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How to organize beer restaurant? About conceptual “highlights“ of

Certainly, at the organization of beer business there is a wish to create something “such“. It not only creative realization of grandiose idea, but also direct way of involvement of regular customers. Most often the concept is based on a national subject.

So, the competent concept has to be traced in everything, beginning from the name of restaurant, registration of an interior, a uniform of waiters and finishing with registration of the menu and design of napkins. Everything has to carry the visitor to the homeland of the sold beer. Let the person will relax, will be released from severe Russian reality and will feel the true atmosphere of old Prague or Reykjavik, Munich or Zurich, Copenhagen or London. Sometimes rather specific concepts striking visitors with the singularity meet.

Is traditional or unique?

At each visitor of beer restaurant own tastes and preferences. So, it is cozy to someone to sit at a heavy crude table, to drag a bulky mug of thick glass and with special relish to knock a fist on an oak surface, demanding to itself a brutal type of the waiter. The classics and grace, an air interior and glasses on a thin leg are closer to someone. And someone wants to appear in a medieval castle among the burning candles or in a hunting bivouac, by the ship or in the rural house of a sample of the 9th century.

is traditional

there is a set of various concepts of creation of an interior of beer restaurant, however there is one feature uniting them - aspiration to emphasize a cosiness and to create the having situation.

Color scale of beer institutions, as a rule, warm, ocherous with underlined structure of a tree. If it is supposed to sell a wide choice of beer, then the bar counter should be increased to contain a beer column.

As well as at any other restaurant, in beer institutions surely it is necessary to create zones with the strengthened ventilation for smokers.

We will allocate several formats of the interiors prevailing in beer institutions: hunting (medieval), sea, classical (elite), rural, fate - club and sports. Also separate point it is possible to designate a format of own brewery at restaurant.

The heavy artificially made old tree tables, the corresponding objects of a decor - an anchor, models of the ships, pictures with sea plots, wooden kegs are characteristic of sea design.

By and large, volume tables correspond to overwhelming number of kinds of interiors of beer institutions, except for, perhaps, classics. At elite restaurants where tasting of expensive beer is supposed, the refined furniture, graceful wine glasses will be pertinent. And the ware is an integral part of the concept and has to promote disclosure of a design idea.

The interior in rural style is created with use of the objects casting an image of the village - a mill, wooden small fences, the cart, ethnic style of a form of personnel.

All know that soccer and beer - things indivisible. Therefore a safe marketing mix is installation in bar of plasma TVs with big diagonal. In the period of sports matches the flow of visitors will be provided to you. Here it is necessary to consider also convenience of seats. For example, on wooden benches it will be not too convenient to visitors to enjoy viewing, and here comfortable leather sofas will have just by the way.

An integral part of beer restaurant is music. Enjoy wide popularity fate - clubs. Here bikers and fans of heavy music gather.

Is unique

Certainly, the unique situation is the embodiment of mad idea of the organizer of business. It is not just marketing mix, this beer plus emotions as a gift.

So, many the situation of welding shop, the subway, brewery, a reading room, the ministry of the Soviet sample, the ship or a den of pirates can impress. At the choice of the unique concept it is necessary to be careful: the chosen subject can “not go“ as it will be focused not on that market and audience which most often appears in the place of a location of beer restaurant. It will be correct if the concept is developed according to location of the chosen room.

Game in association

That the hurrying visitor defined at once that your institution - beer restaurant, sometimes it is necessary to play on association. What the ideal situation for the beer use usually is associated with?

Warm pastel tone, the muffled light, heavy furniture, a large number of a wooden decor, beer barrels. The good-natured fat man - the owner, and smiling waitresses with a tray of massive mugs in hands. The mass of the people who are cheerfully spending time in the hall. Quite so imagine the ideal situation suitable under any beer institution the Russian people. If you have no unique idea for registration of beer restaurant, then it is possible just to play on association, and the success is provided.

The design of beer restaurant is your business card. Therefore for performance of your design ideas address the professional. Only it will help to avoid traditional mistakes. Here not only the concept, but also psychology of the visitor which the professional interior designer is simply obliged to know is considered!