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What do we know about Mike Naumenko`s songs? To birthday of the musician. Part 1

“I consider Mike as the only real Petersburg rocker“, - V. Kuzmin said. Yury Loza made in relation to the Russian rock did not argue with it even skeptic. I consciously do not give panegyrics from lips of the former members Leningrad fate - club - for them Mihail “Mike“ Naumenko - the conventional classic - “father Mike“ as validly called it, then still young, rockers like Tsoi and Kinchev. And though the leader of the ZOO group was not fated to taste that national love which CINEMAS and ALICE achieved, he all - some time was rather popular.

Strange business - the person who is not able to sing at all, playing generally known fate - the N - rollny standards and writing the texts far from graceful versification, was (together with Makarevich and Grebenshchikov) one of those who changed in a decisive way a face of the Russian fate - N - a beater.

Mike Naumenko:

“… As far as I know from talk with very many musicians from different groups and the different cities: I exerted some impact meaning that, maybe, to one of the first began to write very concrete songs in that language which we communicate with each other, simple usual words and about situations, maybe, not absolutely pleasant, odious; but described our life such what it is. Without calling for anything and without outputting morals“.

at the end of 1970 - x old friends - Grebenshchikov and Naumenko - decided to move figurativeness and plots western fate - songs to our soil. The invention was perspective and at the same time risky. Both “gurus“ of St. Petersburg rock still (and not without the bases) are accused of skillful plagiarism of the western samples. Whom they were - “ambassadors fate - N - a beater in the spasmodic country“ or shameless imitators to solve to you. But you should not forget that they destroyed the settled bard tradition of texts - parables and forever changed a manner Soviet fate - music.

the Suburban Blues (1980)

of One of bright illustrations of the previous theses can become the well-known “Suburban Blues“ shocking the Soviet listener already from the first lines:

“I sit in a toilet and I read “Rolling Stone“, Venechk`s

in kitchen spills moonshine,

Vera sleeps on an attic though the tape recorder shouts, it is time for her

to awake, but it will be bad manners. “

For those times when the TIME MACHINE romantically sang about the solar island and a flag over a tower, it was something like a cold shower. It is no wonder that at “Lithuanian“ of a song in Petersburg the fate - club “in a toilet“ right there had to be changed on “in the apartment“.

Prosaicness of subject and “dirty“ goofy manner of performance made the ZOO in the opinion of listeners nearly the first Soviet “the punk - group“. Traditional “fate - N - a rollshchik“ Mike only laughed at it, but did not refuse “title“, having ironically declared in not less well-known “De Moscou`s blues“ - “And young ladies in the capital are lovely, but not for us, / They do not love stars the punk - fate, go to continuous refusal“.

Not me, but is precisely noticed that the intelligent young man Mike in the texts was ready to mix fancifully household vulgar language with refined words like “young lady“, “bad manners“, “Macintosh“.

Mike about “The suburban blues“:

It is such punk - fate, it is rather a fake under the punk - fate.... I am often accused of cynicism. Actually at me the nine tenth songs about love to women, about compassion. This song about compassion.

It is amusing that the song gained the first popularity performed by the AQUARIUM group, Mike had no long time of the group.

Mike Naumenko:

At a concert to us the note in which inquisitive listeners are interested why we play songs from repertoire of Akvarium group came. I think that it is necessary to explain a situation. We do not play others compositions. All things which we executed were written by me. And for the fact that he does not declare the author of “the Suburban Blues“ I still will wear out Grebenshchikov on vessels!:))

In those days nobody could assume that the cheerful “portveyny“ lyrics will end in a case with Mike with long alcoholism and ridiculous terrible death in August, 1991 - go when the musician, having fallen in the apartment and having broken the skull basis, will lie in such state several hours until it is found... Will find very late...

“Sweet N“ (1980)

of One of the best-known songs the Undershirt “about love to women“ (to be exact about generosity of this love) became “Sweet N“. Melodiously it always seemed to me uninviting, but the text about the guy waiting for the windy girlfriend, firmly sank down in the head.

From interview:

Mike: - Sweet En is not what not Anna English-speaking, it is N - such beautiful stranger of a name of companion Blok... the tremendous woman whom I madly love, but at the same time I am not sure at all that she exists. All my songs are devoted to it...

- whether Is “Sweet N“ an ideal of the wife and mistress for you?

