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How successfully to conduct interview with the candidate.

the Factor of success of interview with the potential worker are its effective structure. Conducting interview with the candidate, the personnel officer wishes to achieve several objectives. The first - to come into contact with the person so that it could reveal completely and the specialist in a set of personnel could obtain from it the fullest information. The second - to motivate the candidate for receiving work for the companies and to provide a possibility of interaction of the candidate with HR department of the company in the future. It is expedient to conduct interview - negotiations in which the candidate and the personnel officer communicate at one level and are equal, interested and want to exchange the most accurate information. A typical mistake of the beginning personnel officers - carrying out interview in the form of interrogation. Such interrogation the personnel officer demotivates the most successful candidates, spoils opinion on the company and the most important, he does not receive the valid picture of behavior of the candidate. Opposite approach carrying out interview - sale at which the company is interested in the candidate more, than the candidate - in the company is considered. In such situation of HR - the expert tries to hold back shortcomings and to exaggerate work advantages in it.

And so, interview - negotiations gives the chance to look narrowly to each other to the company and the candidate.

the Main idea on which effective interview is based is the statement that there are no “bad“ and “good“ candidates, there are no companies “bad“ and “good“. There are companies suiting and improper one another and candidates. For more exact and comprehensive carrying out interview - process it is convenient to

to break negotiations into stages.

1. The first stage - contact with the candidate. The interviewer needs to try to make impression about the company in the favorable plan, to give to the candidate the chance to relax and feel comfortable. It will provide the most adequate behavior and answers of the candidate.

2. Second stage - it is short to tell about the company, its specifics, achievements and system of remunerations for high-quality work. To tell about the vacancy offered to consideration, focusing attention on those tasks which will be required to be solved to the potential worker at this position. It the personnel officer achieves several objectives: shows respect, has chance to motivate in advance for work in the company and has an opportunity to speak with the candidate more clear language as he already begins to understand specifics of business of the company and qualifying standards.

3. The third stage - direct interview, that is the personnel officer asks questions, and the candidate answers them, solves the situational problems offered by the interviewer and so forth.

4. At the fourth stage there comes time to the candidate to ask the questions. It will allow not only to show respect for it and his interest, but also to understand interests of the candidate and his concept about the company. The best option when features of work, the relations in collective, specifics of business are interesting to the candidate. Questions of a salary, but without details are pertinent. The candidate, asking questions only about compensation in the company, existence or lack of awards, an operating mode makes impression of the worker interested only in remuneration for the work.

5. The last stage - an opportunity to discuss further interaction. The interviewer should take the initiative and to report to the candidate about terms and the purposes of the following interview. If interview final, It is necessary to tell about terms of definition of final results and an order of its receiving by the candidate. Most often for this purpose personnel officers suggest to call the candidate and to specify, or saying that they will call him in case of the positive decision.

the Similar structure of interview will allow the HR specialist to achieve several objectives: to reveal accurate information on the candidate, to make good impression on the candidate and to agree about the following interaction.