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What do we know about Mike Naumenko`s songs? To birthday of the musician. Part 2

of “The guru from Babruysk“ (1982)

Mike Naumenko was sharply allocated to

From a Petersburg creative party with two uncharacteristic features. In - the first, he very much loved criminal songs, especially respected Vladimir Vysotsky and Arkady Severny (wrote on it even the parody - “I arrived to the city the very young fellow“) and, probably, was the first rocker who executed “And I recognize darling by gait“ in 15 years prior to Garik Sukachyov. Probably, Mike`s love to “prison music“ had the same character, as well as his passion to the Soviet detectives of 1950 - x years (“It is so bad that it is even good“ - the musician said).

The second feature of Mike is the his basic atheism gaining sometimes militant character. What, in general, is clear if to remember how religious doctrines became fashionable in the intellectual environment. To Mike this grandiloquent talk sickened, and he spoke: “I think that everywhere there are people who like to speak in large quantities about a zen - the Buddhism, Krishna, Rama, but understand in it a little“.

As a result the plot about the guru from Babruysk put on three-accord prison music became the venomous and ridiculous song. A. Kushnir writes that idea it is cruel to prostebat fashionable tendencies arose “from listening of composition “to the Mug Krishna“ from the next hristiansko - the Buddhist opus of Yury Morozov“.

Hello! I am from Babruysk.

Ya - the guru, in your opinion it will be “teacher“. now I will tell

Ya to you about meaning of life.

Ya, in nature, the professional, but not the fan.

... And now we will listen malekho sacred music, souls we will in common soar

I. to you I will deliver to

Ya Yury Morozov, It like Krishna - too all is very loved by


Here it is possible to go deep into itself,

But is not too far - it will be necessary to return then back. do not hesitate of

how much in vain to leave in an astral -

you Will meet a nirvana there - you will tell, hello a pier, very pleasantly.

Yes, the world and love are to you not hukhra - mukhra. Here George Harrison the same told


A well - chorus tightened “to the Mug Krishna!“, we will love

I the friend to the friend from all forces.

the Mug Krishna, Krishna`s mug, Krishna`s

- Krishna a mug - a mug...

Igor “Panker“ of Beeps: … I did not understand

how Mike, such gentle person, could write such song.

“the District City of N“ (1983)

One of the most esteemed performers for Mike and BG was always the American folk - fate - a singer Bob Dylan. At us it never had great popularity because for adequate perception of this western analog of Vysotsky it was necessary to know English well. Mike and BG knew this language in the sufficient volume therefore 11 - the minute composition of Dylan of “Desolation Row“ where that fancifully mixed in the text of different characters of world history, made indelible impression on two of our compatriots.

As a result friends argued who will write the song in similar spirit and as it is possible more long. Mike won, having presented in 1983 the real phantasmagoric cloth under Saltykovo - the Shchedrinsky name “District City of N“. Subsequently our hero not without pride declared that he strongly reduced this song, having left... from 28 couplets - 15!

More than thirty historical characters appear here as if in a curve mirror. Drunk Romeo, svodiv Juliette at cinema, runs then in a brothel, the Pope contains the gambling house, Napoleon sells from an award tray, the marquis De Sade becomes the member of sect a zen, Oscar Wilde - the police chief of customs, Maria Medici - the nurse, Mayakovsky - the market dealer, the “Jesus Christ and Father“ firm competes with “Ivan the Terrible and Son“ firm etc. Got also to Makarevich with whom in those days Mike had a conflict (see the story about the song “Rubbish“):

He with interest watches a fight -

our youth hero

started fight with fools Again,

But fights he with itself.

In the spirit of a song “California Hotel the cashier Edyta Piekha reports that “there are no tickets“ (a nod towards her song “City of the Childhood“) and that “trains never leave the district city of N“.

Funny, but the song which gave subsequently the name to one of the most known albums of the ZOO was added and written down at the very end of work on it, in a type of an acute shortage of musical material.

As well as in many songs of Dylan, music in “the District City of N“ is not especially remarkable and is as if a background for a horrible verbal carnival which in several years will seem not such mad any more, as in the middle of 1980 - x.

of “Dance recreation center (Major Rock is N - the Beater)“, “Bugi - vug Every Day“ (1983 - 84)

Ya united these two well-known songs together for one simple reason. The matter is that many of listeners for the first time heard them performed by, madly popular at the end of 1980 - x bit - the quartet SECRET, and still consider that they authorship belong to Leonidov / Fomenko`s tandem.

