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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 16 - 17? “Shout 4“, etc.

Nine film novelties. Five come to a wide release, including long-awaited continuation of the well-known horror film of Wes Craven “Shout 4“, the screen version of the cult novel of Pelevin “Generation P“, the criminal drama “Lincoln for the Lawyer“, the drama “Earthquake“ and the French comedy “The Customs Gives a Green Light“.

At the chosen number of movie theaters it will be possible to enjoy the documentary about legendary fate - Rolling Stones group, the historical Mexican movie about revolution, the Chinese drama about Confucius`s life and the British comedy “Kill Bono“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Shout 4“

For the creator of “A nightmare on Vyazov Street“ Wes Craven appears (Scream 4, 2011) also the trilogy “Shout“ which not only acquired the cult status among admirers of a genre, but also put to orbit of Hollywood the whole group of young people and not really film celebrities.

In general, anything special that on screens, with a break in the whole 11 years, there is the next part of the movie no. In - the first, Wes Craven always specialized in zhutika and it is considered one of the most venerable horrormeyker of the American cinema. In - the second, crisis of new ideas could not but affect his creativity.

It is no secret that the idea of “Shout“ is absolutely secondary in relation to same “Nightmare“. The frightened teenagers, the mysterious murderer, the atmosphere of total fear. As the only distinction it is possible to consider that “Ghost“ is quite real unlike Kruger moreover and the film fan.

Numerous stars and asterisks, including “old men“ of the project of Cortney Cox, her ex-husband David Arquette and Fields Campbell, and also young “meat“ in the person of Anna Paquin, Hayden Panettyeri, Emma Roberts, Adam Brody and many others are engaged in a picture again.

2. “Generation P“ (2011)

the Screen version of the novel “Generation P“ of Victor Pelevin from the director Victor Ginzburg waited for

long. Not that tremblingly, but with badly hidden interest.

By itself, the camp of the audience will be divided at least into two separate fractions. Those who managed to study the novel (in the run-up to a premiere or long before it because the book appeared in 1999) will or insist that the book is unambiguously best of all, or it managed to deceive herself the fact that the screen version everything is wonderfully well. In the second, more numerous party, the audience, the book not reading and considering Ginzburg`s movie as an independent work of art will gather.

The novel, of course, chaotic and for transfer on a screen very inconvenient. Therefore at once it was clear that authors of the movie should face multiple problems of adaptation of the text. To distract audience from possible discrepancies, in a picture gathered a heap of stars of the Russian cinema - from Vladimir Epifantsev (title role) and Mikhail Efremov to Menshov, Taktarov, Gordon, Panin, Shnurov and Litvinova. Generally, worthy display media persons collected in a shot all.

3. “Lincoln for the lawyer“ (Lincoln Lawyer, 2011)

the Actor Mathew Makkonakhi already not for the first time tries on on himself an image of the lawyer. To much it is memorable egopersonazh from the criminal drama according to John Grisham`s novel “Time to kill“. In that case his lawyer was through the positive speaker protecting in the person of the black murderer nearly honor and conscience of all country. The hero of the thriller “Lincoln for the Lawyer“ - not the idealist also knows for a long time the price to verdicts of not guilty.

Mickey Heller in general tries not to leave own car, conducting negotiations with clients, being “on wheels“. A back chair of the car - its private office, the dining room, and sometimes and a bedroom. Big money the lawyer does not row, is quite ordinary. Therefore when the business connected along with show - business and “mokrukhy“ falls of it into hands, the lawyer grabs it hands and legs, believing that he found an opening in the high society of law. However dirty affairs can not only ennoble, but also drown on the poppy-head …

4. “Earthquake“ (Tangshan da dizhen, 2010)

Is probable

, emergence of the Chinese drama about an earthquake of 1976 in the Province of Hebei on screens of the Russian movie theaters, in the light of recent (and proceeding) catastrophic events in Japan, is not casual at all. I do not undertake to judge secret marketing mixes of the Kinoprom company which is engaged in hire of a tape in the territory of Russia, but too coincidence obvious.

I hurry to afflict those who wait from a picture of the Hollywood scope. It is not the movie - accident though scales of this tragedy really blow the mind, considering that by the number of the victims and destructions this earthquake takes the third place in modern history of our planet.

The movie tells a story of one family which tries to survive in the conditions of the sheer ruin and despair which developed after short, but incredibly strong natural disaster.

Chinese vlupit 25 million dollars, serious for cinema of this country, in statement and did not lose - today world collecting already exceeded a level in 100 million. It is time to send Bondarchuk - younger in business trip that learned competently to dispose of budgetary funds.

5. “The customs gives a green light“ (Rien a declarer, 2010)

One more last year`s tape, from French this time. Typical for European, in particular for French, cinema the comedy about two losers is based on customs this time and something reminds a legendary masterpiece “The law there is a law“. Behind only that exception that both main characters are on one side of the law, but in neighboring countries. And though, like Fernandel and Toto`s characters, they have to each other no special friendly feelings, they are rallied by uniform mission.

Besides the above-stated debutants, in limited Russian hire four more tapes will appear. The tragicomedy “to Kill Bono“ (Killing Bono) as it becomes clear from heading, is tied syuzhetno with known fate - U2 group. However the speech in the movie goes not about them at all, and about two brothers (Ben Barnes and Robert Sheehan) who parallel to Bono and his friends organized the musical collective. Failures were accompanied by envy and even rage, and always others got glory. How to find forces in such situation and to continue to do favorite thing?

“Confucius“ - a historical biopic about lives of the great Chinese philosopher, whose well-known sayings are familiar to much according to collections of aphorisms. Well, now the simple citizens who are not fond of ancient Chinese thinkers have a chance to like Confucius`s realities whose role got to the most famous “Hollywood“ Chinese after Jackie Chan - to Chou - Yun Fatu.

Continuing subject fate - N - a beater, sex and drugs, on screens of Russia the dokumentalka “Ladies and Gentlemen will appear: The Rolling Stones“ , weaved from fragments of musical performances of group during America tour in 1972. By itself, in a shot all well-known hits Rolling Stones of that time, and also Mick Jagger`s interview which is specially written down for the movie will sound.

The Mexican tape “Revolution finishes walk on film premieres of this week, I love you!“ (Revolucion) , consisting of 10 film short stories, each of which - the peculiar declaration of love to the country removed in style of revolutionary moods of 1910. After Paris, New - York and Moscow it was to be expected.

The main fight for leadership in collecting, most likely, will take place between American fourth “Shout“ and “Generation P“ of Ginzburg focused approximately on the same youth audience. Craven`s horrors - a show popkornovy, Pelevin`s screen version - a life holiday for visual learners and admirers of talent of the writer.