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Prepared for holiday by train? Advice to travelers of

Not all our compatriots fly to holiday by planes.

For someone the train is just cheaper, in some remote corners of our Homeland elementary there is no airport, and someone just likes train romanticism: to sleep under rolling of the car and a perestukivaniye of wheels, to get acquainted and carry on slow talk with fellow travelers and just to look out of the window on the landscapes floating by.

It is necessary to tell that procedure of a trip by train much more simply and, in general, consists of purchase of the ticket and directly travel from point A to point B. Any examinations on an entrance, the procedures “undressed-put on“ and strict rules of transportation of liquids, the sharp and pricking objects and other.

That your trip passed as much as possible smoothly, it is necessary to know some moments only.

It is well-known that train tickets begin to be on sale in 45 days prior to date of departure. Therefore if you prepare for holiday during especially “hot“ season, it is worth hurrying. It is possible to count of date of an estimated trip these most 45 days and to try to buy train tickets among the first persons interested. After them can just not be, or it is necessary to go on a lateral reserved seat near a toilet.

And still - do not forget about purchase of tickets that tickets can be bought also on the Internet now, it is not obligatory to stand in a queue in cash desk. On the majority of trains electronic registration is possible - it is analog of an electronic plane ticket when you get on the train just under the identity document.

The cost of bed linen by default is included now into the ticket price, and the linen set already has to wait for you on the place.

If you go to long travel - do not save on trifles and better buy an insurance, it is a thing useful in not predicted situations.

So, you got on the train, and the car started.

Do not forget about what in trains, unfortunately, is stolen. Always you watch that documents, money and valuable things were at you. Too it is better to go to a toilet with them - God helps those who help themselves. When you go to bed - put all valuable somewhere nearby, it is the best of all under a pillow. It is better to sleep, feeling a cheek the purse, than then throughout all holiday to be distressed about its loss.

From food with itself it is the best of all to take what will definitely not deteriorate on a heat even if you intended to eat it at once - plans together with appetite can exchange, and here aroma will not get to anywhere.

To buy or not to buy products from dealers at stations - to solve to you, but do not forget that, besides, it is better to leave perishable and doubtful goods to the owner, as if he did not convince you of their freshness. Otherwise your fellow travelers will be able to see you very seldom throughout all way.

Whether it is necessary to mention that you should not be got involved in card and other gamblings on money and it is better to abstain from excessive alcoholic libations precisely to arrive to integrities and safety from a point And to a point of B, as well as it was planned?

On travel of train there is not a lot of subtleties, it is not difficult to follow these absolutely logical rules, and the pleasure from a trip at their observance is almost guaranteed.

Good way and pleasant fellow travelers!