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How to improve appearance of the lodge? Some recommendations of the neighbor - the self-builder of

the Spring came into the own, and with it - new efforts. For certain someone decided to be engaged in construction also. Kohl you were going to build any a house, you need to know about the taking priority facade role. Of course, everyone would wish both to reduce cost, and to increase term before the following repair, and to receive stylish appearance. Here - that the siding (the English siding - an external covering) is also useful to you. Especially, decorative panels which are based on an obreshetka of the building, now very much.

At the same time it is necessary to remember air space between a covering and a wall. Warmly to keep, we stack the corresponding laying protecting from cold. Earlier for house thermal insulation a tree sheathed. The benefit outside and on sale is full the twenty first century of diverse polymeric materials which can externally have any color and any texture.

Width of the panels made from aluminum or galvanization makes, as a rule, from 120 to 300 mm. Safety, freshness of a look provides a covering from polymers - such as Pural, PVF and polyester, eventually. Here chromaticity and character of a profile of a surface defines a flight of fancy. Such siding also is steady against difference of temperatures, and is indifferent to humidity, and kislotno - is not afraid of the alkaline environment. And its not the beret, the sun does not jar on decay. The optimum duration of use - years 50.

And here to leave dents, checking strength characteristics, it is not recommended. So forever your trace will also remain. On everyone the firefighter, it is possible to take several panels for emergency then not to complain concerning lack of the necessary tone. Matter of course, steel serves longer than aluminum and durability is higher than it, however and the price is more. Probably, therefore it is used for facades of “state“ houses. But aluminum panels, though are less strong, but are easy and elegant, and therefore for a cottage - will not think up better.

Fastening of a siding on a wooden or metal basis is carried out in the way “with an overlap“. Thermal expansion is neutralized by the openings which are specially done in an edge. Inevitably collecting condensate is removed through other openings in the lower locks, and panels thanks to the grooves prepared for this purpose at end faces are combined.

The external decent look is provided by the enclosed accessories in the form of various slopes, otliv, face and angular laths. And the color palette of such elements can be very diverse. No special requirements at assembly of a metal siding are available, so, each owner of own house, can easily execute its installation on the structure.

And still in individual samozastroy the siding vinyl enjoys bigger popularity. It, certainly, is less strong, than metal, however and strong wind to it, and temperature fluctuations from - 40 °C to + it quietly maintains 50 °C at all. And the level of its quality constantly improves. It both new durability, and high fire resistance, and, certainly, modern decor. A clear advantage - lack of need for regular coloring.

The most popular texture - imitation under a tree or use of soft tones of painting. For saturated colors it is necessary to lay out time in two more money. But the applied additives protect from burning out of panels under the influence of ultra-violet sunshine.

Usually panels have the following parameters: length from 2 to 6 meters (on average about 3,5 m); width, respectively, from 10 to 30 cm, an atolshchina makes 0,96 - 1,2 mm. The vinyl siding with success is applied to registration of any facade of any building. Installation is made easily and simply. For fixture nails are used though though self-tapping screws though screws. At the same time panels “are as if fastened“ the friend to the friend.

In order to avoid emergence of potek of a rust, it is recommended to use corrosion-proof self-tapping screws. For prevention of damage surely we process a wooden basis the corresponding anti-septic tank. We do not forget to leave a necessary gap at twisting of the self-tapping screw - for prevention of consequences of thermal expansion under the influence of sunshine.

In hot days emergence of strange sounds is possible. Their origin speaks is quite trivial: the siding changes the form to the sun, but in the late afternoon comes back to initial parameters. For a complete elimination of similar incidents it is desirable from the South to apply an aluminum siding to finishing. You should not be afraid. Vinyl and aluminum easily and simply are combined.

For ensuring bigger reliability and elegance of a facade use special additional details in the form of the designated by the Latin letters J, H, F, assembly profiles. And also overlays for doors and windows, otliva, cashing in, corners (internal and external) and other, other, other. All these gadgets stand additional expenses, but, as they say, beauty demands the victims.

The socle should be trimmed with other facing panels - under granite, a brick, quarrystone, etc. The acrylic covering of such panels guarantees you opposition to influence of harmful effects of environment. It should be noted that through coloring of a vinyl siding protects its appearance from scratches and other small mechanical damages. Washing by usual water (with small addition of detergent) - here and all leaving for ensuring primitive appearance of the PVC panels.

As we see, there is nothing especially difficult and. But will be what before guests to boast.