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What to prepare with avocado? Asian cuisine of

of Avocado in the Asian countries enjoys popularity, and considerable. Recipes there is a set: more simply, and more difficult. One others are widespread in all region, - especially national. Well, we will get acquainted?


Chicken fillet in small baskets. Having welded friable rice (100 g), we will leave it to be cooled, and the 100th light raisin without stones we will fill in with 4 tablespoons of orange juice (better, of course, svezheotzhaty) and we will sustain half an hour, and then we will put on fire and, having hardly brought to boiling, we will switch off it.

We will make small baskets of halves of 2 crude avocados, having exempted from a stone and having scraped out considerable part of pulp. At once we will sprinkle lemon juice that did not darken. We will chop chicken fillet without skin (250 g) on small pieces, we will add the pulp of avocado which is taken out from fruits, the crushed green onions (2 - 3 feathers), 2 - 3 St. spoons of sunflower sunflower seeds (cleared, it is natural), 2 h a spoon of ground ginger, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and pepper - to taste. Having mixed mix, we fill with it small baskets and we bake in a hot oven of minutes 20 - 30.


Hummus from avocado. we Take 400 g of tinned white peas (chick-pea) and 1 - 2 garlic glove, we grind the mixer or in the blender, we pour in 1/3 Art. of cold boiled water there and we shake up 2 - 3 minutes. We clean, we cut pulp of one avocado on small cubes and we add to pea weight, having thrown a handful of leaflets of mint and the wrung-out juice of one lime at the same time. Having filled mix I will merge also pepper, we shake up to a consistence of soft cream cheese. That`s all, it is possible to smear on bread or on flat cake.

Terrine from avocado with a salmon. as preliminary preparation we will take 25 - 30 g of gelatin and we will fill in ¾ Art. of water. When inflates, we will warm up on fire, without bringing to boiling. The pulp of 4 fruits of avocado with juice of 1 lemon, gelatin solution, 1 - 2 garlic gloves, white pepper and salt is shaken up to homogeneous mass.

We put a layer of fillet of a smoked salmon (150 g) on a bottom of a form, we fill in with a half of avokadny weight, from above we spread a layer of the tomatoes cut by thin circles or polukruzhiya, on it - the remained avokadny mix. We maintain in the refrigerator before full hardening, that is several hours, and before giving we cover a serving dish sheet salad or the Beijing cabbage and on this “a pillow we overturn terrine.

In order that this last procedure took place easily and “without knot - without hitch“, it is possible to take a form in hot water - very little, literally minute - another.

A if wants still as - nibud to decorate culinary creation - include own imagination.


of Chatni from avocado. Chatni is sharply - the sweet sauces served to rice, vegetable stew, bean etc. In our case the kneaded pulp of one avocado is connected to 3 tablespoons of cream or natural yogurt, 1 h a spoon of lemon juice, 1 h a sugar spoon, and salt and pepper are added to taste (on classics of the recipe it is required on ½ h spoon of that and another).

Before shaking up this mix to a creamy condition, that is bringing seasoning to readiness, it is necessary to add a little bit very specific spice. It is vegetable pitch of an asfatida (more precisely, the dried-up lacteal juice of roots) which differently still call … feruly smelly. And it is not casual, certainly, and in connection with a caustic smell inherent in it.

However it, nevertheless, this smolka has a number of excellent qualities: strengthens digestion (Indians say that with asfatidy it is possible to digest also nails), the strengthened gas generation prevents otryzhku, and also increases appetite and a vitality of an organism.

Avocado cream soup. we will give proportions Here counting on a portion and how many them to prepare - to solve for test to the culinary specialist (I, for example, bewared and tasted independently).

One quarter of avocado, having cleared, we cut small cubes, we turn another into the mashed potatoes mixed from 250 g natural (unsweetened, without additives) yogurt or cream. We salt mashed potatoes and we pepper to taste. We add, having carefully crushed, a small piece of a hot pepper of Chile (0,5 - 1 cm), we fill with 2 - 3 tablespoons of liquid sour cream. We mix, we pour out in portion ware (in a bowl, in my opinion, more pleasantly, than in a plate, but this matter of taste), we strew with pieces of avocado and shenichny croutons (it is better - garlick).

