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Whether it is possible to find harmony for the rest of life?

Harmony in life. All try to catch it for a tail as Ivanushka Zhar - a bird.

While Ivanushka is enough Zhar - a bird - and in a bag, trying to grab harmony, the person is content only with its patches of light, understanding of the past state and ecstasy with it in the memory.

Whether there can live a person in harmony with himself here and now, at the moment? No. Because happiness never full happens.

If to ask the adult at the moment of his highest enthusiasm whether he is happy, then most likely the answer will be that he is madly glad, and to it it is good, but you will never hear: “As I am happy!“ It is checked on experience.

At the same time he can even realize that it is really happy. Nevertheless, after thought of the happiness other thought - that life striped, and it only calm before a storm right there will flash. Really, nobody can make the person unfortunate or happy, only his own feeling of this or that.

Happiness is associated with harmony in consciousness of the person. Happiness and harmony do not coincide on sense. If happiness is a storm of the positive emotions operating exciting on the person. Physiologists note that the condition of happiness is followed by the increased endorphin hormone level in a human body. Harmony - internal calm, a condition of composure. It can turn into exaltation and cause feeling of happiness. Thus, harmony and happiness - different concepts on semantic value. The general at them one: both quickly escape the person.

Harmony and happiness are always fleeting. Nevertheless, we feel happiness because each section at the happy person smiles and trembles. Composure often is not realized. This normal state of soul when to us it is good, and all around us - too. In such condition of thought quietly flow in the head or they are absent at all because there is no requirement to solve some immediate important task in life. And so everything is good to what it is necessary to do something? If there came the phase of a full peace of mind - there is nothing to aspire, there is nothing to be sorry.

All of us want to find harmony in life. But what harmony we want? Existence of money and other material values cannot guarantee harmonies, existence of regalia grants us satisfaction of own vanity, but does not bring peace of mind, health - invaluable gift, but we realize it when gift begins to disappear over the years therefore health gives us feeling of harmony only due to the lack of diseases. Infinitely we try to find harmony with ourselves and with people around.

The person always strives for stability. It is put in its genome - this piece of DNA connected with a self-preservation instinct passes from father to son. Public concepts are penetrated by desire of the person to be sure in tomorrow, hope that everything will be always good, therefore, steadily, at least, not worse. For example, to build the house - so for ages, to fall in love - so to a coffin, to marry - time and for the rest of life. Therefore, so far as concerns achievement of harmony in everything: in a family, at work, in itself, - it has to last all life. Once reached harmony - and it is possible to think that it will always proceed so.

Anything similar. There is no rest in the Universe. Existence of such phenomenon as development, is followed by continuous change. “Everything flows, everything changes“, - Heraclitus`s words. Harmony, of course, is connected with feeling of rest, but it is only subjective feeling that izmeneniynt. They are, it is simple to see them difficult. That is why the feeling of harmony so instantly escapes. Therefore constantly it is necessary to reconstruct something, to somehow stabilize a situation that again to feel it.

The nature seems so harmonious in original state why the person cannot remain in a condition of harmony all life? Actually in world around too constantly there are changes, only cyclic. If to take a detached view of human life as if, then it is possible to notice how black strips are replaced by white.

It would be wrong to connect harmony in life with comfort. The comfort does not assume aspiration to improvement of and the life. Harmony with its variability is aimed at the development of the person and improvement of conditions of its existence.

While we are living, we look for and we find harmony!