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How it is good to have a rest? That to the tourist it is available today, and Turkey let will wait!

“Approach summer, and there is no Turkey all …“ All acquaintances there already were? It is a little more money, and already here - here...

How many still residents of immense Russia - mothers are not able to afford solar beaches of the earth Turkish … And whether it is necessary, this Turkey? But summer months surely have to present us light memoirs for long winter!

We will look for an exit. One of options - holiday outdoors in a native storonka, but by all means comfortable, with all conveniences! Here to you action plan.

The first condition of successful holiday - it is obligatory to leave the city. From dust, the warmed concrete and asphalt, on air, to water and the sun! Means, it is necessary to resolve a transport issue, it is time. The car or a car of the best friends - the main thing that transport was ready to travel. And other we will leave bicycles, baizes for more extreme rest. About it - another time. About Turkey everything is fans with comfort dream to have a rest.

The second condition of successful holiday - to provide itself with the various benefits of a civilization. We resolve an equipment issue, these are two. Of course, everything depends on your cash. For this reason it is better to think of equipment in advance. Reflected? Do not long! At you everything will turn out. For now I tell you a small story.

I got positive experience of a comfortable outdoor recreation in the childhood. Several married couples with children left on the nature. Our parents, being ordinary Soviet engineers with an ordinary engineering salary, resolved for themselves an equipment issue in the interesting way.

On the next birthday of each member of our amicable team they gave any subject for rest. So for several years each family acquired tent, a folding table with stools, kettles, air mattresses and boats. On a folding little table at our family the cheerful inscription “Good Table - a Good Chair!“ still flaunts. We had even a hammock and the smoking shed for fish.

But the biggest pride of my father the bath was! He created it as fishing tent. On the framework collected from separate metal links the tarpaulin tent stretched. Hours for five before the big boulder which was warmed by means of a fire, and here over it was searched ashore, already well heated-up stone and the bath stretched. Dry there will be a sweating room or not, participants of action defined. Having steamed out in a bath, with running start jumped in a nearby reservoir.

Who was happier from it, children or adults - still it is necessary to think! The neighbors in rest who settled down nearby were provided with entertainment for all evening, listening to our squeal and examining running to and fro (the lake - a bath - the lake) children and adults. And what drivings on air mattresses and boats were! Oh, light vospominy childhood!

One strongly irritated in that rest - flies, and in the evening (oh, horror!) mosquitoes. And what inexpressible pleasure for me was the husband`s gift before the next trip on the nature already now - a tent with a mosquito grid! The last irritating factor of natural rest was eliminated.

Of course, in a tent I equipped kitchen. A little table, stools, a grocery basket - everything is closed from invasion of winged insects. And in the evening by the light of a lamp it is possible to drink tea and not to be afraid of hum of krovopivets.

But there was and here a cheerful case when nevertheless it was succeeded to take my unapproachable fortress to one being. One night the cookies left on a table were eaten, and a row left mouse traces of crime. The mouse - it will make the way everywhere.

As soon as the question of food on vacation came, I remembered at once one more remarkable thing which became available to all tourists now. A tile with a gas spray. One barrel will last for several days. Fry, cook food what to you will want, heat a teapot how many want! To you long kindling of a fire, continuous tossing of the firewood and any of the dirty, smoked kettles.

Of course, you will make fire an evening, but only for romanticism and songs to the guitar. You will look at the sparks flying to the sky, to make new plans for life and to think how to you it is good and carefree now.

Notice that here not all list of the pieces of equipment available to tourists is described today and allowing to make your holiday it is more pleasant. How many still and useful your car can contain all interesting if intelligently all in it to arrange! Do sports some shopping and choose to yourself everything that you will wish.

I finished you on an outdoor recreation? If yes, that the most pleasant pastime to you in the summer! And if it wants to pass in interesting places of our country, then I promise to tell you about them soon.