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That it to eat bad? Emigrant impressions of American cuisine of

Generally, in respect of food I am a person not choosy - my favourite dish that which has no bitter smack of own efforts. First in America I was only in business trips, and fed us at expensive restaurants of the large cities. Kitchen there, as usual, refined and quite standard - so it would be possible to have supper both in Europe, and in Moscow. And here closely I had enough to get acquainted with features of the American public catering and house gastronomic traditions of Americans only when I moved to the USA to a constant residence.

It is no secret that even the organism usually reacts to water change, and here suddenly sharp change of the whole power supply system. It is no wonder that first it was the stress - I was suddenly deprived of the most habitual products making our daily diet: where black bread? my favourite kefir? buckwheat? tea, eventually?!

So far we found where it is possible to buy black leaf tea, reeled up not one mile and spent not one day! It is not in usual supermarkets. Green sheet is, even white is, and here habitual to us in the afternoon with fire not to find a black zavarochka! Americans consume tea only in bags.

Gradually, of course, everything was adjusted - found quite tolerable kefir in shop of healthy food, I buy buckwheat and bread in the Ukrainian shop, is proud of the called European Deli (The European delicacies). Here who could think that buckwheat and a rye loaf belong to the category of delicacies?

As for purely American specifics of food, the first that struck me, is the American gigantomania: products in shops are bought just commercially - canisters, packings, parties. It is explained partly by the fact that shop, as a rule, once a week, and partly - special addiction of Americans to such national entertainment as buy one, get one (stock “pay one goods, receive the second free of charge“). So the cheapest way therefore take often more, than it is necessary, that surplus risks to deteriorate and appear on a garbage can.

Salatiki houses prepare in bowls, by the size comparable to basins for a small postirushka. Eclairs from a local candy store delay on a weighty roll cream. Such concept as “a coffee cup“ causes here (bohemian coffee houses it is not counted!) obvious confusion as brown wish-wash under the name “coffee“ in America can be absorbed circles and half liter stakanishcha.

Portions at restaurants are designed, on my concepts, at least, for two hefty men. It is possible to ukushatsya by one dish vusmert. It is possible, of course, and not to overstrain, and to take away remained with itself (at Americans it widely practices, and in any institution there are for this purpose plastic containers), but personally me the American food and in fresh - that a look not really pleases, and to warm it the next day in a microwave and even less so there is no wish.

Why does not please? Well, in - the first, everything the dish not to salt is put terribly too much salt (on my taste, in any case) therefore, doing the order, I ask if it is possible, and to give gas station to salad separately, and in - the second, quite unpretentiously. In the usual Moscow dining room that was near office where I worked, prepared much more tasty and more variously.

At me business, as a rule, does not reach a dessert - too heavy and plentiful this restaurant food. And here many Americans, having washed down a nourishing lunch a floor - Coca liter, with pleasure eat greedily also desertishche. I look sometimes on people around and I admire: some family with zakritichesky degree of obesity sits and homyachit everything how much in vain. At us with the husband even the joke in use got accustomed: what about pigging out? (instead of dine out - “to have dinner outdoors, at restaurant“ pig out, similar on sounding, is beaten - “to guzzle“).

About fast food I will not even tell - all have already heard a lot, I think. The American TV channels, the press unanimously urge not to eat this muck, junk food, but traditions are strong, innovations get accustomed with a scratch.

Recently on TV transferred amusing information: FDA (Management on control of quality of foodstuff and medicines) recommended to restaurants to specify the caloric content of each dish in the menu. It was supposed that it will stimulate people to healthier choice. Some restaurants listened to the recommendation and found a tremendous tendency - visitors began to order more, on the contrary, the most high-calorie dishes to gain the maximum effect for the spent dollar.

Though a lot of things depend on social accessory and the size of a purse: the education is higher and the purse is thicker, the dishes on a table are more qualitative and the waist is thinner.

On weekdays we seldom are at restaurants, and here during week-end to have supper or dinner in some new or, on the contrary, long ago the chosen town - sacred business. We prefer restaurants with the Italian or Chinese cuisine. As for “native American“, we nearby have an excellent restaurant - a barbecue. Dinosaur’s BBQ (“Barbecue of a dinosaur“), very popular and picturesque institution issued in underground style where during a lunch it is possible to see the most ill-matched public - and businessmen in expensive suits at ties and bikers in leather jackets is called.

The crown dish of restaurant - pork ribs under turned sour - sweet sauce, and also the chicken wings and legs fried on special technology and with specialty sauce. To a dish mashed potatoes, vegetables and corn bread (cornbread) which by the form and to taste very much reminds our mannik pie are served. Portions, as usual, just huge!

Houses we most often cook simple food - salads, fish, stakes (the meat fried by portion pieces). I “placed“ the husband on soups and borsches (Americans usually do without the first, soups eat extremely seldom, and it, generally cream soups or tinned soup from banks). And on days off the husband makes for us a breakfast from the category “Death to a Figure!“ - wafers with maple syrup and whipped cream (as a variation - fat pancakes (pancakes) or cakes (muffins) with bilberry) and fried eggs with bacon.

In general, American cuisine is a synthesis of culinary traditions of the whole world, mixture of kitchens of various immigrant cultures. The basis was formed by traditions of English cuisine of 17 - 18 centuries which - that got in inheritance from aboriginals - the American Indians (a dish from corn and sweet potatoes, maple syrup etc.) . “beefsteaks in Hamburg“ and sausages, the Italian pizza and paste became the American dishes German. Semi-finished products are very widely used. Besides, there are essential distinctions in gastronomic addictions depending on the region.

Here, in Central New - York, such dishes as Clam chowder mollusks soup (prepares on the basis of fish mollusks broth with addition of milk, potatoes, onions and a celery), sweet potatoes (sweet potato is baked segments, having sprinkled vegetable oil and having strewed with spices, or bake potatoes in a peel entirely, and then do mashed potatoes), a dessert chiz - keyk (depending on a way of preparation reminds gentle cottage cheese casserole, a souffle, etc.) are popular .

I want to share with you our family recipe not baked chiz - a keyka (it differs from traditional, but on taste it is even pleasant to me more, besides it is simple in preparation less kaloriyen).

You need a ready sand cake layer (so-called graham crust) in shape from a foil.

For a stuffing to mix the mixer:

- a pack of cream cheese softened at the room temperature (230 g of cream cheese like “Philadelphia“ or that is less preferable, “Mascarpone“);

- to bank of condensed milk (400 g);

- lemon half juice; is 1 h

a spoon of vanilla extract.

To lay out a stuffing on a cake layer, to level and put a form with chiz - keyky at several o`clock in the refrigerator.

To cut for the portion, to get accurately a rake that the basis did not crumble. On every portion chiz - a keyka the fresh or defrozen berries give all the best (raspberry, bilberry, strawberry (to cut), cherry).

If you do not find a cake layer in sale, it is possible to bake it from shortcake dough or to act still simpler: to crush 300 g of usual cookies in the mixer, to add 100 - 150 of oil and to mix the mixer to homogeneous mass. From the received mix to press a cake layer (to mold a spoon on a bottom and walls of a form for cake) and to cool in the refrigerator.

Bon appetit!