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What needs to be consecrated on the Palm Sunday?

Today many gradually forget true sense of Christian holidays. In Europe Christmas smoothly moved from temples to supermarkets and, I`m sorry, not Christ who was born, and a Christmas goose becomes the main character of a celebration.

In Russia there are too many ceremonies which sense is caught not by all. We bake Easter cakes and we paint eggs and why we bake and why we paint? Yes everything is very simple - so it is necessary.

We water a grave with vodka to Radunitsa, that is, on 9 - y day after Easter and why we water? And how it is connected with Easter?

Especially the tradition touches to burn down Maslenitsa effigy then piously to start the Lent.

Today approximately, as well as by the above described holidays, we can observe the same relation also to Pussy-willow Christ`s Revival. This day it is necessary to buy where - or fluffy branches of a willow and to carry them to the temple. After visit of church a dried branch it will be necessary to store houses the whole year as if some charm. According to many people, such willow has nearly magic and curative properties - and treasures can be looked for with its help, and buds of a tree can be eaten at infertility and other diseases.

But all - there is a wish to learn true sense of Pussy-willow Revival when orthodox and domestic Catholics celebrate the Palm Sunday. Because when you see a reverent attitude only to “magic branches“, lines from Gogol “Dead souls“ are remembered: “ It seems you, cope with the person! Does not believe in God, and believes that if the bridge of the nose is scratched, then by all means will die; imbued with a consent and high wisdom of simplicity will miss by the creation of the poet, clear as day all, and will rush on where some udalets will confuse, naplett, will break, vyvorotit the nature, and it will be pleasant to it, and he will begin to shout: “Here it, here real knowledge of secrets of heart!“ Does not put all life in a penny of doctors, and will come to an end in what will address at last the woman who treats zasheptyvanye and zaplevka, or, even better, will invent itself some dekokht from not particularly what rubbish which, God knows why, it will be imagined to it by means against his illness “.

... This day the meeting by residents of Jerusalem of Jesus Christ as the Tsar and the Messiah is remembered. A set of the people which came to a holiday, having learned that Jesus goes to Jerusalem, took palm branches and left towards to It, exclaiming: hosanna! the King of the israelites is blessed approaching in the name Lord`s! (Ying. 12, 12-13). Hosanna to the Son Davidov! it is blessed Approaching in the name Lord`s! Hosanna in the highest! (Mf. 21, 9). The road before the Tsar, striding, on humble custom, on a young donkey, was covered with palm branches...

In the east there is a tradition: in day of a holiday to come to the temple with palm branches. In Russia bring willow branches - because in April in our climate this tree which, in principle, is very unpretentious to weather conditions blossoms. This year in Yakutia the willow blossomed in February - at a temperature minus forty degrees!

Fluffy branches bring to honor the Messiah which, as well as more than two thousand years ago, approaches in the name Lord`s this day. But together with a church explanation of this tradition, side by side for a long time there is also “a national explanation“ where accents are transferred to an external form, but not to contents. Many want “to put grace in a pocket“ - in day of consecration of water or fruits of agriculture in the temple there will always be people ready to part forcibly people around to receive the can of sacred water or to consecrate apple.

Liturgical texts pay attention to the future Christ and the people meeting it while the national tradition reduced all sense of a holiday to consecration of a willow. Today to bring a willow (to be exact, to carry away it from the temple) to the temple, leaves, it is already necessary not to testify the love before the Lord and to stock up with a reliable amulet. Meanwhile, if to sort the text of a prayer which is said in church this day then it will become clear that in it there is no word that the willow is consecrated, its sense is reduced to the phrase: “... and us, on imitation onekh (i.e. us imitating people, meeting the Lord by palm branches), in predprazdnstvenny this day, a vaiya and branches dreves in the hands carrying observe and keep “.

It turns out that first of all, object of consecration the Church always saw not a willow, and the person...