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Love - carrots! How to grow up a good harvest of carrots?

Spring in full blast. Very soon the summer season will begin … Who has holidays, and at summer residents in the first May days there occur the main cares: sow a radish, turnip, peas, onions, and also fennel, parsley, salad etc. of

Nevertheless, we will begin with carrots.

Carrots - the curative sweet delicacy which is driving away from us many illnesses. Not without reason it is grown up everywhere in the world by more than four thousand years. Its Russia began to cultivate everywhere four hundred years ago. At the time of Ivan the Terrible carrots were recognized as the best means from warmly - vascular, zheludochno - intestinal, hepatic and eye diseases.

Today carrots are considered the champion on the content of carotene (pro-vitamin A) necessary for strengthening of immune system. In it the B2 vitamin eliminating nervous overloads and fatigue is found.

It is unlikely you will argue with the fact that at cultivation of a good harvest of carrots there are secrets. Let`s try to understand. What

is better to choose a grade

Fashionable at us there were foreign grades for external beauty and a small core. However the protivoinfarktny, rassasyvayushchy blood clots counteracting aging of an organism of substance contain in … to a carrots core. Therefore for early consumption it is possible to seed import early ripening varieties (Napoli, Minibox, Notina, etc.)

But do not go too far, seed them a little. Allocate the main areas under domestic grades - advantage of them more! Among mid-season the most gentle, tasty and useful: Nantes, Vitamin, Losinoostrovskaya, Shantane. The first of them is especially popular. When and how to sow

If you want to eat with

sweet carrot in June - undertake crops at the beginning of May. And here for winter storage seed carrots later - in the second half of May, and then it will be well stored till a new harvest.

But anyway beds need to be prepared at the beginning of May. Choose a site where brought organic chemistry last year, but do not put fresh manure to the soil at all. Dig over the earth a pitchfork, combing out and deleting roots of weeds. Loosen, level, then make equal grooves - through each 15 - 20 centimeters.

Seeds of carrots contain essential oils therefore they are tugovskhozhy. From crops before emergence of the first sprouts it is necessary to wait for 10 - 15 days. It is possible to accelerate germination of seeds by means of their soaking on damp fabric for the night or for 3 - 4 days.

However then it is difficult to sow the become wet seeds. Therefore for half an hour before crops they are a little dried or mixed with damp sand (1:50), then it is easier to distribute them evenly in a furrow.

We close up seeds on depth of 1 - 1,5 cm, it is no more. For the best preservation of moisture - and this condition of good and fast germination of seeds - for a week of a bed cover with a transparent film.

Shoots are thinned out when distance between them less than two centimeters. Then it is possible to pull out gradually young carrot - through one. And then from the second half of summer the distance between them will be optimum - on 4 centimeters.

Sometimes carrots grow rough, ligneous, crack.

Reason: sharp differences from damp to the dry soil. Regular and uniform watering is necessary if there is no rain.

It is not less important weekly (!) removal of weeds.

That wreckers did not annoy, it is possible to surround carrot beds with onions and garlic. “Gluttonous“ parasites do not transfer their presence therefore you will only get tasty and gentle root crops.

Undoubtedly to grow up good vegetables, it is necessary to work much. But the earth - the mother loves caring hands and will generously reward for your efforts a rich harvest.