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Jan Anderson, Cady Coleman and Yury Gagarin. To us is what again to be proud?

Russians, really, have a reason for pride. And let it is accompanied not by today`s achievements, let so stars settled down or everything was thought over - from talents of the astronaut to the tour schedule - but the fact remains: the ordinary miracle, it is difficult for them to pick up definition - happened to be seen and heard that who visited Jethro Tull tours in Russia these April days.

A concert of Jethro Tull is a miracle in itself for those who stood in queues for vinyl “Aqualung“ who faithfully monitored many years activity of one of the most fantastic musicians of the present who studied his way of life, thought “and I so could?“ and to the most undercover strings like fuzy, the speaking flute and a polite voice of the red British. Well unless we so 25 could present years back that easily we will be able to buy tickets and reach quietly across Ligovsky BKZ “October“ where will sell us an undershirt with the immemorial flutist on one leg, will offer tiny shkalik and two hours of inexpressible feelings in the form of an intelligent opportunity “to be dragged“? I do not know how still it is possible to characterize a concert of Anderson from which never you know what to wait for, but always know precisely that surprises will be from area of a fantastic sound, innovation, advance of the next musicians and - his own ideas. Also it is even possible not to wait for the main course - “Locomotive Breath“ as all program is the thought-over style, the drive and skill. The program during which the team executes all favourite hits Anderson manages to tell about how the leveret ran by mistake on the musician`s site, and here, so a black dog of the owner, and the song here was born, that he likes to get up early in the morning, to look at the sun and therefore “Life Is A Long Song“, that Bach is a third of his creativity … At the same time 63 - the summer musician not just in a form (his main tool still - a flute, and with it he by no means is not necessary on one place), he does not dare to leave, drink for a long time water on a scene, to be wiped by towels and to change undershirts.

The concert program of round - is constructed 2011 surprisingly harmoniously and precisely. The invited musicians - a symphonic orchestra from Moscow “Opus Posth“. Any pause any of the tightened subject - and all taste, all styles and rhythms traditional an art - fate - the jazz - folk - and other JT - are harmonious and … are polite - it is a special highlight of the leader and present tours (because there was everyone). It loads the hall with some delicate simplicity - takes not at once, gradually, with charm. But even dashing basses about the galleries trying to make the order come to naught - and at the moments when Tatyana Grindenko adjusts a violin, the silence rings. It is the program for those who love art who appreciates each day and sees life a kaleidoscope from incredible quantity of parts of a multi-colored mosaic. And everything is healthy, except, perhaps, the fact that sometime the hand turning a kaleidoscope will stop. And here then will already be - space.

Space arose closer to the end of the first part of a concert. From above the modest white screen went down. On the screen there was a record - as in news when with us astronauts speak. From technical emptiness the flute, and behind it - Cady Coleman, the astronaut of NASA which is on ISS as a part of international crew now from above came. Located at the microphone. Distinctly in Russian delivered a speech about greatness of the event which took place 50 years ago about Yury Gagarin and that … all of us are uniform. And then there was a duet - a fragment of arrangement of composition of “Bourree“ of the same Johann Sebastyanovich and Jethro Tull - the first musical duet between space and Earth for all history of mankind. Besides that this show in itself, we will softly tell, expands consciousness, I will note separately still which - that. Cady Coleman, with her hair which are sticking out up and a fervent smile, very diligently spoke in Russian. Jan Anderson as you understand, played the party on Russian soil. But there is more to come: record of this duet was made by Anderson on the eve of day of Astronautics, on April 11 - in Perm, in day of a concert. Record for a duet and for descendants. And the composition of “Bourree“ sounded for the first time during the JT concert tour in 1969, in that when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, it seems, landed on the Moon …

From the point of view of quality of a concert responses the most different. These are not the first tours at us for the last five years, and someone lacks the drive, to someone stadium, it seems to someone that a voice, style and a sound “any more not those“. But there is a lot of bagatelles. 17 things, from which two - fresh. To list, I believe, there is no sense. However Anderson chamber, eternally dreaming and with the polite attitude towards me, than placebo under plywood … well is far dearer to me, I will not begin to speak. Generally, in other favourite cases I will prefer disks. However … you Know

, business not that I stood in a queue for “Aqualung“ too. And even not that Anderson`s concert is an occasion to begin new life personally for me (as usual after a meeting with harizmatika). The matter is that all ingenious - is simple. Neither super - technologies, nor political reasons, nor managersky refinements were necessary to take and give a gift to mankind by Day of astronautics. To all of us - without analysis - to admirers of a gold voice of Russia or Megadeth, Russians, Americans, Scots and Peruvians. The next time to understand that the most interesting, fascinating and - for all - becomes easily.

And let the yesterday`s forty-year BKZ “October“ meeting group with a forty-year experience confused me with the number of uncles with the thinned and absolutely gray-haired hayr. Even if all of us will not be even if the mankind will lose this record of a duet space - Earth (can, and will not lose if I apply it in comments), will remain the main thing. We - a single whole, and all ingenious - is SIMPLE.