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How to distinguish the bitch?

about bitches are not written Today only by lazy: “As the bitch wins the man“ “As the bitch grows rich“ etc. On the Internet to services of sufferers the whole websites on the subject “stervozovedeniye“. For someone the bitch - the spiteful chief - the careerist, for someone - a stunning busty doll, it seems to someone in the form of the magnificent mistress - the equestrian.

Why the image of the bitch is so demanded today? Because it is an embodiment of success in life. The bitch always tries to obtain the! Remember in what situations we most often mention her name in vain. “There is a bitch!“ - that is deceived, threw, cheated as last “suckers“. “Well, and bitch!“ - for example, took away the husband at the best friend. “Eyes my it, the bitch damned, did not see any more!“ - type, pomatrosit and threw, left on beans and t. . In other words, the bitch twists people as wants: she is able to manipulate successfully them (relatives, neighbors, fellow workers etc.) .

Oil to fire is added by information that oncological diseases meet at the people who are not able to say “No more often!“ to foreign desires and requirements. They prefer to suppress the interests to please to other people - the chief, the mother-in-law, the child etc. In case of any stressful situation of people cannot even express as he suffers (it is not accustomed - always hands on seams). Taste to life vanishes, protective forces of an organism become thinner, there is a change of hormonal balance. What, in turn, can quite lead to production of atypical cages.

Experts give following “black list“ of psychological carcinogens: complaisance, a depression, feeling of helplessness, inability to openly express hostile feelings, self-sacrifice. And now tell what woman, by the nature inclined to a compromise, will not find in herself the majority of these qualities? Of course, only bitch.

Frankly speaking, the real bitch - a big rarity. Most of shitty ladies only seem such: usually they are simply not satisfied with the private life (at heart each of them hopes to meet “prynets“). That is gradually the woman all the same waits for the person to whom she with pleasure would submit... The bitch not from their number! She accurately knows what she wants to achieve in life, and like the main character of N. Chernyshevsky: “For what is not necessary for me - I will not offer anything, - not only myself, even I will not offer the slightest whim“.

The real bitch is not visible to an eye: its mask usually disappears behind a mask of the lovely and charming woman (the nice fellow of the company, an innocent lamb etc.) . The true manipulation represents secret use of needs of the person for someone`s interests. - secret! That is the object of manipulation does not know that it is pushed to certain actions, otherwise all game will come to nothing. Even such woman does not advertize the analytical mind for the time being. In the sexual relations too everything counts: “attracts the man, playing on the charm, and holds near itself, playing on its defects“ (S. Maugham).

As the good actress, the bitch is able is unsurpassed to lie. From there is council: listening how she managed to deceive easily someone, understand that this bowl does not pass you too. Involuntarily there is a question: “From where such bitches undertake!“ The answer arises by itself: “From the childhood, certainly“. Because it is impossible to lie remorselessly to learn in 20 (30, 40 and further) years.

It is known that the child with enviable constancy lies only in two cases: when he is afraid of punishment and when it is boring for it to live. The last can be carried to number of “visionaries“ (by means of fiction they though somehow embellish the life) safely. “Bitch“, as a rule, is from the first population. Most likely, once in far - the far childhood someone from adults persistently got in the way of the little egoist. Neither entreaty, nor a hysterics, nor good behavior could shift this “a human stone“ from its way. It was necessary - to bypass one an obstacle. So the children`s egocentrism learned to maneuvre between strangers it “is impossible“! Likely, them was too much on one children`s soul …

I have One such acquaintance, - very lovely, charming woman, successful mother of family. By the way, contrary to wrong opinion, the woman - the manipulator seldom when happens angry and aggressive (she always receives that she wants). On the contrary, ostentatious kindness is characteristic of it. She understood long ago that it is favorable to create good: skillfully enclosed kind acts, finally, always pay off. The bitch knows that people remember small favors, try to fulfill - averages, and are always ungrateful for large.

And finally. As practice shows, bitches usually live long and happily. Perhaps and not so happily, as it seems to us. Because all the time are in tension: “And suddenly something will go not so?“ And the small fish will break from a hook...