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How to organize a mayovka? We gather for picnic of

May Soon: weather makes up for lost time, the exciting aroma of the blossoming trees soars in air. So why not to organize a sortie on the nature the cheerful company which yearned on rest in the fresh air and to a juicy shish kebab? Down with stuffy kitchen and family silver! We go to picnic!

In the fresh air appetite amplifies at least twice therefore it makes sense part of snack to prepare houses. Let it will be something easy and not perishable: crispbread sandwiches, cheese, fruit. But be not overzealous! If you go on shish kebabs or a barbecue, a main course everything is there has to be a meat. From what all - to prepare for

a shish kebab?

All options are good

. Here matter of taste!

the Shish kebab from mutton. V. I. Dahl in the explanatory dictionary noted that the shish kebab is “the lumpy, strung on rods mutton fried on coals“. If all of you - preferred mutton, it is better to choose low-fat lamb meat, it has light-red color with white or cream layers. Mutton is considered the most organic meat. The shish kebab from it is extraordinary tasty, fragrant and is ideally combined with vegetables and greens. And if to shade taste of this meat seasonings and a chesnochok - for ears you will not delay!

Pork shish kebab. If decided to stop on pork, then choose a neck, gammon or edges. Fresh pork has characteristic rozovato - red color. The shish kebab from such meat will turn out juicy and soft. It is possible to pickle pork only one couple of hours prior to preparation, she does not demand a long soaking.

Beef shish kebab or veal. As a rule, it turns out hardish, in meat fibers there is not enough fat. And it is necessary to pickle a shish kebab longer. For a shish kebab choose cutting and a loin. And for juiciness it is possible to lard meat fat.

the Shish kebab from an offal. Make a shish kebab of heart, a liver, kidneys and lungs on a skewer or bake in a foil on a lattice. Surprise the company and you will bring novelty.

the Shish kebab from chicken. Prepares quickly, and it is better to salt it directly before frying.

Fish shish kebab. For it well will be suitable a salmon, a salmon, a humpback salmon. The small small fish is prepared on skewers, and large on the lattice lined with foil. Fish - a being gentle and therefore does not demand long cooking. It is necessary to salt fish at the end of preparation that she kept the juice. Season a ready small fish with a lemon, greens and give with fresh vegetables - you will lick fingers! And potatoes baked on coals can become a garnish.

the Shish kebab from seafood. Can be prepared on skewers, skewers or on a lattice. Seafood is incredibly tasty and useful. At preparation of such shish kebab marinade, as a rule, is not used. Seafood salts, adds spice. And at the end of preparation they can be sprinkled lemon juice.

Vegetable shish kebab. sauce from the vegetables made on a fire to a meat or fish shish kebab is Incredibly tasty. It is necessary to string entirely on skewers and to bake eggplants, tomatoes and paprika. Then to clear them of a thin skin, to cut, fill with oil, various greens and chopped garlic. for a shish kebab not to consider

of Ways of preparation of marinade. It is possible to pickle meat in greens and spices, having sprinkled dry wine. It is better to pickle mutton in garnet juice, having added a coriander and kumin. Lemon juice with onions and a nutmeg or usual tomato juice with salt and black ground pepper perfectly will be suitable for pork. Mustard with beer - too option. And if you want to receive a dietary shish kebab, pickle it in kefir.

Nothing so will add taste of a shish kebab as various vegetables and greens : a redisochka, tomatoes, green onions, a basil and cilantro - no garnish is necessary any more. It is possible to make vegetable salad or is them entirely to a vprikusk.

The unleavened wheat cake - unleavened white loaf in the form of thin flat cake will be interesting addition to a shish kebab . By the way, in it it is possible to wrap vegetables, cheese, fish, and it will become magnificent snack. And to receive hot appetizer, it is enough to lay out for several minutes an unleavened wheat cake with a stuffing on a lattice.

However, on a fire it is possible to prepare anything, it is not obligatory to prepare a shish kebab. Make unusually tasty pilaf in a cauldron or cook, for example, rich chorba. And you can take rods and go to fishing - achieve dream and you will try the small fish prepared on a fire or fragrant fish soup. The main thing - the imagination and desire. It is possible to enjoy with big pleasure and sausages, fried on a fire. The main thing - that the company was sincere.

Multi-colored disposable tableware and bright napkins will create the atmosphere of a holiday and will support mood. Cards, the camera, a guitar will be useful. Drive a ball, play badminton, have a rest actively!

Such sortie in the pleasant company, believe, it will be remembered for a long time. Communicate, enjoy the nature, and the forthcoming labor everyday life will not be severe, they will be followed by output warm days again!

Weather clear to you and tasty shish kebabs!