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Tvisting, felting, decoupage... Let`s be engaged in all this?

What types of house needlework the most widespread? It, of course, knitting, sewing and embroidery, mainly cross.

If to you bothered to be engaged in standard types of house creativity - for example, to pore in the evenings over an embroidery a cross, to knit hats and mittens which at your relatives and children already on some pieces, - then you can safely move off in searches of unusual or even exotic type of needlework which can take the free time. Search can be carried out on open spaces of the World wide web or in bookstores. Let`s dwell upon some unusual types of needlework.

In - the first, I want to suggest you to work with beads and beads . It is possible to make many of beads and beads of beautiful stylish things. For example, costume jewelry: bracelets, rings, earrings, necklace. Or figures of animals, people, trees and flowers. Very beautifully beadwork on clothes and accessories looks. The pictures embroidered with beads are very beautiful too.

Now in shops there are various beads of a different form and color from different producers. So it is possible to pick up the necessary material.

Except beads and beads, work will require everything on what it is possible to string them: scaffold, wire, threads, elastic band. Needles, nippers, and also fasteners and other accessories for work with costume jewelry will be still necessary.

the Second unusual hobby is a decoupage . The word very unusual and unusual for hearing of compatriots. Let`s try to understand what is it. Here the simplest example of a decoupage: let`s take a tissue, we will cut out from it some beautiful figure or an ornament and we will paste, for example, on a new photoframe. In order that our work remained beautiful longer, it needs to be processed in addition - for example, to fix by a special varnish. Thus it is possible to decorate the most various objects: candles, ware, accessories, furniture …

For work can use any make-shifts - everything that will be at your place and that it is not a pity to cut: photos, pictures, napkins, beautiful fabric and another. For work scissors, brushes, a varnish, glue will be still necessary.

the Third unusual hobby is a tvisting , ornament spheres. The Tvisting - creation of figures and sculptures of various view from special balls for modeling. All, probably, saw in circus of clowns who turn from long inflatable balls of a figure of animals, most often doggies. This is also a tvisting. It is possible to make of balls not only doggies, it is possible to create garlands, flowers - yes all your rich imagination is capable of.

For a tvisting we will need spheres of various forms, scissors, threads and what it will be possible to execute a framework for a sculpture from.

the Fourth type of house creativity are various works from paper . There is a lot of types of paper: for the letter and for drawing, white and color, for photos, thin, thick, smooth and imprinted. And it is even more methods of application of paper. It is possible to make of paper cards, handbags for gifts, figures of animals and people, models of buildings and equipment, a toy, the book and a notebook …

For work will need actually paper and scissors, glue, brushes, paints and other auxiliary materials.

One more remarkable way to take free time is filts and a felting . These are different types of a fulling of wool. It is possible to make of nepryadenny wool different toys, figures, clothes, footwear, hats, bags and other accessories.

Performance of work will require specially prepared wool, special needles, a porolonovy sponge and other materials, everything depends on a type of your product.

Well, and finally - salty dough and marzipan . Salty dough is a special dough for a molding. It prepares from flour, water and a large amount of salt. Marzipan is dough too, but it is done of almond meal and sugar syrup or icing sugar. From the salty test and marzipan it is possible to mold different figures and compositions.

Except components the salty test and marzipan still will require dyes, accessories and jewelry, well and tools for modeling.

Each type of needlework is interesting in own way. Look around, maybe, in your house there are not enough bright paints and unusual things? Think, for certain you will be able independently to decorate your house. Define, what is the time and means it is possible to allocate for your new hobby, arm with information and safely start studying in practice of a new hobby.

Who knows, perhaps, in the near future your hobby will begin to bring in you the additional income?