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The Indian spices - fashion or need.

In our language are nervous receptors which excrete 6 main tastes. It would seem: well, why to the nature to bother? The main thing to define that the food did not become rotten yet. It appears, it is of very great importance not only for a physical body, but also for spiritual. The Indian science about health the Ayurveda writes about it. In India food very monotonous for most of the population and mainly vegetarian. In the Ayurveda dairy dishes and chicken are resolved.

Rice, lentil, wheat flat cake that`s all products for most of the population. It is natural that such food does not promote health. Therefore correction of food to tastes by means of spices just became rescue. In our country usefulness of food is determined by amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. Though too more useful products are offered: fats vegetable nonsaturated, carbohydrates difficult, light meat, vegetables crude.

To tastes the food is qualified as exciting a body and calming. It is considered that the food has to contain all 6 tastes: sweet, bitter, salty, sour, sharp and knitting (as speak, connecting 5 tastes). But quantity of products with certain tastes individual for a certain type of the person. Well, about classification of types of the person by tastes to write long history. Lately the Indian spices became popular

with us, and the knowledge of their application leaves much to be desired.

For example when digestion needs intensity, we choose spices by means of “hot“ tastes: sharp, sour and salty. Sharp is a red pepper, horse-radish, ginger, onions, garlic. Sour is a lemon, cheese, a dogrose, kefir, vinegar, sour fruit. Well, salt it is also salt, here everything is clear.

When needs to slow down digestion, “cold“ tastes are necessary: bitter, sweet, knitting. Gorky is a turmeric, laurels, cinnamon, vanilla, a basil. Sweet spices are a saffron, cardamom, fennel, products - milk, rice, honey, sugar. Knitting is besides ginger, a turmeric, a nutmeg, a persimmon, a quince. For delay of digestion they need to be used in a smaller dosage. At mix of a curry there are all tastes.

the Most effective spices are a turmeric which strengthens effect of enzymes of a pancreas, black pepper which even splits up stones in kidneys and drives salts. And in improvement of digestion equal to ginger is not present. In total floor of a tea spoon in a glass of tea of times a day. And black pepper a pea and one black izyumina of times a day before a lunch. I tried and checked it on myself. Spices not only correct food to tastes, but also effectively treat. Check.

That is on the Ayurveda, the balanced food by means of tastes is healthy food and promotes longevity. As a matter of fact it becomes possible to tell this food to curative. It is considered that health and our longevity depends on three reasons: casual trauma, improper feeding and negative component of our spirituality. So let`s eat, perceive properly life with optimism. And the case will avoid us. We will be healthy!