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Consequences of spring - love: even it is bad - well!

What is born with itself by spring? Except thaw, long-awaited change of weather, the sun which more often is looking out, dirt and pools, contented and dissatisfied faces of passersby, a penetrating wind and easy jackets? Of course, love!

And everything would be good and remarkable, there are no two types it: mutual and not mutual (Platonic). And if in the first case of people blossoms, laughs, rejoices to all and just like that and, the main thing, it is happy; that at others, all in accuracy on the contrary. Terrible states unwillingness to eat, work, and even to live, constant apathy and grief, melancholy and sighs. And eyes at them sad - sad …

Ya was included in the list of the second. Overcame itself, and the suppressed mood as could, periodically becoming hysterical and being depressed in the evenings. And still I achieved the: found happiness even in the not mutual love!

As all this occurred:

At the beginning, I tried not to pay attention to the happened feelings and to steep in work, tried to forget, and then and it is bad to think of object of lamentation, tried “to muffle“, at last, already something strong (to get drunk simply), - did not help! It was necessary to assess soberly a situation and to look to the truth in eyes.

So what I could make, with such state when feelings overflow, the head is stuffed to One, and the mood changes, is independent even of magnetic storms and the sun?

And I solved. To CREATE! (Is not present do not think that I went to beat ware, to shout at the family or to scatter, breaking, things on the room!) I decided to send the irrepressible energy to creativity! In my case began to write verses (Though, of course, there were ideas and to draw kalyak - balyak, both to sing songs, and to begin to compose music, and even to begin to do repair and to go to practice boxing)!

Wrote down everything! Simple, silly, clumsy, childly naive and monotonously sad - just to splash out the thoughts and feelings on paper.

And, soon, began something even interesting to leave! From it the mood considerably improved - always pleasantly when at you something turns out, and I went further …

On shops! It is banal, I will agree! But, when, at last, to you the good mood comes back, it SHOULD be supported by something! Spring shopping (girls, I advise all! What appeared in shops of a platyushka, a blouse and short skirt now - the lovely sight is simple! All fabrics streaming, air, colors gentle, romantic - just a floret you feel in such clothes!) . And then, the postrizhing, a pokrasing and a manikyuring made the light business - updated and almost another I was reflected in a mirror and smiled.

Then, I decided to be supported with something tasty, - a big piece of favourite cake!

When wants, - it is POSSIBLE! (I with by itself have an arrangement - if very much I want to eat something, then I allow myself it! Another matter, how many!. The main thing, it not to forbid, and then not very much and it will be wanted, and when nevterpezh, for pleasure and a little bit - it is already enough!)

And, at last, magic treatment by friends. When one heart-to-heart conversations cure. Patient listening and understanding, weakens, and councils if do not help that considerably facilitate life!

There is nothing supernatural in these councils, it is just necessary to send the energy to the creative course, to take care of the appearance (or as my mother likes to speak: “to clean plumelets“) and to communicate with people dear to you more. Everything together gives one big positive plus.

What became with my feelings and changeable moods? - they came to harmony with me. Rage, boil, but already where it is necessary to me. And my unaccomplished beloved … lives well, only not with me! Because I understood that it is not my person!

Ya was only fallen in love an image and when it began to dissipate, decided not to be disappointed, and announce this person in the demigod`s framework - something sublime, inaccessible, unknown, attracting, but … absolutely not necessary to me in my ordinary life!

If you are not noticed, and days then you are not intended for THIS person can quietly live without you! You were just visited by ordinary spring love! Enjoy it! Be not afraid to suffer and suffer from love - she visits not all! But when comes, opens in us new talents and different views on life!

Through pain to new updated to itself. Go!