Of course, nobody appropriated anything. Mike sympathized with this young Leningrad group long ago, and presented the hits quite lawfully. It is clear, that the versions of the SECRET executed by beautiful voices and untwisted by mass media were out of competition. And though many rockers treated the SECRET group as to fate - N - a rollny pop-music, Mike thought differently, and spoke about these hits:

“Is songs about anything - cheerful, simple, foolish. Also it are pleasant to these, probably. And generally, it is much more difficult to write the silly song, it is very difficult that it was not such, you know, a nonsense. Therefore it is necessary to balance, maintain style. Style fate - N - a beater does not allow to be absolutely silly“.

However, Mike within “both capitals“ managed to gain a little glory from “masterpieces“. In 1983 in “Popularity parade“ of the Petersburg newspaper “Smena“ one of songs which is playfully christened by the author “Dance recreation center (Major Rock is N - the Beater) broke through“. For absolutely young I will explain that recreation centers - Palaces of culture - in Soviet period were a popular venue of youth discos and musical seyshen. Well and, of course, a word-play - “Dance Recreation center“ - “Decadence“.

K. Kich, “ROXIE“ No. 6, 1983:

“When I heard “Major fate - N - a beater“ for the first time, told that a thing so commercial that it can be pleasant even to Sadchikov from “Change“ who makes “Popularity parades“ there. And what - is valid, we open a newspaper and we see - Mike in lists. But this song with such drive and feeling is made that it is necessary to admire it. And then, unless “The fate around hours“ of Bill Hayley was not commercial number?“
Bill Haley is mentioned by

not for nothing because his curl - a kiss coquettishly looks out of this song of Mike together with “Reeling and Rocking“ Chuck Berri. And as for “Bugi - Vugi every day“, here Mark Bolan`s head of hear because the song - practically a tracing-paper from a hit of group T already barefaced sticks out. REX “I Love To Boogie“.

“Street muggers“ (1984)

Though the famous sound producer and the producer Andrey Tropillo writes that the word “street muggers“ came from a Petersburg institution which officially was called “State Hostel of the Proletariat“ (SHP), nevertheless it seems to me that the name barefaced sends us to “hop - to stop“ - in other words, to a robbery. The same Tropillo wrote that on such “hop - stop“ got Mike, having exchanged a bass - a guitar for several bruises then, it seems, and wrote the song.

Mike told that to writing of a song it was roused by reading of the fantastic novel of the znakoy - Startseva and Dideykin - “Travel on Black Ukhura“ where there was the whole planet of street muggers. The portrait of bydlovaty hooligans of Naumenko wrote out tastefully and which - where even too. Not without reason someone from critics concerning a line “Who spoils in our front doors“ sadly sighed “And who does not spoil?“.

Who listens “to hev - metal“, Arabesok and Ottavan, Who beats with

each other a muzzle when it is drunk?

U of whom cool girlfriends for whom you will not give also ruble?

Who cannot connect two words, not vvyazav between them a note of “la“?

are street muggers!

From interview since Century. Rook, manager of Zoopark group:

- And how street muggers, interestingly, reacted to the song “Street muggers“?

- Constantly came notes such: “The request to play the song “Street muggers“. And, let us assume, signature: “The Tyumen street muggers“...


K to the “piece of pie“ Mike went long. And when to glory (that is by the beginning of reorganization), it seemed no distance, it was very quickly used up. The rocker created the most part of the of “gold fund“ at the end of 1970 - x - the beginning of 1980 - x. The last powerful song of Mike of Shots steel which, in connection with untimely death of the author in 1991, began to sound as the real tragic epitaph.

“Every day you wake up with thought: whether

“But not the last is day?“ You feel

as though you have

On a back a tattoo - a target.

You ask yourself an old question:

“Well and how we will live further?“ you yourself answer


“All this nonsenses, them it is necessary to forget.“

... Strangers bring to you wine - to Them flatterly with you to drink


I you think that all of them are good people,

differently and cannot be.

I they come, and they leave,

I of their farewell are immensely ardent. But finally you have

Only dirty ware and empty bottles.

... You are afraid to leave the house, You began

are afraid of people. You are afraid of

familiar and unfamiliar,

of Establishments and turns.

... But every time comes night

I when you go to bed,

You ask yourself an old question:

“And whether there will be a new day again tomorrow?“