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Series “Pacific Ocean“. Why Spielberg and Hanks`s large-scale creation is not recommended to be looked to children and women?

Joint creation of the well-known Hollywood figures of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg - the “Pacific Ocean“ - seemed to me too dark.

Imagine the southern black night. Its silence and darkness are penetrated by millions of glowworms.

In the “Pacific Ocean“ everything is much more tragic. Though picture approximately the same: in outer darkness there is a continuous firing, thin long snakes threads of tracers pulse, - it is difficult to understand some infinite explosions and who at whom shoots.

Characters use foul language, but it, I consider, the movie does not spoil. It is really shown that war is a war, anywhere, and broken off on pieces of bodies of soldiers cannot cause sweet poetics in the narration. Yes, I think, Spielberg not just like that insisted on limit naturalism when shootings. The restless marine twirls by a huge knife with what go to a bear not less in a mouth of the killed Japanese as though unscrews a screw, and as a result gets gold tooth.

And what, three tens dollars for those times - very considerable money. Rigid realities of war: the winner receives everything. Including teeth of prostrate. Even departure of natural needs on twenty times in the course of the day in view of a disease of dysentery - all this the part of war especially actual in the damp jungle.

Absolutely unnatural number of the Japanese soldiers who are destroyed by only several gallant American marines is evident in a picture, of course. The machine gun works continuously, and Japanese fall not just through one, and fall the knocked-down packs, in tens, in hundreds etc. It seemed to me, as war - that already has to stop because Japan army just did not have!

But, as usual in similar patriotic movies, the enemy materializes in never-ending quantities nearly from trees of the jungle. Losses of Americans in comparison with the enemy - are ridiculous. For the patriotic movie similar approach to a ratio of the killed enemies and the fighters is justified, but nevertheless in the “Pacific Ocean“ with this business obvious search. It distorts real perception the viewer of events of those of years. However, similar distortion is peculiar to the American cinema of military subject and Russian - not an exception. The cinema carries out the social order of society too.

But here that Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks managed to show really well is a nasty thing of war by eyes of the ordinary private. And authors made it without pathos, without prekras as if the photocopy was removed from the real military picture. Not without reason the series are based on real documentary sources with display of cards of military operations and the directions of blows of the American troops in fights with militaristic Japan in World War II.

From so naked frankness of the movie sometimes goosebumps an easy wave run on a body. The blood ordinary - the main art drawing of “Pacific Ocean“. This film language is not peculiar to Spielberg, but Stephen succeeded also here, will tell nothing.

To children I categorically did not recommend to watch the “Pacific Ocean“. To women - too. This rigid realistic men`s cinema, for fans of the present military drama. Sadism impregnations are observed, and this circumstance should be considered.

And here the movie will be interesting to those who is fond of history of the most different small arms. In the “Pacific Ocean“ the viewer will see the whole kaleidoscope of means of murder of people. I admit, it is curious to watch it in the movie, Spielberg tried to recreate precisely in a picture the weapon 40 - x years of the last century.

The successful decision of authors of this serial film I would call that not all time of the narration is taken by the battle scenes covered with blood. Sometimes we are told about small soldier`s weaknesses, about childishness in souls of recruits which actually still real boys! The love line of one of the main characters in Australia, for example, lays down on movie fabric exactly, a stitch to a stitch, without spoiling general impression at all. For the viewer so necessary lateral courses of absolutely peaceful life do the movie more human.

Yes, there is no actor`s person from among “superstar“ in the “Pacific Ocean“. All leading roles are played by not really famous children from an actor`s brotherhood. They coped, but nevertheless it would be more interesting to invite - let and to a certain supporting role - some surname, known in Hollywood. Especially as the budget in 120 million dollars and names of creators - Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks - it allowed! And, considering patriotic subject of “Pacific Ocean“ and its historicity, authors would hardly be refused at old residents Hollywood. The status of “star“ would just give to the movie of that stardom as to luxurious hotel on the Adriatic coast. But Spielberg and Hanks decided to do without recognizable persons. On me, so it is not really right course.

About negative. What unpleasantly pricked, so to speak, an eye in the movie “Pacific Ocean“ - negligence of authors to the opponent. Japanese a series behind a series all some faceless and not especially clever martinets. Gun meat for the American shooters. The feeling of Japanese as cumulative gray weight remains in memory after viewing of “Pacific Ocean“.

I believe that creators of a picture should present the enemy more validly. To give it though some human lines. The movie would only benefit from it, but a propaganda skating rink on ears and the heads of the audience still nobody cancelled …

A here American marines - other business. The “Pacific Ocean“ without retouching shows how the mentality and even appearance of the person in the conditions of uncompromising war changes. As soldiers go crazy, shoot to themselves at a mouth as at the healthy man from troubles the urine incontience as the “green“ recruit even opens dreams of that he was killed somewhat quicker if only not to contemplate horrors of real war.

It is good that authors invited little-known, in comparison with Hollywood “stars“, the actor John Sed to a leading role of the marine John Besilon. Not the superman - the muscleman, not the master of oriental martial arts, not the superperson. I think, such they also were, those marines that died in the jungle in fights with Japanese. Died not only in fights. From diseases, from melancholy, with despair, from stings of insects, from accidents.

In general spilbergovsky scale is peculiar to the serial film “Pacific Ocean“. Episodes of storm of islands by Americans when attack goes from water (the ships of marines), from the earth (infantry), from air (aircraft) on the Japanese positions creates as if three-dimensional model of the image. Though, of course, the “Pacific Ocean“ - not that movie which should be transformed to the 3D format. Though I am sure that in this case the “Pacific Ocean“ places would be magnificent.

An assessment of purposefully man`s fighting saga “Pacific Ocean“ - 8 of 10.

But with the reservation: I do not recommend to watch to children and women this work.