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How many there are services of the housemaid?

the Housemaid - one of the most demanded professions presently.

To what to be surprised here? In announcements on employment offer housemaids to 40 thousand rubles, to engineers and managers - to 30, and to librarians - only 10-15 thousand.

What actual prices of services of the housemaid in Moscow?

the opinion that any woman will be able to cope with work of the housemaid Occurs. Practically everyone is able to sweep floors, to stand at a plate, to iron and erase. However the housewife and the housemaid are concepts different. But the speech here not about these nuances. Interests us how many there are services of the housemaid in Moscow what they are paid by residents of the capital for and how to pick up the housemaid?

At first we will make the short review of the prices. So, services of the housemaid from the cleaning company on single house cleaning or apartments, depending on their size, cost from 2 to 6 thousand rubles. Cleaning of the room after repair will be already more expensive - 5-15 thousand rubles. Often offered service - washing of windows - from 300 to 1500 rubles for a window.

Service prices of the coming housemaid from agency for one departure - from 1,3 thousand rubles a day. And here with accommodation at owners and one day off in a week - the salary goes already from 25 thousand rubles a month.

Services of the single housemaid found according to the announcement cost much cheaper - for one exit about 500-600 rubles.

Cleaning of rooms, washing and an ironing, sometimes purchase of products and cooking on one person or a family belongs to usual duties of the housemaid. Usually the housemaid works in 2 - 3 places, trying to distribute the work evenly within a week. It should be noted that the cost of service of the housemaid in Moscow is significantly higher, than in the province. Here owners, as a rule, pay with it expenses on journey by public transport and even on gasoline if it comes to cleaning on the car.

How to pick up the housemaid

to Choose the housemaid - business not simple. Search of the housekeeper who will approach in all respects can take a lot of time. The same agencies on selection of house personnel are responsible only for search of a suitable candidacy in your inquiry (age, ability, experience).

The housemaid can be selected and independently. Persons interested to work in this field enough. These are women from 25 to 55 years from Ukraine, Moldova, Central Asia, Belarus and Russia. Of course, not all of them are able to look after furniture, outerwear and delicate fabrics, to use household appliances of the last generation and not always the dishes prepared by them can be to the taste not to owners. Nevertheless, visitors, in comparison with Muscovites, more diligent. They value the got job and seldom make a claim when they are asked to make something in addition.

If the housemaid is employed, then not superfluous will be to take an interest in her marital status, skills and experience, to rewrite passport details. In turn, the housemaid should know the schedule in a family where she came to work that from it is required on cleaning of the apartment and what flavoring preferences at members of household if she prepares for them.

Amount of fee of the housemaid, maybe, here and not the most important. It is important that between the hostess and her assistant there were no problems. What problems can be? It is irresponsibility of the employed worker, her laziness and unwillingness to study, low qualification, in comparison with that which was declared at reception, the hidden defects like alcoholism and theft.

But also owners are different too. The main claims of workers of house personnel look as follows: the small salary which is not corresponding, in their opinion, to their duties, excessive insistence, an ingratitude, and at times both roughness and, at last, sexual harassments.

At the end not superfluous will be to give a response of the Muscovite Marina Sergeyeva. “The housemaid Oksana comes to me two times a week. Its help is very notable - the clothes are washed and ironed, are filled clean floors, the refrigerator with products which it buys according to my list.

It appears, all this is not so expensive as it seemed“.