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Who swindler? We remember today - we do not come across tomorrow

Happen, we are deceived: these are facts of life. Your money, property interest many people. It is possible to rob, of course, you under a gun barrel, but not all bandits have a gun therefore many prefer to deceive.

Fraud - plunder of someone else`s property or buying someone else`s property by deception or breach of confidence. Respectively, the swindler is the person acquiring someone else`s property or the right for it by deception or breach of confidence.

How to understand, who the swindler? There are general rules, they are not universal, but give a certain reference point, a reason to reflect. Perhaps, for alarm the bases will not be, but it is better to be reinsured, than to fall into a trap the swindler.

1. To you suggest to make something quickly

For example, to give the answer without considering, reflections, without having sufficient information. It is so necessary to buy quickly the last thing as it someone can make another. There is no time to think, there were last magic tablets for weight loss, and here already almost all ordered them, take quicker, quicker … Many pensioners and women left the last money, buying “baby`s dummies“ from all diseases and for instant weight loss.

2. Offer you at once everything

of What to waste time on trifles when people have everything that it is necessary for you. You want the car, and at them is, and any brand and a complete set, make only an advance payment right now. The credits - any and on the most favorable conditions, and it is few percent, just for nothing. That you want - everything is. It is seductive. As soon as you were visited by temptation from the offer “all and at once“, it is useful to reflect: and so in general happens? Probably, once - yes. And in this case? It is just useful to stop and understand.

3. Offer you something very cheap

Already strange. If the thing or service is obviously cheaper than the average cost existing in the market, then it is useful to ask a question: really the person wants to sell something at a loss? From where such altruism? Of course, the swindler will tell that it from the liquidated seized property warehouse, or is closed shop, we sell the remains, or perhaps just an action such - “sell at a loss“?

4. Offer you that you want

For example, the person something very long looks for, maybe, work. And here - the vacancy stated by those words that wrote to the summary. Offer the convenient schedule for choice, a high salary and offices in the different districts of Moscow, it is possible to choose the next. The pleased applicant runs to the employer on interview, and there it becomes clear that to it suggest to trade in the Chinese tablets “from everything“. By the way, many understand not at once that they fell into clutches to swindlers, at first pass paid “training“, then buy production which is necessary to nobody then realize - there is no money, there is no work, only a bag of unnecessary tablets.

5. About you show suddenly care without the reason seen on that

However, what in the world there are many people who are ready to begin just like that, it is disinterested to care for you? Here you are ready to please unfamiliar Vasya Pupkin with expensive gift? From what it is others will want to make it for you?

6. Offer something for nothing

Begins so: “We have an action …“. Then report that you can absolutely gratuitously, that is for nothing, to receive certain benefits or services. Similar to suddenly arisen love and desire to take care, tempt with the freebie brought close to a nose only here.

Oh, you 999 999 - y the buyer! We love you! You had a unique gift! The firm took care, and already the car goes to your house, and in it a heap of gifts. It is only necessary to pay delivery cost, to transfer 500 rubles to the address … And many are conducted, pay.

It is possible to argue so. Wolves are hospital attendants of the wood. Swindlers are teachers of fools and suckers. Only it is a pity for old men who often become the victims of swindlers. And in general, any person does not want to be the victim. Therefore here one more universal rule: suspected something wrong, tell yourself: stop . Stop, think, remember written above. If you check and be convinced that before you the honest person - it is good. If you deal with the swindler, then you will be able to save yourself from loss of property.