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How not to kill the summary, sending it on e - mail?

What to make that your excellent summary did not remain the unnoticed employer? Get acquainted with ten most widespread mistakes of applicants which can ruin also your competent summary.

Mistake 1: The faceless name of the file

Rare applicants call

the summary in the way, convenient for the employer. Convenient for the employer will be the name containing a full name of the applicant and a position for which he applies.

The HR manager after reading usually keeps the summary at himself on the computer. He daily receives hundreds of summaries with the faceless names Resume. rtf, Resume. doc, my summary. doc, the Summary with the photo. doc... Now present how the manager daily of --

Isn`t that so whatever kind and sympathetic was this person - he will begin to hate each faceless summary sincerely?

And if you call the file with the summary in the way, convenient for the manager, he will be grateful to you for it. It only for you your summary only.

Mistake 2: Mistakes

In the majority of the summary occur in the summary typographical errors, spelling or stylistic errors. Similar trifles are seriously estimated by employers as a sign of a carelessness and an indicator of the frivolous relation to documents.

It seems, you will think - a typographical error?! But unless you intend, sending the summary, to admit that you are inattentive and that you do not suffer filling of any sort of pieces of paper? Of course, no.

Therefore be not too lazy, double-check the summary on mistakes and typographical errors and correct them.

Mistake 3: Inept formatting

Every third summary sent to the employer in the form of Word - the file is created by

without application of templates of formatting. In this case for movement of words use Gap and Tab. The manager in a second can check how your summary is formatted. Also will draw a conclusion whether to believe that you masterfully use the personal computer. And if doubts it, then can doubt and for the rest...

Mistake 4: The latest version ON

how often applicants send the summary in the formats which are not read on the employer`s personal computer can draw a conclusion that people cannot think at all of the fact that updating of the software on their personal personal computer can not only help, but also do much harm them!

If on your personal computer the latests version are established ON, send to the summaries kept in older versions. If at the employer earlier is established ON, and at the manager the file of your summary will not open at once (and besides your summary, it has tens more of curricula vitae of your competitors), then most likely you and will not be told that the summary did not open. To them is from whom to choose.

Mistake 5: The non-optimal size of the file

the Optimum size of the summary - to 250 Kb. Therefore you have to watch that your file did not weigh more. You should not include big photos or bulky elements of registration in the summary, increasing the file size.

With what it is fraught? Sometimes on mailboxes of managers the ban on obtaining big letters is established. In this case your summary will not be received simply, and you do not even learn about it.

Mistake 6: The summary archive

If for any reason for you to essentially send the file with the summary of the big size (more than 250 Kb), do not archive it. You will force the manager to spend its precious time for unpacking.

Do not force the employer to do excess efforts! Your file can not be unpacked at all. And, as in case of a mistake with the latests version ON, the manager will not even tell you that the summary at him on the personal computer did not open.

Mistake 7:

do not send to the summary in a rare format the summary in a rare format! Experience shows that are most convenient for the employer of rtf - and doc - files. These are widespread formats and if you send the summary in these formats, then your summary will be opened by the employer without problems, and he will be able to get acquainted with it.

Mistake 8: The photo the separate file

Sometimes applicants send to

2 files: in the first - the text summary, and in the second - the photo. If you arrive in this way, such difficulties will not characterize you as advanced PC user at all. Moreover, the HR manager in this case should most insert the photo into the summary that, having unpacked, to receive the convenient summary with the photo. And we already know that excess work of the manager in an occasion of your candidate reduces your chances to bypass the competitors on a position.

Therefore when sending to the employer of the summary with the photo work to bring the portrait in the file of the summary.

Mistake 9: The cover letter in the attached file

If to set search of Google. ru or ya. ru as it is correct to send the summary to the employer, in the majority of the found articles we will read that the summary needs to be sent together with the cover letter. However you should not take this phrase literally and to send the e-mail 2 files: file of the summary and file of the cover letter.

Therefore if you do not wish to show that electronic correspondence not your fad, always place the made cover letter in a body of the e-mail.

Mistake 10: A unique font

It is frequent candidates, wishing to be allocated, send the summary with use of rare fonts. The similar desire to be allocated and make as better can play a dirty trick: on office personal computer there will be no such font, and the manager will not manage to study the summary.

Therefore always choose for registration of the summary easily readable standard fonts, such as Times New Roman or Arial.

I congratulate, now you are warned about ten most frequent mistakes of applicants when sending the summary on e - mail, so - do not make these mistakes!

Successful employment!