Mike: - Mistresses - yes, wives - I would hang or divorced by no means. Rather the second.
Inquisitive public it is always interesting to

who was a prototype of this or that muse of the poet. Some researchers assume that the Leningrad artist Tatyana Apraksina with whom Mike was in love in the middle of 1970 was her - x. Though with the naked eye it is visible that the image of Sweet N is collective, abstract and on custom it is entered by Mike in a certain bohemian film scene. By the way, “bohemia“ of those times is transferred is extremely characteristic - a booze, women, fashionable talk on UFO and a zen - the Buddhism.

“All was as happens in penthouses,

From two columns reached Bach,

I everyone thought of the - who about six billion (in this case it is about the population of Earth - S. K.)

A who only about five rubles.

I someone, as always, talked to me nonsense about “plates“,

I someone, as always, preached a zen,

A I sat in a corner and stupidly thought with whom and where you

spent this night, my sweet N.

And when I came back home, you slept, But I did not begin to awake with

you and to arrange scenes.

Ya thought: Whether “So it is important with whom and where you

spent this night, my sweet N.“

of T. Apraksin

“I real did not mean to it any more the fact that it put in the new maintenance of my image. It turned out so that if I did not throw it, he would not become a star. It precisely... Though Mike in new songs addressed subsequently me, passing me“.

I, really, this image will be shown in two songs - “Sweet N No. 2“ (“When I Knew You Absolutely Another“) and “Sweet N No. 3“ (“the Bitter Angel“).

“Rubbish“ (1980)

Written a set of the most penetrating songs about love, Mike at the same time presented to the country of Councils, probably, the most furious and the ruthless “anti-feminist anthem“. Believe, then the similar song sounded frighteningly frankly.

“You beg for money for pins - you spend them for the friends.

Thank God, at such as you, are not children. You want

that everything was on the first grade,

But whether you are ready to the five hundred second abortion?

You are rubbish!“

created this hit in 1970 - x years, and in it Mike without a moment`s hesitation used a guitar riff from Lou Reed`s song “Baby Face“. About the one WHO was used by the rocker as a prototype there are different opinions.

Mikhail “Fan“ Vasilyev: “Songs it I accepted

at once. There can be it because I knew to whom this or that song is devoted. …“ You are rubbish“ … it is devoted to the girlfriend of my wife. It were two girlfriends, we at them were often delayed in Apraksiny Lane. Then I married Zina, and Mike here wrote the song“.
This song brought

to Mike and the first scandal. The first public statement of our hero in Moscow (together with Makarevich, the AQUARIUM, Nikolsky) not only shocked the leader of the TIME MACHINE, but also split in half the auditorium: one - indignantly whistled, others - violently applauded. After a concert the intensity of emotions developed into fight between listeners at all.

A. Makarevich: to

“Approached the panel silent, unusually intelligent person with a big nose and in dark glasses. Long and politely explained to the sound producer what he would like a sound. Then stepped on the stage, and suddenly something changed his face, the lower jaw left forward, and with surprisingly unpleasant intonations it tightened “You are rubbish …“. Very much I did not like such metamorphosis. I was then an advocate of total purity and considered that if the person in life one, and on a scene poses as something else, then, so in one of two cases he lies. Well, such here children`s maximalism“.

A. Troitsky:

“Besides the public was not urlovy, and intellectuals fought with intellectuals as it happens at some literary disputes there. Very much Makarevich broke off - it was spiteful, afflicted and angry. Mike absolutely did not count on it, he lived in this world, and people had a shock“.

“You are Rubbish“ did not cease to shock even when Mike, reproducing it in “electricity“, carefully replaced a rough line about abortions neutral: “Forgive, expensive, but you break all records …“.

V. Solovyyov “Part of the world which is absent“:

“I was told that at a concert in the city of Chelyabinsk the group of women, having heard out a song, began to break to smash to musicians the equipment with shouts “you are rubbish“.

Is interesting about what it Orpheus sang what it was torn to pieces by the enraged bacchantes?

… other minutes something it seems “you are rubbish, you sold my guitar and bought a coat“ pleases much more, than “I loved you, love still perhaps …“. The first is somehow more native. And which of old men - writers could so capaciously, without metaphorical speculation, having relied on two things - the coat and a guitar - to express an essence of opposition of Yin and yang?“

Be continued.