magazine.

Maria Tsantsanoglu, the director of the State Museum of Modern Art - Kostaki`s collection in Thessaloniki, the historian of art, the writer, the expert in the Russian culture of the 20th century.

Lyubov Shaks, teleproducer, gallery owner, curator. The Moscow news, in NTV Broadcasting Company, TV company Teleproyekt, in gallery Roza Azora, in the Snob project worked in the newspaper.