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When the tolerance is necessary and what cannot be suffered?

Tolerance - one of the best human qualities before which it is worth kneeling down.

It is necessary to teach tolerance of children since the birth. Especially it concerns families where several children grow. Here everyone tries to pull a blanket on himself. In blood at the person fight for a place in the sun even in the family circle - what it concerned: from toys to the best piece of pie or the television panel.

It is known that at the child in a family the behavior model which will be projected then on his relations with other people in life is developed. In other words, as to it parents will allow to bring up “themselves“, such person will leave in society. He will not be taught at school or at institute to show tolerance if house it does not absorb in itself(himself) communication elements in confrontation.

The tolerance can be expressed as acceptance note of the facts, events, opinions which do not coincide with internal beliefs. This quiet relation to the events, without emotions. When we show tolerance, we take a position of the detached onlooker in relation to what is created around us.

For example, someone squeezes without turn. To it shout: “AA... where got, turn here - what, you do not see?“ - also send after curses. The tolerant person will just keep silent. Though in thoughts will also fly: “Ouch - I - ouch, as badly... yes you never know, maybe, the person hurries“. It is only a special case.

In society pretty often it is necessary to show tolerance because ignorance meets continually. “Ignorance is a stumbling block about which constantly you stumble“. Rough people can be met anywhere: on the street, at work, in public transport and other places. Manifestation of lack of culture was, is and, probably, will be.

Why so? Everywhere: in gardens, schools, institutes - around speak about morals and morality, strive for good. The reason that the centers of ignorance arise then, there, in my opinion, is covered that the act always influences consciousness stronger, than the told word! In that case, if the “good“ word of the authority disperses from its “bad“ business, then the effect will render the last on “observer“ - business. Because it is easier for human consciousness to copy behavior model on an act, than to coordinate own actions with a verbal moral.

The tolerance is connected with an opportunity to control itself, ability to show a neutrality, with condescension to others, all have shortcomings. It is possible to talk endlessly that the tolerance is a worthy ability to own one of ethical components. What measure of tolerance? In everything it is necessary to know when to stop, otherwise it is possible to pass into an extreme that will surely turn back badly.

The tolerance measure in relation to the picture of the world noticed at many subjects is equal to infinity. For example, it concerns religious dogmas, a manner of social behavior of big groups of people. It in case it is about the relations like “subject - big group“.

It is necessary to stock up with infinite tolerance if suddenly incidentally met ignoramuses. It is possible to run into roughness unexpectedly for itself. Difficult, of course, at obvious rudeness to restrain. In the head the thought has to dominate: “Be higher than all this“. To go down to the level of the rude fellows who incidentally occurred in the path?! No way!

And all - there are life situations in which the tolerance is harmful, simply life-threatening, can lead to irreversible consequences for those who show tolerance. It concerns aspect of behavior, but not a conceptual position of people.

So, roughness which is shown by family members has to be stopped immediately, otherwise it will gain educational character - say, and it is necessary. Some wives consider by norm that the husband can constantly or incidentally swears “strong“ words. Inadmissibly! Even families in which the spouse`s manhandling takes place meet now. And the introduction in this respect appeared: “Beats - means loves“. Any sort the violence over the identity of people is shocking, it cannot be suffered!

Sometimes at work the inadequate employees trying to put constantly pressure rudely come across. Many colleagues show in relation to them inhuman patience. And whether costs? Quite often near us there live strange neighbors who are carrying out the attacks contradicting not only to moral, but also disciplinary norms.

It is impossible to suffer if constantly violate your rights and try to influence your life in the unreasonable ways, besides your will. Showing tolerance in such cases, we do harm to the mentality, besides, cease to reckon with us.

The oppressor just begins to think that you “rag“. So there can be only one step to the law working in fauna: all share on weak and strong. Strong not the one who is right, and the one to whom weak submits. Therefore it is worth reflecting, where to show tolerance and that cannot be suffered.

Yes strength of mind will be with us!