Lass with a cucumber and avocado. Popular Indian drink, as well as soup, prepares on the basis of yogurt which at desire can be replaced with kefir (anyway, 500 ml are required). Small we crumble a half of 1 avocado, 1 fresh cucumber, a small red lukovichka. We add chopped cilantro and a ground coriander to taste, and also 2 - 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Quickly we shake up and we cool before giving (it is possible to put several cubes of ice in a glass.


the Stuffed avocados. Exists several options differing in structure of “forcemeat“.

1. In halves of the ripe avocados exempted from stones we scrape out pulp and we sprinkle the turned-out small baskets (and the taken-out pulp) lemon juice. Fruits of avocado to wash up, dry, cut in half lengthways and to take out from them stones. For a stuffing we use pieces of the small grapefruit sorted on segments, marinated mollusks from banks (200 g) and pulp of avocado, chopped on small cubes. We fill this mix with 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt with addition 1 of h a spoon of ground almonds, white pepper, powder of a curry and salt - to taste.

2. We do small baskets also, as in the first recipe. For forcemeat we boil and clean shrimps (150 g), we add to them two chopped tomatoes without kernels (but I did not begin to get rid of them), small cubes of the pulp which is taken out from fruits and the crumbled basil bunch. We fill with 1 tablespoon of sour cream, 1 h a spoon of lemon juice, white pepper, salt and sharp mustard - to taste.

Mussels with avocado sauce. This dish from the category “as easy as shelling pears“. We boil 100 g of mussels in white wine, we do puree of 1 avocado, we flavor it with lemon juice and seasonings at own discretion, and then we mold small flat cakes which we place on lettuce leaves (or we enclose under everyone a piece of sheet salad), from above we spread mussels (on 1 flat cake - 1 piece) .

Indonesia cocktail. the Cut pulp of 1 avocado is shaken up from 30 ml of light rum and 15 ml of coconut liqueur (but I, behind absence, replaced it with syrup), we pour out in the glasses half filled with ice cubes, from above we add a little milk, cow or coconut (on all volume of cocktail about a third of a glass will be required) and we mix. Acquaintances did such cocktail with vodka, according to reviews - the acceptable replacement, but I did not try.

China (and also Malaysia and Thailand)

Noodles with tofu, avocado and haricot. we Cut tonenko 1 small back of ginger and 1 pepper of Chile, we add to them couple of tablespoons of sugar and 1,3 Art. of water. We put on a plate, we bring to boiling and we reduce fire, and in about 5 minutes we switch off and we divide imbirno - the peppery weight and the formed syrup.

This syrup is shaken up with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with 2 tablespoons of soy sauce. We add 300 - 400 of tofu (at my place it do not love, therefore was necessary to manage once - cottage cheese, another - the Adygei cheese) cut with bars a fresh cucumber, small cubes of one small fruit of avocado, the green onions small crumbled.

We boil Asian noodles (240 g), we connect to tinned haricot (1 small jar), we water with vegetable oil, we mix (better - wooden sticks), from above we spread ginger and chili pepper, and on them - gas station from tofu with avocado. Finally we strew a dish with 2 tablespoons of sesame and we give. And it is possible to spread out previously all components on portion plates (precisely will be enough for 4 people).


Salad. the Fresh cucumber without peel we cut thin circles, tomato - on 8 parts, a red bulb - straws, couple of feathers of green onions - with large rhombuses (that is obliquely), we cut a bunch of leaves of cilantro small, avocado - segments (and at once we sprinkle lime juice), the garlic glove is pounded.

Having mixed all ingredients, we pour dressing from mix of juice and a dried peel of 1 lime, 1 tablespoon of grated ginger, 1 h a spoon of sugar and the same amount of vegetable oil. On classics of the recipe, it is necessary to add 1 tablespoon of fish sauce, but its preparation in house conditions is very problematic, first of all, from - for strong and very specific smell. So I was limited to fish broth with soy sauce and the required set of dried herbs (a thyme, a sage, mint, a celery, fennel, a thyme).

But persons interested can try: it is necessary to lay several layers of their spices, sea fish and salt in pottery, to cover leaky wooden, to sustain week, and then to mix and leave in heat for 20 days then to filter the formed liquid through a gauze.


Dessert. we do puree Of 1 avocado, we add 1 Art. of the sweetened milk, we mix. We cut other fruit of avocado cubes, we add to mashed potatoes and we make out ice pieces.

* * *

... And the next meeting - in the African kitchen.