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Impetuousness and neuderzhimost of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Impetuousness a neuderzhimost to help will get rid to affect to hold to operate danger of the reason of a consequence of property gives harm to bring up to leave to tame to limit result of a condition

of C of People - the owner of the world, but not the owner - itself.

p The one who is not able to constrain himself - yet not people.

d the Impetuous person - that an animal.

of C is easier to seize enemy fortress - than itself. d If the person does not do to

what considers necessary - means, it is impetuous.

of C of Neuderzhimost - is worse than nonsense.

pzv Abstention should train as muscles, since trifles. to

p the habit is capable to Limit the person.

p Before dominating over others - learn to operate


d Koshmarna life of those who did not learn to operate themselves.

d That to achieve something, the person has to be able to be self-controlled. d to the Person without brakes relatives and friends have to try to create to

such living conditions that did not bring it on turns, there were no deadlocks and difficult sites.

and If the person resists desires which are not approved by reason, so it is self-controlled.

p From a neuderzhimost it is possible to leave, training of will.

pz To the power over itself it is possible to come only through knowledge of.

p Self-control begins from possession of mood.

p help to Regain self-control knowledge.

p Tranquility - the soil for abstention.

p Not that so does not help to regain self-control - as character.

d Self-control is necessary for the person as air in any life situation, and especially in fear and anger.

pv Self-control - one of the main qualities without which the person cannot take place as the personality, to reach due position in society and to be dear.

p Self-control allows the person to live as it is necessary - but not as there is a wish.

p Impetuousness - the road to poverty.

and Impetuous fun - comes to an end with grief. p the Impetuous person - himself does not belong to


p to the person who is self-controlled - passions serve, impetuous - belongs to them. there is no

of C self-control - and it is not worth a pin for mind.

and each person has time for thinking before he loses the head with happiness, love, hatred …

p the Stood person - the anger does not visit. d Impetuous itself does not belong to

- it is a slave to desires.

and Impetuous - wealth only corrupts.

d Impetuousness does not allow the person - to live normally.

and Impetuous is held by need and pain. zp That who from - for impetuousness is not capable to do accumulation it is favorable to

to help others that at the difficult moment to escape mutual aid.

d Uncontrollable is difficult to organize the life.

and Impetuousness hindrance to preservation of health and treatment of diseases.

and Impetuousness - a hindrance to prosperity.

and If the impetuous person of would destroy not painful restrictions at once.

and Mistakes, offenses, diseases, from - for impetuousness - a shame for the person.

in Impetuousness one of the main reasons not of the correct expenditure of means.

in Impetuousness - the enemy of thrift.

d leads Impetuousness to improper feeding.

vp Impetuousness - the soil for offense.

and Impetuousness - diseases grazes.

d - should be paid For impetuousness.

and the Impetuous fool will not curtail from the wrong way - so far he will not bring it to the brink of a precipice.

and For uncontrollable in knowledge - is more than closed subjects.

d Impetuous it is necessary to resort to pleasures extremely carefully.

p Neuderzhimost - the soil for change.

pv For the impetuous fool desire - team to action, for the strong-willed wise man - the recommendation.

z the Silly, impetuous person - directs the nature, knowing, practical, being self-controlled - to some extent also common sense and will.

and Freedom reasonable, kind, reserved - on advantage. Silly,

impetuous, impudent - to the detriment.

p the Impetuous person are capable to stop only diseases and a barbed wire.

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